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Lux In The News

Fashion goes bananas — and apples and grapes and oranges too

LOS ANGELES TIMES - Boston-based technology research firm Lux Research forecasts annual sales of low-complexity leather alternatives, are likely to hit $1 billion by 2025 driven by a combination of consumer demand and technological advances. 

Byproduct-based Leathers, Bio-based Leathers, and Recycled Leathers Expected to Reach $1 Billion by 2025

PR NEWSWIRE - Lux's new report explores the wide landscape of alternative leathers and makes predictions on the timeline on which these materials could be seen on your next handbag or shoe.

Lyft had visions of building an autonomous car. What happened?

FREIGHTWAVES - Lyft Autonomous, led by General Manager Jody Kelman, will continue to focus on building the “self-driving consumer experience, marketplace and fleet services” future Lyft sees for itself and its customers.

KULR Technology Is No Turnaround Story; It's A Compelling Investment Opportunity In Hyper-Growth Mode…Here's Why

BENZINGA - KULR’s attention toward the Energy Storage Market, opens up a more than $59 billion revenue opportunity. In a new report, Lux Research predicts that the Energy Storage market potential will explode to a $554 billion revenue opportunity by 2035. 

Lux Research Outlines 3 Conditions for the Future of Healthcare

FUTURE CIO - Lux’s new report defines the traditionally nebulous term “wellness” and identifies opportunities with digital tools to engage. Wellness is nonspecific preventative healthcare and applies across the health spectrum, from healthy consumers to patients with more serious diseases. 

Top Plant-Based Food Stocks

INVESTING NEWS NETWORK - Consumers are hungry for a more plant-based diet, and their enthusiasm is creating a juicy growth market that investors can really sink their teeth into. In its Foresight 2021 report, Lux Research includes alternative proteins among its picks for top technology innovations destined to have the greatest impact on worldwide markets in the next decade.

Digital Opportunities in Healthcare Can Save the Global Economy Trillions of Dollars

MARKETS INSIDER -Today's healthcare system of only treating disease as it arises unsustainably costs the global economy trillions of dollars each year.


BANYAN HILL - The $68 billion global satellite communication market is getting a 3D-printing makeover. You know what that means. Easier, faster, more. And now the market is projected to nearly double in size to $126 billion by 2027!

Sustainable Plastics Will Make Up More Than 15% of Production by 2030

COATINGS WORLD - A new report from Lux Research predicts the state of plastics sustainability over the next decade. Future projections of a circular economy emphasize that a combination of recycled and bio-based resources will serve as a feedstock for plastic needs.

Sustainable Plastics Will Make up More Than 15% of Production by 2030

PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY - Future projections of a circular economy emphasize that a combination of recycled and bio-based resources will serve as a feedstock for plastic needs. However, in order for that idealistic future to be realized, there must be a major investment in new technologies, including advanced recycling tech and bio-based plastic capacity.