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Introducing Camiel Verschoor from


Camiel Verschoor
Founder and CEO at

Camiel is the Founder and CEO of He has over five years of experience as an entrepreneur and secured for over 1 million euros in revenues and funding. 

Camiel is passionate about bridging technology and society to tackle the global challenges of humanity. At he is actively working with his team to utilize data and AI to make sustainable decisions for the industry. At, we bring insights to asset managers to reach their asset yields, by converting images into meaningful figures and numbers using AI. Asset managers use the service for many use cases such as finding broken solar panels, monitoring the quality of steel, and counting inventory. This enables asset managers to reduce revenue loss due to errors and degradation. 

Camiel has a Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam, published several scientific papers, and has worked for the National Aerospace Laboratory prior to his adventure as an entrepreneur. 


Camiel Verschoor


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