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Report: Metamaterials Poised for Commercial Growth

OPTICS & PHOTONICS NEWS - The Lux report—which looked at metamaterials in both for electromagnetic (radio/microwave & optical) and acoustic waves—argues that metamaterial-based devices are poised to start making significant commercial inroads.

Metamaterial devices market 'to exceed $10BN by 2030'

OPTICS.ORG - According to Anthony Vicari and colleagues, whose Metamaterials Market Forecast is available now, demand from 5G wireless networks will stimulate rapid growth over the next five years or so, before the applications base widens along with the proliferation of autonomous technologies.

Metamaterials will disrupt 5G, autonomy, and connected vehicles

With the imminent rollout in 5G network infrastructure and devices and the subsequent projected growth in connected and autonomous vehicles, metamaterials are becoming viable at just the right time to see rapid growth in these new markets.

Green To Gold: How Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs Are Profiting Off Climate Change

HONG KONG TATLER - Musk isn’t the only entrepreneur whose business is benefiting from the eco-potential of this industry, which is averaging operating profits of 12.9 per cent, reports Lux Research analyst Brent Giles.

Personalised nutrition positioning within Asia – podcast

VITAFOODS INSIGHTS - Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor at Vitafoods Insights, chats to Thomas Hayes, analyst at Lux Research, about how the personalised nutrition market across the APAC region, trends driving the market, projects gaining traction and the key challenges that companies face.

Shared Mobility Poised to Disrupt Multitrillion-Dollar Auto Industry

Transportation network companies like Lyft and Uber are no longer startups. The top four ride-hailing companies in the world – Didi, Uber, Lyft, and Grab – have a combined valuation of $166 billion.

Lux Research Forecasts $10.7 Billion Market Opportunity in Metamaterial Devices

Metamaterial devices are poised to grow to $10.7 billion by 2030 in 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, and more.

The World’s Top 4 Ride-Hailing Companies Are Worth More Than $166 Billion

Lux Research's recent research outlines how shared mobility is poised to disrupt the multitrillion-dollar auto industry. Self-driving cars, zero-emission vehicles, & connectivity are all defining the future of mobility.

Gain First-Mover Advantage with Materials Informatics

Over the past few years, innovation interest in materials informatics has grown exponentially, but materials informatics data challenges require companies to formulate a clear strategy to reap the benefits.

Uncovering Insights in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

We are applying this framework to several different industrial settings to help uncover novel insights and guidelines on successful deployment of AI. In this blog, we focus on the upstream oil and gas industry. The following are the use cases that we will analyze using our AI framework.  

Materials Informatics Strategies Will Cut Development Time in Half

Lux Research identifies and analyzes the opportunities & barriers across the cannabis value chain in a new report, "Cannabusiness Innovation: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, and Barriers."

Lux Research Identifies Budding Opportunities in the $12 Billion Cannabis Industry

Lux Research identifies and analyzes the opportunities & barriers across the cannabis value chain in a new report, "Cannabusiness Innovation: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, and Barriers."