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Tech Scouting and Innovation Investing During Systemic Pandemics

During this global pandemic, some companies have elected to curb their investments in innovation and tech scouting. Others have used this as an opportunity to increase their focus on innovation and tech scouting. Where does your organization fall?

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up May 22, 2020

Every Friday we round-up news commentaries from our experts and highlight the week's biggest headlines. Get the #LuxTake on the top innovation news from this past week, including what's overhyped, and what emerging technologies your organization should keep an eye on.

AI's Role in fighting COVID-19: Sifting through the hype

In this blog, our analyst, Cole McCollum, examines various AI use cases that promise to help with the health concerns surrounding COVID-19 and analyze their technical feasibility using Lux's AI Framework.

New Lux Research report looks at how to decarbonise the global energy trade

RENEWABLE ENERGY MAGAZINE - Many countries around the world must develop innovative renewable energy carriers and supply chains in order to decarbonise cost effectively says Lux Research.

Decarbonization of the Global Energy Trade: A $500 Billion Zero-Carbon Opportunity

Lux Research predicts that a renewable energy supply chain will take decades to establish, but can be cost-effective versus domestic wind and solar in Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea

Lux’s New Homepage is a Personalized Experience, Tailoring Innovation Opportunities for You

To help clients connect with the most relevant pieces for their interests and goals, we have introduced a new, personalized homepage for the Lux Member Site. Our software looks at the companies, technologies, and searches a user follows, as well as their reading history to pinpoint the most relevant research content. Check out this blog to learn more.

Onshoring in the post-coronavirus future: local goods for local people

E&T -  Lux Research, for example, expects a digital-twinning approach similar to that now being applied to product design to improve OEMs’ visibility over what they buy. In this environment, an OEM would use digital models to help switch suppliers and subcontractors quickly – and there would be no inherent requirement for these suppliers to be local.

Are Digital Therapeutics the Future of Medicine?

EEDESIGNIT - Digital therapeutics are poised to change healthcare by enabling diagnosis, management, and treatment in a low-cost and scalable way. In its new report ‘Digital Therapeutics’, Lux Research shows that partnerships are imperative to success when evaluating what digital therapeutics to employ.


California Utility Is Set to Build Giant 770-MW Energy Battery Storage

ENR NEWS - “We believe that asset scales are now at a tipping point,” Grejtak says, and that may make other energy-storage solutions more attractive than lithium-ion. Vanadium redox flow batteries have a different scaling factor and performance variable from lithium-ion, which makes them attractive beyond 100 MW, he adds.

Lux Research Predicts Digital Therapeutics are the Future of Medicine

All healthcare providers will be impacted by the adoption of these new technologies, which also offer opportunities to solve major challenges in healthcare, including rising costs, chronic diseases and aging, and physician burnout.

Textiles and Apparel Industries Will See Future Growth From Materials Innovation

In our new report, “Emerging Materials Opportunities for the Apparel Industry,” we highlight four key megatrends that are driving this shift: the need for sustainability, functionality and differentiation, minimizing supply chain risks, and the trend toward personalization.

The Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management Lowers Costs and Reduces Risk

A host of digital innovations address the growing pressure to increase overall efficiencies and minimize risks within a rapidly evolving supply chain. Supply chain risks have been making headlines recently with the disruptions caused by the coronavirus.