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Can Spiber make spider silk-like materials a reality?

C&EN - Despite the technology fix, Spiber isn’t out of the woods yet, cautions Charles Willard, an analyst at the consulting firm Lux Research.

Momenta raises $500M to drive autonomous future

PHOCUSWIRE - A recent report from Lux Research ranked autonomous vehicles in the number one spot of trends to watch saying that improvements in artificial intelligence, analytics and data from maps and sensors were all boosting the development.


CO2 utilization, a growth sector

BIO-BASED NEWS - In a report released last month, Lux Research looked into CO2 utilization. The company forecasts a growth in this sector to $ 70 billion by 2030 and to $ 550 billion by 2040. CO2 will be put to good use in the buildings, chemicals, materials, fuels, and food sectors.

SnackFutures encourages innovation with startup engagement programme

BAKERY AND SNACKS - Mondelēz International’s innovation and venture hub has launched CoLab, a collaborative programme for US-based early-stage better-for-you snack brands to drive mutual growth.

Food Security, Safety, & Transparency are Asia's Most Pressing Agrifood Issues, According to Lux Research

PR NEWSWIRE - The next 30 years will be a defining era for Asia's agrifood innovation ecosystem. Population growth, rapid urbanization, and an expanding middle class are all exerting pressure on Asia's food system to keep pace, translating to three key needs: food security, safety, and transparency.

Food Security, Safety, & Transparency are Asia's Most Pressing Agrifood Issues, According to Lux Research

BENZINGA - Ultimately, those who succeed will provide a truly unique value proposition that makes sense for Asia – made possible by understanding stakeholder capabilities and needs throughout the entire ecosystem.

Why LG Is Investing $4.5 Billion In Another EV Battery Plant In The U.S.

FORBES - LG Chem is in talks with U.S. auto giant General Motors about building a second joint venture electric vehicle battery plant in the United States, in a move that would help the flagship affiliate of South Korean conglomerate LG stay competitive in the hot EV battery market.

Doing more with less key to startup success

FARM WEEK - Big is not beautiful when it comes to future businesses, according to American tech research company Lux Research. It has named what it sees as the top 32 food and agriculture startups of 2020.

Sustainable materials make a play for the vegan leather market

C&EN - Tiffany Hua, an analyst at Lux Research, says leatherlike materials made from plants are the most advanced, partly because manufacturing is relatively simple. She predicts they will reach $1 billion in sales by 2025. The next to rise will be mushroom leather, followed by cell culture leather. “The issue is scale,” she says. “A lot of these technologies are on the smaller scale and can’t really be adopted on the mass market just yet.”

The personalized nutrition market isn’t one-size-fits-all

NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK - Thomas Hayes, an analyst at Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, says, “There’s no definitive start date to when the personalized nutrition market started, but in 2016 when Campbell’s invested $32 million into [personalized nutrition company] Habit, that was certainly the tipping point. Since then, there has been a flurry of investments, partnerships, and acquisitions in the personalized nutrition space—some more successful than others.”

Apple Assembler Foxconn Revs Up Push Into Electric Vehicles With Fisker Deal

FORBES - Foxconn, the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer, entered its newest deal this week to co-develop electric vehicles in pursuit of a strong competitive position as the global EV market grows. “The company likely views the EV space as a significant opportunity, given electric vehicles still make up a small fraction of total vehicle sales,” says Chris Robinson, Boston-based senior analyst with the market analysis firm Lux Research.

The drivers of change in agriculture

FARMER'S WEEKLY - According to Lux Research, an international research company specialising in technology innovation, in its recently published annual outlook report, ‘Foresight 2021: Top emerging technologies to watch’, the prominence of new technologies in the agriculture sector is an indication of how fast and profoundly the food and farming industries are changing.

Lux Research Names the Top Food and Agriculture Startups of 2020

PR NEWSWIRE - Lux's food and agriculture experts continuously monitor and evaluate these and other industry megatrends and events to target and analyze promising startups capable of capturing the opportunities created. These startups are evaluated on their technology, business strategy, leadership, and market positioning, and those companies awarded a "Lux Positive" or "Lux Strong Positive" rating were published in Lux's market map "Top Food and Agriculture Startups of 2020."

Carbon Dioxide: A $550-Billion Opportunity

OILPRICE.COM - Anyone would be forgiven for being shocked when they see the words ‘carbon’ and ‘opportunity’ in one sentence. Carbon, after all, or rather carbon-oxygen compounds, are the ultimate enemy of the planet. It is something to be eliminated, not utilized. Nothing could be further from the truth.

5G’s Society-Changing Promise Carries ‘Forever Chemicals’ Price

BLOOMBERG LAW - But the market for fluoropolymers—a subset of PFAS that help equipment deliver data in 5G’s millimeter radio wave frequency—is about to explode, said Anthony Schiavo, a senior analyst with Lux Research Inc., an investment consulting firm focused on emerging technologies.

