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Lux Executive Summit 2021

October 5th - 6th or October 7th - 8th


  • Dates: Tuesday, October 5th - Wednesday, October 6th
  • Times: 8:30 AM  - 2:30 PM ET/2:30 PM - 8:30 PM CET


  • Dates: Thursday, October 7th - Friday, October 8th
  • Times: 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM SGT/9:30 AM - 3:30 PM JST

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Elizabeth Kolbert
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction and Under a White Sky



How can you drive growth through sustainable innovation?

The Lux Executive Summit is the only event to leverage the brightest scientific minds in energy, agrifood, and materials sciences to ignite your innovation strategies, shape your product development roadmaps and fuel your company's growth.

This year's Lux Executive Summit will deliver the insights, thinking, and connections you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company and be prepared to deliver and thrive in a sustainable future.

World-renowned Lux analysts and business leaders from the manufacturing, energy, and consumer products industries will come together as a corporate innovation community to learn from each other and tackle the most critical issues facing us today – sustainability, climate change, and societal impact.

Four Customized Tracks Available

Lux Research - The Future Consumer

The Future Consumer

The future consumer is not easy-to-please. They continue to demand convenience and affordability while prioritizing clear connections to sustainability. Eco-friendly certifications no longer support adoption and may in fact invalidate trust.

This track will help you successfully navigate the balance between delivering on outcomes associated with core tenants of sustainability including health, safety, and transparency while remaining agile and delivering on performance and cost to capitalize on the rapidly evolving needs of the future consumer.

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Lux Research - Climate Tech

Climate Tech

History will likely look back at 2020 as a landmark year in the energy transition as efforts to decarbonize the world’s energy system were catalyzed by governments and the COVID-19 pandemic. The past few decades are a story of innovating and validating climate tech, but the next decade will be a story of large-scale deployment of these technologies in a race to limit the impacts of climate change.

In this track, Lux analysts will identify the technologies and sectors powering the energy transition and discuss how companies should engage with the broader climate tech ecosystem to reach their goals.

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Lux Research - Circular Economy

Circular Economy

As sustainability has become a top issue, there’s been a huge focus on the technologies underpinning the circular economy. As these technologies mature, it’s now up to innovation teams and corporate strategy groups to pitch business leaders, regulators, and the public at large on the business case for a scaled-up circular economy.

This track digs into what’s necessary – a compelling vision, clear business models, and proof that the circular economy will really make the world a better place – and looks at how industries will be disrupted, and the sources of value creation and capture reshuffled as industry moves into a more circular model.

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Lux Research - Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Sustainability has been an important initiative for many organizations for at least a couple of decades if not more. However, challenges related to cost, scalability, and tracking and sharing of underlying data have thwarted widespread adoption of sustainability. Emerging technologies promise to help overcome these challenges and be a gamechanger.

Using in-depth technology analysis and case studies, this track will explore digital innovations that are playing a key role in sustainability and how stakeholders can use these innovations to rapidly launch and scale their sustainability initiatives.

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1. Improve how to strategize by understanding sustainability issues most material to different industries to help our clients focus their tech scouting and innovation efforts -  clients will want to know about supply risks, operational risks, and their customers shifting priorities; they will also want to know what their competitors are up to and what the best practices are

2. Identify technologies likely to have the most positive environmental impact (e.g. technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, reduce waste, etc.) and companies developing said technologies

3. Stay on top of external factors such as policy likely to impact the financial performance of given industries and adoption of various technologies (e.g. China Plastic Ban)


Strategic Roadmaps

Discover how to create innovation and product development strategies that support and align with corporate sustainability missions. How do you think pragmatically about innovations that can meet sustainability goals and timelines?

High Performance

Get best practices and insights on how to demonstrate support and alignment to corporate sustainability missions. What metrics do you need clients to know if you are moving towards your corporate sustainability goals longer-term while growing the business short term?

Partner Selection

Connect with early innovators, start-ups, and industry peers with solutions that will help your organization achieve
its objectives.


Learn about the types of technology you need to invest in to hit your sustainability goals. What's the sustainable tech stack you need to have as part of our overall technology roadmap?

Best-in-class Innovation

Understand what other business leaders are doing to meet their sustainability goals while driving breakthrough innovation.

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