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Introducing Robert Fraser from Molecular You Corporation


Robert Fraser
President and CEO at Molecular You Corporation

Dr. Robert Fraser is the President, CEO and Co-Founder of Molecular You Corporation (MY), a health intelligence company with a vision to optimize individual health to support healthy long lives. Utilizing proprietary multi-omic analysis and data science analytic platform, MY delivers personalized health insights and lifestyle action plans that include diet, supplements, and physical activity directed to address each individual’s profile and health risks. MY has also developed proprietary blockchain technology that delivers secure, privacy-preserving patient data distribution controlled by the owner of the data; the patient. 

MY was spun out of The Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI) that Dr. Fraser also co-founded for developing the framework and technologies to bring personalized medicine into healthcare practice. Backed by his expertise in molecular diagnostics, molecularly-targeted drug discovery and development, biochemistry, and regulatory compliance, Dr. Fraser has been a leader in the efforts of implementing personalized care in Canada. He has also been involved in leading drug discovery and development projects at Sanofi, Xenon, Neuromed, and CDRD.  Dr. Fraser received extensive training in the molecular mechanisms of neuroendocrinology while completing his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta and Harvard Medical School and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in transcriptional mechanisms at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and IGBMC, Strasbourg France. In addition to Dr. Fraser’s scientific accomplishments, he has been involved in the raising of more than $40M in funding. Dr. Fraser is also co-founder of GenXys Health Care Systems, Mesentech, and Novobind Inc.  


Robert Fraser


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