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How Wearables Deliver Actual Value & Reshape Tomorrow's Supply Chain

BRAINXCHANGE - Since the introduction of wearables, these devices have acted as a supplement to or extension of smartphones. However, with the likes of the Apple Watch and Fitbit – today’s most iconic wearables – being crappy versions of the smartphone, it is no surprise that wearables are viewed today as little more than nice-to-have gadgets. 

Honda in Talks With Google’s Waymo on Self-Drive Tech

BLOOMBERG - Honda Motor Co. said Wednesday it is talking to Waymo, the autonomous driving unit of Google parent Alphabet Inc., to try to strike a deal that would put its self-driving technology into some of the Japanese automaker’s cars.

2016: A 'Transitional Year for Storage,' Industry Set to Break Records

UTILITY DIVE - Following on the heels of a record breaking year, energy storage in 2016 is on track to break through last year's record. The year-over-year increase will likely not be as dramatic as 2015's 243% increase over 2014, but several developments in 2016 show that the storage market is developing in ways that could clear a path for accelerated growth in future years.

Why Trump’s Infrastructure Spending Plan Will Be a Boon for the Water Industry

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - It’s a good time to be in the water industry. Congress last week passed the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, which authorizes nearly $10 billion in federal investments and represents an economic opportunity for water technology and infrastructure companies.

Amazon’s Bid To Transform A $650 Billion Industry Is Innovative, But Relies On Available Tech

SENSORS MAGAZINE - Recently announced, AmazonGo is aiming to transform the ages-old brick-and-mortar retail experience. The official news broke via multiple channels, including a well-produced YouTube video showing shoppers entering a stylish grocery store. Central to the concept is the absence of any physical checkout system; shoppers check in upon arrival, and browse as they normally would.

Companies Pitch Bug-Killing Options Amid Neonic Bans

REUTERS - Companies that make bug-killing chemicals and natural remedies are racing to take advantage of restrictions on neonics, a type of insecticide popular with farmers but blamed for harming bees and mayflies.

Delivering Power to the People

SMART TECHNOLOGY & LIVING - The phone in your pocket, powered by just a sliver of battery – it’s hard to imagine this discrete package of plastic, metal and glass is one small part of an energy revolution. It’s a revolution that’s transforming
how we generate, transmit and ultimately use power.

The 2017 Challenge for Blockchain: Getting Executives to Understand It

CNBC - Will 2017 be the year blockchain becomes part of the mainstream business culture? This past year has seen the technology used in various ways, and companies are throwing money behind it, but headaches and obstacles to its growth remain.

Can Blockchain Gain Traction in Power and Energy Markets?

MICROGRID MEDIA - A Blockchain economic ecosystem is emerging, one comprised of ¨vertical solution providers, horizontal platform developers, a handful of core infrastructure enablers and enterprises who are developing products or contributing code to other projects."

Is This the Future of Green Building Materials?

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - Lux Research analyst Jerrold Wang told Environmental Leader that Ecor is a good example of a circular economy approach. “The use of waste material not only achieves sustainability but also enables low raw material cost or even negative cost,” he said.

The latest green energy innovations

RACONTEUR - Katrina Westerhof, research analyst at Lux Research Inc, picks up on another benefit of the aggregate capabilities of a smart grid. “We’re seeing more and more of the idea of a virtual power plant made up of residential batteries. Virtual power plants are something that we do see as near term. 

Trump seems ready to fight the world on climate change. But he’s likely to meet resistance

LOS ANGELES TIMES - “I don’t see this impacting California one bit,” said Yuan-Sheng Yu, an analyst at Lux Research who wrote a report on the future of climate policy under Trump. “California has made clear it is going to move forward regardless of who is president, just as it did before Obama.”

The Electoral College Was Meant to Stop Men Like Trump From Being President

THE ATLANTIC - According to a study by Lux Research, America’s annual carbon emissions, which would have dropped under a Clinton presidency, will rise sharply under Trump.

Colorado coal’s best hope: stability, not recovery

THE DENVER POST - “Despite Trump’s rallying cry for the coal industry, his plan to lift regulations on gas extraction will only make coal’s comeback even more difficult as fracking expands, keeping down gas prices and disadvantaging coal,” an analyst at Lux Research, noted.

