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Introducing Fazal Mahmood from Phaseshift 


Fazal Mahmood
CEO at Phaseshift 

Fazal is one of three co-founders of Phaseshift Technologies, a materials engineering start-up based in Toronto. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in Physics and a background in Machine Learning as well as Quantum Computing. Fazal received his entrepreneurial training from the Creative Destruction Lab – Toronto (Quantum Stream), where he founded Phaseshift with his co-founders in 2019. Some of his primary areas of interest are Materials Informatics, Computational Materials Engineering, Atomistic Simulations, Machine Learning for Materials Discovery, & Alloy Design for Complex Alloys Systems. Based on these principles, Phaseshift develops highly specialized alloys such as – High Entropy Alloys, Complex Concentrated Alloys, & Amorphous Alloys for high-performance applications. 


Fazal Mahmood


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