How to Get and Keep Your Piece of the Energy Pie

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Presenter: Jessica Hernandez, Analyst at Lux Research

As the world is fighting climate change, the energy market will undergo profound changes. Even though energy consumption is still growing about 5% each year today, global primary energy consumption will return to the levels they were at in 2015 by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) sustainable development scenario. The energy market is first growing rapidly, then shrinking even more rapidly over the next two decades. This reduction will be achieved through a massive electrification of energy use, which leads to increased efficiency and reduction of waste heat and other losses. To make all this happen, energy companies – whether utilities or oil and gas – need to invest an estimated $78 trillion in the next 20 years. The energy pie is now growing, and there will be a struggle for pieces of the pie.  

Utilities are in an excellent position to grow their piece of the pie and improve their margin while doing it, provided they have a sound strategy and can muster the right technology at the right moment. The electrification of the transportation sector is an example of the dilemmas and opportunities facing utility companies. The electrification of the transportation sector creates both promising opportunities and significant challenges for the companies that power this shift. Pressure to integrate larger amounts of non-dispatchable renewable energy poses further challenges to maintaining grid stability.  

In this webinar, we improve decision-making for key technologies and strategies that manage the integration of electric vehicles. We help utilities navigate the energy transition and discuss the solutions of today such as smart charging and the solutions of tomorrow such as battery swapping. 

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