Take a Deep Breath and Don’t Freak Out About the Future of Clean Energy Under Trump

THE WASHINGTON POST - The MIT Technology Review recently pointed to a new analysis from advisory firm Lux Research, which projected that the growth of renewables would flatline under a Trump administration that succeeded in doing away with the federal tax credits.

Trump’s coal revival plan won’t work; clean energy tech is already cheaper

COMPUTER WORLD - Tyler Ogden, a solar analyst with Lux Research, projects 12 gigawatts (12 billion watts) of solar generating capacity in the U.S. by 2020.

Trump’s Impact on Clean-Energy Businesses

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW - At the end of the day what Trump says and what is actually implemented are two completely different things,” says Yuan-Sheng Yu, an energy analyst with Lux Research.

Li-Fi Has a Bright Future Connecting the Internet of Things

IOT AGENDA - A key enabler for big data is big pipes — getting massive amounts of data to and from connected objects and machines.

Harsh climates spur solar materials innovation: Lux

Start-ups With Robots Seek to Scale Up Synthetic Biology

CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS - Investors in the news synthetic biology firms are likely making a good bet, suggests Victor Oh, a research associate at Lux Research, which tracks the advanced materials sector. 

Blockchain World Congress: Taking Blockchain Beyond Financial Services

IOT AGENDA - We at Lux Research recently attended the Blockchain World Congress conference in New York City. Bitcoin and implications for financial services were a major focus, but a lot of attention was dedicated to blockchain’s implications outside of the financial services realm, with multiple presentations and discussions around blockchain’s application in utilities, supply chain, health care and a wide range of other internet of things use cases.

Al Gore a Donald Trump: il riscaldamento globale esiste

WIRED.IT - Ma secondo le stime del centro di ricerca indipendente Lux Research, se Trump metterà in pratica le sue proposte, le emissioni dei gas serra degli Stati Uniti aumenteranno del 16% entro il 2024, rilasciando nell’atmosfera 3,4 miliardi di tonnellate di anidride carbonica in più (la stessa quantità emessa da un paese come l’Ucraina nello stesso periodo) rispetto agli impegni presi da Hillary Clinton nel corso della sua campagna elettorale.

Donald Trump presidency a 'disaster for the planet', warn climate scientists

THE GUARDIAN - US greenhouse gas emissions have started to taper off in recent years but a Trump presidency would see a resurgence, with an analysis by Lux Research finding that carbon dioxide output would be 16% higher than the current trajectory should the real estate magnate complete a second term.

Why climate change experts fear Trump's presidency

CNN POLITICS - According to Lux Research, Trump's policies would lead to US emissions being 16% higher after two terms of office than they would have been after two terms of Hilary Clinton being in charge.

Trump Casts Pall Over Climate Cause, But He Can't Turn Back The Clock On Coal

FORBES - Lux Research is forecasting, according to Environmental Leader, that U.S. carbon emissions would be 16% greater under a Trump presidency than it would have been under Hillary Clinton. That equates to 3.4 billion tons more, the news site says.

Disney Trash Tracking: Waste Management of Tomorrow(land)?

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - Lux Research VP research Mark Bunger says its more of a labor union issue than a waste management issue. “The volume of trash to be disposed of will stay the same, but bins will not get overfull and messy areas will be cleaned up more quickly,” he told Environmental Leader. “I do think there is a labor union issue here, clearly, because it will upset some of the unwritten — and maybe written — rules about how the union works at Disney. But to be honest this is exactly the same kind of technology already deployed by facilities management companies in thousands of offices and factories around the world.”

Specialized Thermoplastics in an Evolving Global Market

The Global Dangers of Trump's Climate Denial

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICThe independent research firm Lux Research estimates that by 2024, Trump’s proposed policies would increase U.S. carbon emissions by 16 percent relative to the proposed policies of Hillary Clinton, who aimed to keep the Obama’s administration’s goal of reducing emissions about 30 percent relative to 2005 levels by 2025.

