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Sustainable Plastics Will Make up More Than 15% of Production by 2030

A new report from Lux Research predicts the state of plastics sustainability over the next decade. In 2030, 15% of plastics will be sustainable, fueled primarily by a tripling of global plastics recycling along with strong regulatory action that bans the most problematic types of plastic products.

Who Goes First? The Sustainability Tug of War Between Brand Owners and Upstream Producers

Lack of adoption or slow progress? Lux Analyst, Drishti Masand, analyzes which part of the CPG value chain needs to make the first move on sustainable solutions.

Technology Landscape: Key Players in Plastic Pyrolysis

To provide a comprehensive overview of the plastic pyrolysis landscape, we leveraged various Lux data tools alongside our existing coverage to compile a list of relevant organizations. This information serves to define key trends and identify opportunities for clients seeking to engage and enter the market.


Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up April 16, 2021

Get expert opinions on the latest emerging technology and innovation news. Check out our analysts' coverage of top innovation news and developments from Snapchat, Google, Canoo, Apple, Mori, Omada Health, and Blackrock.

News Trends: Hydrogen Economy Q1 Update

Whether you believe the frenzy is justified or overhyped, hydrogen is now top of mind for anyone with a stake in the global energy transition. Using our news commentary feature, we have been tracking key developments in the hydrogen sector, covering more than 250 individual developments across the industry. 

Cheaper Batteries and More Efficient Powertrains Crucial for Making Profitable Electric Vehicles

“Electrification of the automotive industry is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘how fast,’” explains Chris Robinson, Research Director at Lux and lead author of the report. “The push for electrification is due primarily to two factors – technology improvements and regulations. Because of this, automakers have cumulatively committed to investing hundreds of billions of dollars to design, build, and sell BEVs.”

Can Spiber make spider silk-like materials a reality?

C&EN - Despite the technology fix, Spiber isn’t out of the woods yet, cautions Charles Willard, an analyst at the consulting firm Lux Research.

Lux Research Forecasts the 3D Printing Market Will Reach $51 Billion in 2030

The total 3D printing market will reach $51 billion in 2030, driven mainly by growth in production parts, according to new data from Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

Lux Research Predicts Autonomous Vehicle Market to Be a $50 Billion Opportunity by 2040

Few mobility technologies hold as much disruptive potential as autonomous vehicles. Despite having applications in logistics, robotaxis, and personally owned vehicles, AVs have remained on the cusp of transforming the automotive space. Our new report captures the full picture of AVs and what this means for the future of this $50 billion innovation opportunity. 

Momenta raises $500M to drive autonomous future

PHOCUSWIRE - A recent report from Lux Research ranked autonomous vehicles in the number one spot of trends to watch saying that improvements in artificial intelligence, analytics and data from maps and sensors were all boosting the development.


CO2 utilization, a growth sector

BIO-BASED NEWS - In a report released last month, Lux Research looked into CO2 utilization. The company forecasts a growth in this sector to $ 70 billion by 2030 and to $ 550 billion by 2040. CO2 will be put to good use in the buildings, chemicals, materials, fuels, and food sectors.

SnackFutures encourages innovation with startup engagement programme

BAKERY AND SNACKS - Mondelēz International’s innovation and venture hub has launched CoLab, a collaborative programme for US-based early-stage better-for-you snack brands to drive mutual growth.