US firm identifies technologies that will help reshape agriculture

FARM WEEK - American company Lux Research has identified 12 key technologies that will reshape the agriculture world. The Boston-based concern says it is harder than ever before to be a food or agriculture company.

Three technologies transforming the food industry

FOOD BUSINESS NEWS - Digital tools are key to weathering disruptions in the food and agriculture value chain, according to a new report from Lux Research. The company’s Foresight 2021 report identified the top technologies food and agriculture leaders should look to in the year ahead.

CO2 Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

JARN - The global market size for CO2 utilization will reach a market value of $70 billion by 2030, increasing to $550 billion by 2040. In its newest report, "CO2 Capture & Utilization: The Emergence of a Carbon Economy," Lux Research, a global provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, forecasts the adoption of CO2 utilization in the buildings, chemicals, materials, fuels, and food sectors.

Building materials leading CO2 utilization market to USD 550 billion by 2040

BALKAN GREEN ENERGY NEWS - The global market for CO2 utilization will reach USD 70 billion by 2030 and USD 550 billion by 2040, according to the latest projection. As governments and the industry are turning to the technology that helps mitigate climate change, cement and other building materials offer the biggest potential for investment.

Crushing Ethanol’s CO2 footprint: Summit Carbon launches 10MT Carbon Capture & Storage monster; Green Plains is in

BIOFUELS DIGEST - The negative cost of CO2 is right around $200 per ton in California — putting the value of the CO2 offtakes here at $2 billion in today’s dollars. And Lux Research is out with a report this morning projecting that the CO2 Utilization industry will generate $550B in sales by 2040.

CO(2) Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

MARKETS INSIDER - Lux's new report shows the vast promise CO2 capture and utilization holds for recycling CO2 emissions into valuable products. For more information on this research, download the report Executive Summary.

CO(2) Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

BENZINGA - The global market size for CO2 utilization will reach a market value of $70 billion by 2030, increasing to $550 billion by 2040. In its newest report, "CO2 Capture & Utilization: The Emergence of a Carbon Economy," Lux Research, a global provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, forecasts the adoption of CO2 utilization in the buildings, chemicals, materials, fuels, and food sectors.

CO(2) Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

PR NEWSWIRE - CO2 can convert into six types of products: building materials, chemicals, carbon additives, fuels, polymers, and proteins. "The projected growth will be driven by the building materials sector. For example, CO2 can be used to produce aggregates to mix with cement or injected directly into wet concrete for curing."

Lighter electric vehicles are coming and we will need a lot of lithium: Analyst

BNN BLOOMBERG - Anthony Schiavo, senior analyst at Lux, talks about electric vehicles and how companies are working to make them lighter. He also talks about the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles.

Paper Bottles Are Not a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Bottles

PLASTICS TODAY - “A PET bottle can be recycled into a new 100% PET bottle. Why would you want to replace this?” asks the editor of Bioplastics News.

Chemicals and materials industry needs to innovate

BIO BASED PRESS - ‘The chemicals and materials industry is going to see more dramatic change over the next 20 years than it has in at least the last 50,’ says Anthony Schiavo, Senior Analyst at Lux Research. They just completed a report on start-ups that are going to disrupt the chemicals and materials industry. Any company in the sector should be aware of these changes.

Future microbiome themes embrace home testing and personalisation as consumers own gut health

NUTRAINGREDIENTS - The emergence of microbiome testing at home is advancing to a point in which people may be able to test their gut after a meal or when they have digestive issues, according to an expert.

The Top 5 Technologies Transforming Food and Agriculture in the Next Decade

JARN - It’s harder than ever before to be a food or agriculture company. Smaller competitors are using digital tools, novel channels to gain market access, and other innovations to gain share, shaking up the entire agrifood value chain. 

Top 5 technologies transforming food

FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY NEWS - Alternative ingredients and digital tools are critical to weathering disruptions in the agrifood value chain. Smaller competitors are using digital tools, novel channels to gain market access, and other innovations to gain share, shaking up the entire agifood value chain.

Antimicrobial Coatings Market

COATINGS WORLD - Tiffany Hua, research associate on the Materials Team at Lux Research spoke to Coatings World on how the pandemic is driving the market for antimicrobial coatings.

Top 5 Technologies Transforming Food and Agriculture in the Next Decade

FOOD LOGISTICS - Digital tools are continuing to revolutionize agriculture, improving product yield and quality and reducing environmental impact, according to the study.

Transit agencies must play lead role in MaaS growth: report

SMART CITIES DIVE - For transit agencies to integrate mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), they must play a leading role in decision-making and not leave it all to the private sector, according to a report published last week by transportation management platform Populus.

Top Startups Disrupting the Chemicals & Materials Industry

JARN - The chemicals and materials industry is going to see massive disruption in the next 20 years, and experts at Lux Research have identified startups and technologies leading the evolution of the industry.