Singapore-based Scientists Win Alternative Water Resources Prize

ASIAN SCIENTIST - Wang is the current director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Center (SMTC). Fane was the founding director of SMTC, and took on subsequent roles as SMTC’s co-director and director-mentor. Both scientists have been named by research and advisory firm Lux Research to be among the top 25 leading water researchers globally.

2016's Most Interesting Climate-Change Fights Are in the States

THE ATLANTIC - Lux Research, an energy consulting and research firm, projects that Trump’s policies as compared to Clinton’s would lead to 3.4 billion tons of additional carbon emissions by 2024.

Machine Learning Could Enhance Methane Leak Detection Technology

RIGZONE - Methane leaks can occur in a number of areas, including pipelines. Finding small methane leaks and quickly addressing them is tricky, Kyle Landry, research associate for Lux Research’s Autonomous 2.0 Research team, said.

The Planet Is Screwed If Democrats Don’t Win The Senate, Warns Paul Krugman

THE HUFFINGTON POST - “As independent analysts, we don’t endorse candidates, but the data and analysis clearly show that energy policy and the resulting emissions will go in very different directions under Clinton and Trump,” Yuan-Sheng Yu, an analyst at Lux

A Trump Presidency Could Mean 3.4 Billion Tonnes More Carbon Emissions than a Clinton One

PV TECH - Whilst the US is destined for a tectonic shift in its energy landscape under either prospective president, new analysis from Lux Research suggests that Trump’s policies would leave emissions 16% higher after two terms than Clinton’s.

What Does a Carbon Tax Mean for Manufacturing?

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - “The clear losers will be energy intensive industries such as industrial and manufacturing companies that consume large amounts of energy throughout their entire value chain,” Lux Research analyst Yuan-Sheng Yu told Environmental Leader.

Blame Lithium Batteries for Samsung Note 7 Fires

DESIGNNEWS -  Chris Robinson, research analyst at Lux Research, told Design News that battery shorts like this are common, but there could be more to these Samsung incidents. "A battery short is a common mode of failure, which results when electrical contact is made between the positive and negative electrodes. 

Identifying winners in the DG scramble

MODERN POWER SYSTEMS - For the past century, the power sector has been fairly stable, composted of familiar structures, players and technologies. 

KEY INTERVIEW: Algae Trending as Top Plant-Based Protein Source

FOOD INGREDIENTS 1ST - According to Lux Research, 'alternative proteins' such as soy, algae, pea, rice and canola, will account for up to a third of the protein market by 2054. 

Tesla's Solar Roof — Gimmick or Game-changer?

E&E PUBLISHING LLC -Tyler Ogden, an analyst at Lux Research, said Tesla's solar roof is potentially significant because of the company's size and SolarCity's reach. In theory, that could boost the integrated solar market, which has struggled so far.

San Diego's Vehicles Switch to Renewable Diesel

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE - Globally, the production capacity for renewable diesel has been on the rise — from 1.2 billion gallons a year in 2015 to a projected 1.9 billion gallons by 2018, according to a Lux Research report that monitors more than 1,800 biofuel facilities around the world.

Farmers Are Using Bees To Spread Nature's Own Pesticides

POPULAR SCIENCE - The biopesticide industry’s future depends on finding new materials that work—and convincing more farmers to try them, quirks and all. A few months before my Toronto visit, I asked Sara Olson, a research analyst at Boston-based Lux Research who specializes in emerging agriculture technology, about the outlook for biopesticides.

Nanocomposite Coating w/ Self-healing, Low-friction & Anti-wear Diamond-like Carbon Film

COATINGS WORLD - Lux Research spoke with Osman Levent Eryilmaz, a co-author on the paper and co-discoverer of the coating’s functionality.

Supercritical CO2 Power Plants Promise Efficiency Gains, Emissions Cuts. But Are They Commercially Feasible?

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - But is it feasible at scale? Lux Research analyst Yuan-Sheng Yu says it’s too early to say. “However, it should be noted that the involvement of GTI in this project would have one of the leading energy technology R&D institutions driving the technology behind this project,” he said.

Solar-plus-storage saved Vermont utility customers from peak demand charges

ENERGY STORAGE NEWS - As analyst Cosmin Laslau of Lux Research blogged for our site at the time, peak reduction using Powerwalls could cover about 60% of the battery system’s cost in a strategy Laslau said was a clever way for the utility to stay relevant.

