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Introducing Jay Bhatia from Agilis Chemicals, Inc.


Jay Bhatia
Founder and CEO at Agilis Chemicals, Inc.

Jay is the Founder and CEO of Agilis Chemicals Inc., a technology startup based in Newark, NJ. Agilis offers an enterprise-grade, cloud-based digital commerce platform-as-a-service, designed specifically for the chemical industry. Jay founded Agilis in 2017 after a successful career with BASF and Shell, where he led sales and marketing organizations. He also spearheaded the launch of an internal startup within BASF.

Jay is passionate about using technology to solve business problems. At Agilis, he is leveraging his 20+ years of experience in the global chemical industry to solve chemical suppliers' most persistent challenge: lack of efficiency and transparency from highly complex and fragmented supply chains. Agilis helps chemical producers launch their own branded digital commerce portals, opening new channels, improving customer engagement, and increasing sales. Several leading companies, including BASF, have successfully launched their digital commerce sites with Agilis


Jay Bhatia


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