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Lux Evaluates Technologies to Valorize Billions of Tons of Waste a Year

Lux’s report details the challenges and opportunities in converting waste to fuels, chemicals, materials, feed, fertilizer, food, cellulose pulp, and carbon black.

WTiN's Multi-faceted Textile Conference to Explore Industry 4.0 and Smart Innovation

The most all-encompassing event ever to explore the impact of Industry 4.0 in textiles and apparel is set to open in Amsterdam, in November, featuring a line-up of top industry and thought leaders.

Lux Research Evaluates Technologies to Valorize More Than 3.5 Billion Tons of Waste Annually

Billions of tons of waste are generated per year across a diverse mix of waste streams – including municipal solid waste, plastic waste, organic waste, and waste textiles and tires – due to the linear nature of today's economy.

Clearpath Robotics’ new autonomous warehouse robot can carry payloads up to 750 kilograms

If lugging 750-kilogram payloads around warehouse floors isn’t your idea of fun, good news: There’s a new robot that’ll do it for you.

In the Battery Materials World, the Anode's Time Has Come

It was 2007. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, J. K. Rowling finished her seventh and final Harry Potter novel, and the worst financial crisis since the 1930s was about to hit.

Lux Research Releases Annual List of Top Transformative Technologies

Leaders trying to identify key innovative technologies for their industry are often stuck relying on either subjective opinions or an excess of raw data without context or insight.

Agricultural Disruption: New technology, consolidation, may yield production gains, job upheaval

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to dramatically change agriculture around the globe. New technologies are likely to increase food production and sustainability.

Lux Research Says Industrial Sector is the Next Frontier for Hydrogen

The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has raised the level of interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen.

Lux Research Names Industrial Sector as the Next Frontier for Hydrogen

The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has raised the level of interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen.

Lux Research Names Industrial Sector as the Next Frontier for Hydrogen

 The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has raised the level of interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen. 

13 Professional Athletes Invest in Plant-Based Food Company Beyond Meat

A collective of some of the world's top all-star athletes are investing in plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat. 

Textile & Apparel Digitalization gets 4-dimensional View in First US Multi-event, Organized by WTiN

With just two months to go before the opening of a unique American conference series, textile and apparel industry professionals are promised their most detailed view ever of the sector's advancing digitalization.

When waste plastic becomes a resource by way of chemical recycling

Plastics are indispensable parts of almost every sector of the economy, with wide-ranging economic, environmental and convenience benefits in their use stage. 

Roquette tweaks pea plant plans

It’s been two years since French company Roquette announced its plan to build the world’s largest pea-processing plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. And while the company did break ground in September of 2017, construction was suspended in the spring of 2018, but began again this past October.

Nanostructured Drug Market Business Segmentation by Revenue, Market Landscape...

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science that involves atomic or molecular level manipulation of matter. A nanometer is equals to 1 billionth of a meter.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: 'Huge' deal creates leader in wireless charging

A startup called WiTricity performed a piece of corporate jiujitsu this week. It acquired crucial assets of Qualcomm Inc., a much larger rival, and established itself the unquestioned leader in the wireless charging of electric vehicles.

A Long-Lasting Sustainable Battery Could Be Around the Corner

Imagine a world where you never need to worry about finding somewhere to charge your phone's battery? The utopian dream of a long-lasting and sustainable battery might just be around the corner.

Lux Research Takes Technology Planning to the Next Level by Ranking the 299 Top Innovations

Lux Research, a leading provider of global tech-enabled research and advisory services for innovation, today unveiled the Lux 299 Top Innovations list, an objective, AI-powered ranking of the world's most impactful technologies.

Bioplastics Producers, Suppliers, Retailers Convene in Bangkok for CMT's 13th Bioplastics Market

As the world steers towards a circular economy, organizer, Centre for Management Technology (CMT), secures two leading retailers who will share their sustainability efforts at the summit.

Infant formula sponsorship, microbiome opportunities, Nestlé's new R&D centre...

It's not easy to keep up with the fast pace of the news, but the weekly Nutra News Review is your best shot. Our editors run down their weekly news highlights - giving you the inside track on the top news and analysis from the last seven days.

Lux Research Expects Electrification Will Truly Disrupt the Aerospace Industry

The pace of startups jumping into the electric aviation market has accelerated rapidly in the past five years. To put this market rush into context, the team at Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services for technology innovation, has released a new report that differentiates commercialization myth from reality.

Nouryon and Unilever Partner to Accelerate Chemical Innovations

Nouryon has officially launched the third edition of its Imagine Chemistry collaborative innovation challenge. Through this program, the company invites startups, scale-ups, university spin-outs, and other potential partners to tackle chemistry-related challenges and uncover new ways to create value for customers.

Why HECO Drew Such Low Solar-Plus-Storage Prices

Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) is seeking approval for seven utility scale solar-plus-storage projects that could set a new benchmark for low-cost renewable power in the island state.

Imagine Chemistry 2019 launched

Nouryon partners with Unilever, investment companies and startup networks to accelerate innovation in chemistry

Electric car race is on, but infrastructure needs to keep up

 From 2019, only hybrid or electric cars will be rolling off the production lines at Volvo. The Swedish carmaker, now owned by Chinese company Geely, said in 2017 that it would stop producing cars that rely only on fuel combustion engines. It is set to launch five electric car models by 2021, as well as offer hybrid models across its whole product line.