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OriginClear Engages Baja Technologies for Development and Launch of ClearAqua Cryptocurrency to Unite the World in Making Clean Water Accessible to All

BUSINESSWIRE - As Lux Research pointed out in 2016, decades of neglected maintenance have made our central water systems unable to respond to the growing pressures of population growth and business expansion. 

Is battery swapping the cure to EV range challenges?

ELECTRONICS 360 - According to a recent analysis from Lux Research, fueled by recent technical advances, battery swapping offers a workable alternative; particularly for taxis and fleets operating in urban environments.

Opportunities in food traceability and transparency

FUTURECIO - Lux's newest report seeks to provide much-needed clarity to the murky subject of the value of implementing traceability and transparency tools for agrifood companies.

Lux Research Identifies Opportunities Beyond Regulatory Compliance in Food Traceability and Transparency

MORNINGSTAR - In a new press release, Lux evaluated different macro forces that are promoting adoption: political, economic, social, and technological (PEST), to develop a better sense of what is driving food traceability.

Financing, Access, and Literacy: Lux Research Identifies Major Challenges for Patients in Navigating Healthcare Systems Around the World

PR NEWSWIRE - In a new press release, Lux identified three major challenges confronting patients on their healthcare journey and two main areas of concern within each challenge.

How Many Hurricanes Must Slam the Grid Before We Get the Message?

PR NEWSWIRE - In a new report, Lux Research recently looked at the cost of delivering power through AC transmission lines as a function of distance and power requirements.

Key global megatrends set to alter adhesives market

EP&T MAGAZINE - A new report from Lux Research identifies and examines four megatrends that are beginning to change how adhesives are developed, selected, and used across all industries. 

Are Regulations and Taxes Coming for Waste?

CONNECTED WORLD - Lux Research’s new report, "Predicting Policy for Sustainable Materials", provides a framework to assess policies based on impact and probability of adoption. 

Lux Research Identifies Four Key Global Megatrends Set to Alter the $50 Billion Adhesives Market

PR NEWSWIRE - The adhesives market is currently dominated by existing major brands selling into established markets. However, a confluence of megatrends, from vehicle electrification to circular economy practices, is driving large shifts in those markets.

Brand Designs Will Play Critical Role in the Future of Plastics

BEAUTY PACKAGING - Lux Research’s report, “The Sustainable Plastics Roadmap: Recycling, Bioplastics, and Alternatives,” forecasts the adoption of conventional and advanced recycling, bio-based plastics, and alternative materials and quantifies the impact of bans and other regulations to predict the future of sustainable plastics.