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Cutting Through the Hype of AI

CDO TRENDS - The report by advisory firm Lux Research looks at the current state of artificial intelligence and offering some tips on how organizations can make their AI projects a success. Of note is the assertion by the report that integrating AI can be a gamble for many companies.

Four key indicators to identify virtual power plant markets

SOLAR BUILDER - Surveying the examples where VPPs have been successfully deployed, we at Lux Research have identified four key indicators companies should look for when evaluating new markets to deploy VPPs.

A Realistic Framework for AI in the Enterprise

INFORMATION WEEK - "Given the massive amounts of hype and promise surrounding AI and related technologies like machine learning and deep learning, it's become increasingly difficult to make critical innovation and investment decisions in the space," writes Lux analyst and lead report author Cole McCollum.

Considering AI: Focus On Outcomes, Not Flashy Tech

MY TECH DECISIONS - Artificial intelligence is grabbing everyone's attention, but technology decision makers should only invest when it actually makes sense, new research says.

Asia to Emerge as Powerhouse; India Lags in Innovation

CXO TODAY - The report by Lux Research titled: “State of Innovation in Asia: Key Industries and Players Shaping Asia’s Innovative Ecosystem,” showed that in 2018, China, Japan and South Korea spent a combined $613 billion on R&D, bagging three of the top five spots globally.

2020: The 5G Revolution Begins

DESTINATION CRM - To show just how pervasive the technology has become, 5G networks claimed the top spot in Lux Research's "20 for 20" report, an annual list of technologies and trends that are expected to transform the way we live, work, and play over the next decade.

Total, cement firm pursue CO2 capture

C&EN - The proposed LafargeHolcim facility would capture CO2 equal to around 9% of emissions from all US cement production. “It is a significant announcement for both the cement and CO2 capture industries,” says Runeel Daliah, an analyst at the technology research firm Lux Research.

SATCOM IoT is Ready for Commercialization

GATEHOUSE TELECOM - Even though most operators rely on the LoRa network, the NarrowBand IoT, or NB-IoT, network is expected to capture over 90 percent of the LPWAN connections globally, according to a report by Lux Research.