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Metamaterial Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio

MARKETS INSIDER - According to Anthony Vicari, Analyst at Lux Research, "Metamaterials have the potential to improve performance and enable new capabilities in a broad range of industries and applications. They are not so much a new class of materials as a new way of using materials, so using them requires different expertise than conventional materials development."

Is clarity coming for biobased chemicals?

C&EN - Many brand owners see value in bringing biobased chemicals and materials into their supply chains because consumer attitudes are changing, says Anthony Schiavo, an analyst at the market research firm Lux Research. He says concerns about plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions are making an impact on shopper’s choices.

Dyson contradicted: Some current electric cars actually sell at a profit

MSN - “Vertical integration and scale are key to profitability. Tesla hasn’t turned an annual profit as a company just yet, but does make the Model 3 profitably. It’s produced at a larger scale on a dedicated electric platform – something few others have yet achieved.”

Will ultra-fast quantum computing provide value to most companies in the short term?

DIGITAL STRATEGY CONSULTING - Over the next 10 years, it is uncertain if quantum computing will consistently outperform today's supercomputers for useful business-related problems, if at all. In the new report “Preparing for Quantum Computing,” Lux Research addresses what businesses need to know about quantum computing.

US Congress faces pressure to maintain telehealth after COVID-19

PHARMAPHORUM - Commenting on the increasing pressure on Congress to make these changes permanent, Lux Research analyst Danielle Bradnan said that legislators are concerned about broadband internet access, payer reimbursement, and licensure barriers – as currently, medical licenses are only valid for specific states.

340 organizations tell Congress to make telehealth permanent

HEALTHCARE FINANCE - In a statement separate from the letter to Congress, Lux Research Associate Danielle Bradnan said key concerns for legislators are broadband internet access, payer reimbursement and licensure barriers, since, currently, medical licenses are only valid for specific states.

Lead the future like you mean it: Indian HVAC&R players’ role in making Make-in-India a reality

DATAQUEST - When we talk of energy conservation or energy storage and making India an EV first nation, one thing that is common between these two is the mode of storing the energy.. i.e. the batteries. According to a report released by Lux Research, the total energy storage market is expected to grow to $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035.

Dyson Contradicted: Some Current Electric Cars Actually Sell At A Profit

INSIDEEVS - Price reductions regarding the battery pack are crucial. As Sandy Munro once said, the powertrain represents 51 percent of the price of an electric car. But there are more aspects that make EV production become a business more than a commitment to clean transportation, according to Robinson.

Value of quantum computing uncertain for at least 10 years

IT BRIEF - Significant obstacles will challenge quantum computing developers in the coming years, despite the technology's increasing importance as part of the broader wave of digital transformation, according to  Lux Research.

Value of quantum computing remains uncertain for next decade

ELECTRONICS ONLINE - As innovation continues to accelerate, quantum computing has become an increasingly important technology to monitor as part of the broader wave of digital transformation — but how long will it take to prove its value?