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The business model for carbon capture is broken

QUARTZ - In the months since the pandemic cratered the price of oil, the financial fallout has spread from drilling companies to refineries and oilfield maintenance companies. Now the crash has claimed another, more unlikely victim: The only system built to capture carbon emissions from a coal plant in the US, one of only two worldwide.

COVID-19 Accelerates the Energy Transition: Adapt or Perish

PR NEWSWIRE - The past year has been an unprecedented time, with COVID-19 having an immediate and significant impact on all aspects of the energy sector. Despite the dramatic consequences COVID-19 is having on the global economy, Lux Research predicts the energy transition will be accelerated by several years.

One carbon capture project stalls as another advances

C&EN - The shutdown shows that “the outlook for industrial CO2 capture for enhanced oil recovery applications does not look positive,” concludes an analysis by the market research firm Lux Research. Lux says the project won’t be economical again until oil prices reach $70 per bbl. They are currently below $45 per bbl.

Food waste and plastic pollution: ‘The two key sustainability drivers are carbon and circularity’

FOOD NAVIGATOR - Shoppers have a contradictory relationship with plastic food packaging. On the one hand, we have witnessed a massive public backlash against plastic pollution. On the other, we recognise the need to protect and preserve food and that plastic is, currently, the most effective solution. What is the right balance?

Logistics companies need digital transformation

CHANNEL EYE - Lux Research Analyst and lead author of the report Harshit Sharma said that trade globalisation, digital consumers, and low oil prices have all driven growth in the T&L industry while imposing new challenges.

Logistics Matters Podcast Season 1 Episode 17

DC VELOCITY - And actually, another study, also released in the last couple of days, by Boston-based Lux Research, showed that the transportation industry, in their estimation, is—in general—is in its infancy when it comes to what they call digital transformation, which is, you know, applying new technologies across your business.

How to Build a Quantum Workforce

TECHREPUBLIC - The top five highest-funded startups in the space have raised about $630 million, comprising about 60% of external funding, according to Lux Research.

$300 billion transportation & logistics industry is still in infancy of digital transformation

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD - In its latest report, “The Digital Transformation of Transportation and Logistics,” Lux Research highlights the most compelling use cases for digital transformation within transportation and logistics and shows where maturation is still needed.

Tough road ahead for transportation markets

SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY - Studies show long-standing pressures mixed with Covid-19 stress may cut into profits and delay recovery time in some industry segments—and that digital transformation is key to moving forward.

Decentralise to reduce climate risk, chemicals industry told

PLASTICS IN PACKAGING -  In its report, ‘In the Path of Destruction: Preparing for Climate Change in the Chemical Industry’, Lux said the industry needed to adapt towards small-scale, decentralised operations, even if it was less economical to do so.