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Introducing Abhijit Salvekar from Polymerize


Abhijit Salvekar
CTO at Polymerize

Abhijit is the Co-Founder and CTO of Polymerize. Polymerize is a Singapore-based company building AI-driven material informatics platform to accelerate industrial R&D for new polymer material developments with desired functionalities to cater to various industries.  

Abhijit is a Polymer scientist with a Ph.D. from NTU Material Science Singapore and BS and MS I in Polymer Technology from India. He has 10+ years’ hands-on experience in the Polymer field with a focus on formulation development and optimization. Prior to founding Polymerize, Abhijit worked in R&D at AGC Japan, APPL Polymers India, National Chemical Laboratory India, where he developed Polymer materials and compounds for Automobile, Electronics, Oil and Gas applications. He has published over 8 papers on formulations and product development and holds 3 patents from his Ph.D. work. 

Abhijit’s Research Interests include Polymer structure-properties relationship, Polymer rheology & Processing, Material Informatics, Polymers for medical applications, Shape memory polymers and hydrogels. 


Abhijit Salvekar


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