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MotivBase: Jobs

We’ve created the world’s only AI Anthropologist that can identify and quantify trends, ideas and issues in seconds. Furthermore, it can enable the agile discovery of consumer-led demand spaces and the prioritization of opportunities based on market maturity and growth.

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Identify the Most Valuable Problems Consumers Are Trying to Solve

Everyday, consumers are revealing millions of pain points in the product reviews they leave online. MotivBase Jobs leverages our proprietary contextual mapping algorithm to analyze, map, cluster and assign value to these consumer-generated need states.

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We Never Just Hand You Our Technology. We Support You to Drive Agile Research Transformation Within Your Organization.

Every license comes with PhD support. The degree of which depends on the tier.

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Access and Training

We give you access to our technology and train you to get quick answers in short sprints of 15 minutes.

Number of users depend on tiers of license and service.

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Support from Our PhDs

When you’re looking to solve big and complex problems, our team of PhD anthropologists support you by helping you identify early signals move relevant to your business.

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How Companies Use MotivBase Jobs

Instead of wasting time and money bringing consumers into a studio to run discovery sessions, our clients are using Needs to uncover jobs through the richness of product review data in just a matter of days. Furthermore, they’re using the quantification of jobs to prioritize opportunities that align with their competencies.