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New Approaches Promise to Set a New Bar for Large-Scale Battery Recycling, According to Lux Research

MORNINGSTAR - Historically, most battery recycling efforts offered low recovery rates for cathode active materials while consuming unsustainable amounts of energy and chemicals to do so, but new approaches have opened the door for large-scale battery recycling, according to new data from Lux Research.

Companies tiptoe back to biobased acrylic acid

C&EN - In a recent report, Kristin Marshall, analyst at Lux says, biobased acrylics will remain a small market because they will be more expensive. She can imagine a niche diaper brand using more expensive biobased chemicals, but many parents will want the cheapest option. For now, that still involves petrochemicals.

‘Robotaxis will be disruptive to conventional taxis and ride-hailing, but not car ownership’, says new report

ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION - Lux’s new report analyzes the economics of fleet ownership of autonomous vehicles for ride-hailing purposes, finding costs to use these services will likely exceed personal car ownership but be cheaper than conventional taxi or ride-hailing services.


Mining giant Fortescue digs for green

FDI INTELLIGENCE - Runeel Daliah, senior analyst at advisory firm Lux Research, says: “For one single company to produce [15 million tonnes of] hydrogen by 2030 will not only require remarkable investment but also a significant ramp-up of the electrolyser manufacturing supply chain.” 

Zymergen reveals layoffs following setbacks for first product

C&EN - Xiao Zhong, a materials analyst with Lux Research, says Zymergen took a risk by aiming to develop and market its own products.

$78 billion market opportunity in controlled environment agriculture

FUTURECIO - The past decade has seen CEA garner significant innovation interest, with technology development opportunities spanning a broad range of industries, including energy, building/real estate, water, and agriculture, according to Laura Krishfield, Senior Research Associate at Lux Research. 

Explained: Big tech betting big on green energy to reduce carbon footprint

CNBC TV 18 - In the last decade, there has been a rise in extremely large data centres owned or contracted by large tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, according to Arij van Berkel, vice-president at Lux Research.

OriginClear Engages Baja Technologies for Development and Launch of ClearAqua Cryptocurrency to Unite the World in Making Clean Water Accessible to All

BUSINESSWIRE - As Lux Research pointed out in 2016, decades of neglected maintenance have made our central water systems unable to respond to the growing pressures of population growth and business expansion. 

Is battery swapping the cure to EV range challenges?

ELECTRONICS 360 - According to a recent analysis from Lux Research, fueled by recent technical advances, battery swapping offers a workable alternative; particularly for taxis and fleets operating in urban environments.

Opportunities in food traceability and transparency

FUTURECIO - Lux's newest report seeks to provide much-needed clarity to the murky subject of the value of implementing traceability and transparency tools for agrifood companies.