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HVDC, green hydrogen can ensure cost-effective decarbonisation

POWER ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL - Decarbonisation is difficult to achieve cost-effectively in most countries, due to fundamental limitations in solar and wind resources, but the solution may lie in the development of renewable energy carriers and new zero-carbon energy supply chains.

'Digital therapeutics' enjoy new attention amid COVID-19 crisis

BENEFITS PRO - “Digital therapeutics are poised to change health care by allowing for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of medical conditions in a low-cost, scalable way,” the Boston-based tech advisory firm Lux Research said in a new analysis. 

Lux Research: Renewable energy supply chain will take decades to establish, but can be cost-effective

DHAKA TRIBUNE - They predicted 2030 to be the first tipping point for deploying renewable energy import infrastructure, and 2040 as the point when imported liquid hydrogen becomes cheaper than low-carbon steam methane reformation. These predictions give companies just 10 years to develop the partnerships and pilot projects necessary to demonstrate such a transformative energy paradigm.

New Lux Research report looks at how to decarbonise the global energy trade

RENEWABLE ENERGY MAGAZINE - Many countries around the world must develop innovative renewable energy carriers and supply chains in order to decarbonise cost effectively says Lux Research.

Contact Tracing Prompts U.S. Data Privacy Bills

DATANAMI - “While yet to become a law, [the legislative proposals] could pave the way toward future privacy protection laws similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation,” said Jerrold Wang, an analyst with Lux Research.

Onshoring in the post-coronavirus future: local goods for local people

E&T -  Lux Research, for example, expects a digital-twinning approach similar to that now being applied to product design to improve OEMs’ visibility over what they buy. In this environment, an OEM would use digital models to help switch suppliers and subcontractors quickly – and there would be no inherent requirement for these suppliers to be local.

Are Digital Therapeutics the Future of Medicine?

EEDESIGNIT - Digital therapeutics are poised to change healthcare by enabling diagnosis, management, and treatment in a low-cost and scalable way. In its new report ‘Digital Therapeutics’, Lux Research shows that partnerships are imperative to success when evaluating what digital therapeutics to employ.


California Utility Is Set to Build Giant 770-MW Energy Battery Storage

ENR NEWS - “We believe that asset scales are now at a tipping point,” Grejtak says, and that may make other energy-storage solutions more attractive than lithium-ion. Vanadium redox flow batteries have a different scaling factor and performance variable from lithium-ion, which makes them attractive beyond 100 MW, he adds.

Plant-based artificial meat expected to boost high-protein crops

CAPITAL PRESS - The “unicorn” status of Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Just — plant-based meat startups whose market valuation has topped $1 billion — is a major driver in the rising popularity of plant protein sources, according to a recent report from Lux Research, a data analysis company.

Can Digital Therapeutics Save the Future of Healthcare?

VALUE WALK - What’s the role of digital therapeutics in healthcare? A major one according to Lux Research, including in reducing healthcare costs.