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Nutrition Gets Personal

ASIAN SCIENTIST - Controlling diet-related diseases requires people to manage their diets carefully, but behavioural change is notoriously difficult. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, personalised nutrition could go a long way in improving human health, shared Thomas Hayes, an analyst at Lux Research.


NEWSWEEK - If five percent of health care spending—a modest share by Amazon's industry-dominating standards—were to flow through an Amazon health care unit, that would represent nearly $200 billion in revenues and $10 billion in profits at typical insurance-industry profitability rates. And that's thinking small, says Jon Melnick...

Nothing Persists Except Change

PB OIL & GAS MAGAZINE - “While many of the challenges faced by decision makers and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry aren’t new, the solutions and the technology behind them certainly are,” said Harshit Sharma, analyst at Lux Research and the lead author of the report.

Will Coatings be the Answer to Fresher Avocados?

PERISHABLE NEWS - For a business, when it comes to delaying spoilage of fresh produce, the reasons to engage are many, ranging from the lofty, like reducing global hunger and mitigating food waste, to the more concrete, like improving margins for producers and reducing costs for consumers.

Emerging 5G Materials for the mm-Wave Device Market

EVERYTHING RF - Despite political headwinds, telecommunications giants, retailers, tech companies, and world governments have all embraced the promise of 5G technology. In order to meet this relatively new but rapidly growing demand, a separate materials arms race has emerged.

Lux Research Talking Project Nightingale, Ford vs Tesla, Toshiba Cancer Test

COMPUTER AMERICA - Lux Research Analyst, Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D. talks Google's Project Nightingale with Computer America. Listen to the full episode about Project Nightingale, Ford vs Tesla and Toshiba's Cancer Test here.

A Realistic Steak Is Fake Meat’s Holy Grail

BLOOMBERG - The company is building a 3D printer that it says will produce a meatless steak that’s so fatty, juicy, and perfectly meaty that even the most dedicated carnivore won’t know the difference.

Planned Parenthood Expands Entrance into Digital Health

MANAGED HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVE - “Planned Parenthood has been dedicating more of its budget to digital services,” says Danielle Bradnan...This app represents a means of using limited resources to maximize access to care for patients who face geographic and legislative barriers...

Room for All as Alternative Proteins Growth Continues

IFT - Continued growth and demand in the alternative proteins market provides ample opportunities for food scientists and entrepreneurs to bring new innovations to market...Lux Research says alternative proteins could make up one-third of the market by 2050.

Fueling the 5G Frenzy: New Materials in High Demand to Meet Rapid Rollout of Technology Across the Globe

PR NEWSWIRE - From consumer cell phones and wireless networks to the technology arms race taking place between global superpowers, carriers are implementing 5G networks at breakneck speed. Behind the scenes, demand is growing for cheap, high-performing materials that will allow millions of devices to connect to these new high-frequency networks.