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Introducing the Lux Debate: Is Sustainability the Enemy of Growth?

Lux Research

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On May 2, 2022, at The Shubert Theatre in Boston, we are hosting the first-ever Lux Debate that will ask: “Is sustainability the enemy of growth?” This is an emotive topic to debate, and it has been the subject of many films, including the controversial 2018 System Error, directed by Florian Opitz, and TV documentaries shown across the globe in recent months.

This live debate is the first of its kind. Two teams of four leading thinkers from the research, corporate sustainability, academia, and climate activism fields will face off in a live two-hour debate moderated by Scott Kirsner of The Boston Globe. 

The debate will surface compelling arguments from both sides and highlight the compromises that business leaders and policymakers may or may not need to make in solving the global challenge of growing business while accelerating sustainable innovation, something business leaders face on a day-to-day basis. 

The clock is ticking. The challenge is real. It’s time to hear the ungelded truth from the experts, leaving you to make up your own mind about whether sustainability is the enemy of growth. 

The live audience will have an opportunity to engage in answering polls, asking questions, and networking with the debaters before and after the event. 

Tickets for the event will be $30 per person, with 25% of proceeds being donated to Boston Beyond, a nonprofit with an initiative called "BoSTEM" that brings high-quality science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities to every Boston middle schooler through an innovative citywide coalition of nonprofits, schools, researchers, and industry partners. 

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For more information about the Lux Debate, please visit the event site.