Lack of Cheap, Clean Hydrogen Slows Fuel-Cell Cars

E&E NEWS - “Really, we see the outlook for fuel-cell vehicles is pretty grim,” said Chris Robinson, a research associate at Lux Research Inc. “It’s going to be really hard for a consumer to justify this.”

Vegans’ Bullheaded Beef With Tyson Foods

Connected Maintenance Solutions Enable New Business Models

RELIABILITYWEB - According to a recent Lux Research survey of more than 120 operational leaders, organizations like Kaeser Compressors may see more cultural pushback than organizations like Caterpillar.

Oxford PV to Build Perovskite Demo Line with New Cash

OPTICS.ORG - Earlier this year the Lux Research analyst Tyler Ogden predicted that if stability and cost concerns can be overcome, commercial versions of perovskite cells could begin to appear by 2019.

IoT Technology Uplifts Container Tracking

FOOD LOGISTICS - Early intelligent containers provided asset visibility and were largely designed to prevent theft and record the opening of containers, notes Mark Bünger, vice president at Lux Research Inc. The ability to monitor temperature, humidity and vibration has existed for about a decade, Bünger says, but it has been too expensive to deploy.

Farm 2026: The robots are coming

FARMERS GUARDIAN - Lux Research of Boston, Massachusetts, said while cost remained a barrier, uptake was increasing. This was a view shared by Sara Olson, analyst and lead author of Planting the Seeds of a Robot Revolution: How Autonomous Systems Are Integrating into Precision Agriculture

Can Companies Turn Carbon Pollution into Profit?

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - Lux Research analyst Yuan-Sheng Yu says Global Thermostat has been on the research firm’s radar for the past few years.

Ford Motor leaving 'One Ford' in the dust as it chases a new, tech-focused, mission

SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL - Lux Research projected the autonomous car industry will be worth about $87 billion by 2030, which has incentivized several Silicon Valley-based tech giants and established car makers to race into development and production.

What's Behind Samsung's Phone Fires?

IEEE SPECTRUM - “What was remarkable here was that this was the world’s leading company for batteries and for consumer electronics,” says Cosmin Laslau, an electrochemistry expert and technology analyst for Lux Research. “It doesn’t get much more high profile than this.”

Robot Harvest: Agribotics and the Food We Eat

ROBOTICS BUSINESS REVIEW - Together with our distinguished guests, Frank Tobe , publisher of The Robot Report, and Sara Olson, lead at the Agro Innovation Intelligence practice at Lux Research, our webcast will move through these five trends to get a good look at agribotics and its marketplace, along with digital farming ‘s role in averting any future food crisis.

Samsung's woes highlight explosive limits of lithium batteries

REUTERS - Tim Grejtak, an analyst at Lux Research, said there are dozens of startups working on the issue, but the scientific problems were hard to solve and would take time.

Samsung and LG Move Toward ALD for OLED Barrier Films

PRINTED ELECTRONICS NOW - Recently, the two leading flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display manufacturers, Samsung and LG, were reported to introduce atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology in the barrier film manufacturing process.

Meat packers add plants to plate as consumers, competition shift

REUTERS - Globally, meat and seafood consumption amounted to 463 million tonnes in 2014, dwarfing 10 million tonnes of alternatives such as soy-based meat replacements, according to Lux Research.

Chicken Giant Tyson Foods Buys a Stake in Vegan Start-up Beyond Meat

LOS ANGELES TIMES - For Tyson Foods, the move is a fast way into a rapidly growing alternative-foods segment, which could account for as much as a third of worldwide protein consumption by mid-century with a market value of as much as $108 billion, according to Lux Research.

Consumer Demand, Government Support Boost Biobased Products Industry

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER - Victor Oh, who leads Lux Research’s biobased materials and chemicals research, says two major drivers — the government and the consumer — are driving biobased product growth.

Apple’s Strong Privacy Stance is Costing it the AI Race

AI TRENDS - Apple is notoriously regarded as being well behind other technology powerhouses, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and NVIDIA, when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).