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Introducing Alan Blatter from Edgewell Personal Care


Alan Blatter
Senior Manager, Evaluation Sciences at Edgewell Personal Care

Most recently, Alan has taken on oversight of Edgewell Personal Care's clinical, sensory, and consumer testing in support of all Wet Shave and Hair removal programs. The fantastic team conducts in-house CLT as well as works with external partners to conduct various panel testing of a clinical and sensory nature in order to evaluate the technical performance of their products. The team also maintains capabilities to understand user experience and liking via various qualitative methods.

The biggest challenge and accomplishment this year was navigating the COVID pandemic such that they could continue to deliver performance testing data to their NPD programs across R&D. While at first, this meant a shift towards home use testing, they immediately recognized the need to find a safe and effective means to operate their CLT testing in this new world. They formed a cross-functional team with the Environmental Health, & Safety group with input as needed from HR and Legal functions. They put in place new procedures to ensure the safety of their team and their panelists, including additional PPE, cleaning, air purification, and UVC disinfection. Their plan was ultimately signed off by leadership and they are now engaging with their panelists on-site.


Alan Blatter


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