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Case Study: Drones to the rescue - Airdropped defibrillators outpace ambulances in a real-world feasibility study

Drones usage in healthcare is not new, but using drone technology for emergency healthcare services is a specific use case that hasn't been thoroughly explored. Lux's latest case study takes a look at a real-world feasibility study that does just that.

Lux Research Identifies Six Key Opportunities in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) that Could Capture $78 Billion in Market Share

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is set to reach a market value of $100 billion by 2030. Lux identifies six key opportunities that could account for 78% of that market value.

ARCs to avoid a flood of plastic waste: the Recycled Material Standard

Lux's latest post discusses the Recycled Material Standard, Attributes of Recycled Contents (ARC), and their potential impact on plastic waste and the circular economy.

Industry Event Recap: World Hydrogen Congress 2021

In the first week of October 2021, Lux Research attended the 2nd World Hydrogen Congress held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Check out some of Lux's main takeaways from the event - the good and the not-so-good.

Case Study: Brick by bit - Brickit app highlights how digital tools can enable sustainable growth

As companies confront the issue of dematerialization, an app called Brickit shows a path for digital tools to provide a means for sustainable growth in Lux's latest case study.

Digital Biomarkers Are Emerging as Key to Personalized Health and Wellness Solutions, and the Time to Act is Now, According to Lux Research

Digital biomarkers are opening new ways to use established sensors and will become increasingly ubiquitous over the next five years, according to Lux.

Lux Research Announces 2021 Innovator of the Year Award Honorees

The Lux Executive Summit (LES) is a global forum for leaders tackling innovation challenges. This year's annual event will deliver the insights, thinking, and connections you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company and be prepared to deliver and thrive in a sustainable future. Learn more about our first-ever Innovator of the Year Awards!

Lux Research Introduces a Framework to Help Provide a Path to the Decarbonization of Industry

The industrial sector is responsible for 21% of global carbon emissions, more than 9 gigatons of CO2 per year - check out Lux's framework that helps provide a path to the decarbonization of industry.

OriginClear Engages Baja Technologies for Development and Launch of ClearAqua Cryptocurrency to Unite the World in Making Clean Water Accessible to All

BUSINESSWIRE - As Lux Research pointed out in 2016, decades of neglected maintenance have made our central water systems unable to respond to the growing pressures of population growth and business expansion. 

Is battery swapping the cure to EV range challenges?

ELECTRONICS 360 - According to a recent analysis from Lux Research, fueled by recent technical advances, battery swapping offers a workable alternative; particularly for taxis and fleets operating in urban environments.

Opportunities in food traceability and transparency

FUTURECIO - Lux's newest report seeks to provide much-needed clarity to the murky subject of the value of implementing traceability and transparency tools for agrifood companies.

Lux Research Identifies Opportunities Beyond Regulatory Compliance in Food Traceability and Transparency

MORNINGSTAR - In a new press release, Lux evaluated different macro forces that are promoting adoption: political, economic, social, and technological (PEST), to develop a better sense of what is driving food traceability.