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Case Study - 3D bioprinting in food: Aleph Farms turns to bioprinting to develop more structured, cell-based meat products

Lux's latest case study analyzes 3D bioprinting in food and Aleph Farms, who are emerging as an early leader from a technology and investment perspective.

Lux Take on News: Weekly Round-Up May 20, 2022

Lux Research analysts provide their expert opinions on the past week's biggest innovation developments. Get the #LuxTake on major headlines from DNV, NACFE, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more.

The this, the that, and the other about agrivoltaics

Agrivoltaics is seen as one of the solutions to the land scarcity conundrum, as implementing agrivoltaic systems can improve land use by 70%. LuxResearch's latest blog delves into this innovation.

Going full circle: Tire recycling technologies of today

Automotive tires are consumables with more than one billion tires discarded across the globe annually. However, like most plastics, tires do not decompose quickly. Lux's latest blog analyzes the tire recycling technologies available today.

Lux Research Acquires MotivBase

Lux Research has acquired MotivBase. The acquisition combines the only anthropologic predictive analytics tool of its kind with comprehensive sustainable innovation solutions.


Technology Dispatch - Lux Research Senior VP & Group Director, Arij van Berkel, Ph.D., wrote about new innovation dynamics and how businesses should respond for Technology Dispatch.

The race to upcycle CO2 into fuels, concrete, and more

Nature - Nature spoke with Runeel Daliah, Principal Analyst at Lux Research, and other experts about the race to upcycle CO2 into fuels, concrete, and more.

Arij van Berkel: Looking forward to the new Tesla

Financial Investigator - Lux Research Vice President and Energy Research Team lead Arij van Berkel, Ph.D. discussed COP26, climate change, the hydrogen economy, and more with the Financial Investigator.

Breaking down McKee’s Climate Change Budget

ABC6 News - ABC6 spoke with Research Director at Lux and climate change expert Chris Robinson to learn how Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee's budget can combat climate change.

Foresight 2022: Lux Research Releases Report on the Most Impactful Technologies in Sustainability

The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report illuminates the most impactful technologies and digital trends in sustainability that will change the landscape of business in 2022 and beyond, inspiring the next wave of innovations and igniting the sustainable strategies that will propel businesses forward.

New Approaches Promise to Set a New Bar for Large-Scale Battery Recycling, According to Lux Research

Existing battery recycling infrastructure capacity can’t handle the volumes of batteries that will come to market as electrification ramps up, but new technologies will create opportunities, according to Lux Research.

Growing Microbiome-Based Business Opportunities in the Consumer Products Space

Unmet needs in the microbiome space provide opportunities to engage for industry players across agrifood and personal care sectors, according to Lux Research.