2021: Technology Trends and the Future of Medical Devices

MEDICAL DESIGN BRIEFS - “Home use devices and testing tools are being seen as critical to the provision of care, and as consumer confidence brings an appreciation for the convenience of these products, there will be a greater emphasis on their development,” says Danielle Bradnan, research associate at Lux Research.

Loaded With Tesla-Like Features, Vietnam’s Vingroup Plans Rollout Of Electric SUVs

FORBES - VinFast will likely charge more than the average vehicle’s selling price for its electric SUVs, limiting initial sales, says Chris Robinson, a senior analyst with Lux Research. That’s a trend among automakers globally, he says, adding that “electric vehicles will be an important part of the company’s long-term success.”

NutraCast Podcast: Lux Research on digital biomarkers in personalized nutrition

NUTRACAST PODCAST - Digital biomarkers are changing the health and wellness space and are a big piece of the personalized nutrition puzzle. In this podcast episode, Lux Research Analyst, Danielle Bradnan, discusses digital biomarkers and personalized nutrition.


3D PRINTING INDUSTRY - AI is being increasingly integrated into the operations of 3D printing firms as they seek to drive maximum efficiency from their production processes, and there have been several developments in the technology in the past year alone. A report published in November by Lux Research revealed AI-enabled sensors to be the fourth-placed emerging technology to watch as we enter 2021.

Cleantech Outlook 2021: Renewable Investments to Remain Strong

INVESTING NEWS NETWORK - Looking purely at the stock market performance, the cleantech sector had a breakout year massively outperforming the market despite the bull market witnessed starting in late April to early May and continues to this day, Yuan-Sheng Yu, who leads Lux Research’s Energy Program, told INN.

Coatings Drive Electric Vehicles Further

PRODUCTS FINISHING - According to Anthony Schiavo, senior analyst at Lux Research, EVs will require less lightweighting — not more. “Light weighting can be cost-effective against batteries at today’s prices, but our expectations are that battery pack sizes will go up. Lightweighting is more effective as the battery pack size goes up. The reality is that now there’s a much bigger opportunity for cost reduction from the battery side.”

Lux Research Names Top 5 Technologies Disrupting the Chemicals and Materials Industry

PR NEWSWIRE - Trends like sustainability and digitalization are going to dramatically change the chemicals and materials industry over the next 20 years. Investing in technology innovations will be critical for companies to keep up. 

Lux Research Names Top 5 Technologies Disrupting the Energy Industry

PR NEWSWIRE - New research from Lux identifies and ranks 12 key technologies that will reshape the world. The technologies are chosen based on innovation interest scores from the Lux Tech Signal, a composite measure assembled from a variety of innovation data sources, along with input from Lux's experts. In addition to highlighting the 12 key overall technologies, for the first time ever, this year's report ranks the top five technologies for the energy industry.

Mobility a major focus for smart city innovation growth

SMART CITIES WORLD - Increasingly complex operating landscapes are forcing cities to seek out novel technologies and business models to help support future urban mobility.

A Silver Bullet For COVID-19?

ENGINEERING.COM - According to a report launched by Lux Research, antimicrobial coatings have not been as widely adopted considering their benefits. While they are utilized in sectors such as health care, it has been difficult to quantify their benefits on human health.

Public money to stimulate supply of sustainable hydrogen

C&E NEWS - The production of carbon-neutral hydrogen, dubbed green hydrogen, and of low-carbon hydrogen, dubbed blue hydrogen, is set to increase around the world in 2021, especially in Europe. “There’s been a surge of interest in hydrogen, and it’s not slowing down,” says Runeel Daliah, an analyst at Lux Research. The attention is a response to the continued restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions by regulators around the world.

Study says mobility a major focus for Smart City innovation growth

TECHINVEST- With urban populations expected to increase more than 50% by 2050, smart city planners are turning to novel technologies and business models to support future urban mobility.

Urban mobility will center on MaaS, driverless delivery: report

SMART CITY DIVE - Cities will continue to face various pain points due to explosive population growth, including road congestion, if people are overly reliant on personal vehicles, Lux Research reported. Indeed, the annual costs from congestion in the United States will reach around $250 billion in lost productivity, fuel and other costs by 2025, the Texas Transportation Institute reports.

Are Antimicrobial Coatings Effective in the Fight Against COVID-19?

ADHESIVES & SEALANTS INDUSTRY - COVID-19 has drastically changed the perception of hygiene and cleanliness, spurring interest in antimicrobial coatings, according to a recent report from Lux Research. These coatings previously struggled to find widespread adoption due to difficulties in quantifying their impact on human health, but the pandemic has drawn attention to them as an important safety measure.

More materials innovation needed to meet demand for face masks / Fastest growth in coatings / Lux Research report

PLASTICS INFORMATION EUROPE - In its latest report, “Mask Up: The Rising Need for Material Innovations in Face Masks”, Lux said further development is needed across two areas: new materials and end-of-life improvements, including reuse, recycling or biodegradable options.