Lux In The News

Total, cement firm pursue CO2 capture

C&EN - The proposed LafargeHolcim facility would capture CO2 equal to around 9% of emissions from all US cement production. “It is a significant announcement for both the cement and CO2 capture industries,” says Runeel Daliah, an analyst at the technology research firm Lux Research.

SATCOM IoT is Ready for Commercialization

GATEHOUSE TELECOM - Even though most operators rely on the LoRa network, the NarrowBand IoT, or NB-IoT, network is expected to capture over 90 percent of the LPWAN connections globally, according to a report by Lux Research.

Robots for Cannabis Production Show High Growth Potential

ROBOTICS BUSINESS REVIEW - While we expect states to slowly pass industry favorable legislation, it still remains a fragmented industry. The fragmented nature of the U.S. cannabis industry supports consolidation of cannabis production rather than innovations in technologies like robotics.

Amazon given access to all 'healthcare information' of NHS

DIGITAL JOURNAL - Commenting on the issue, Lux Research Analyst Nardev Ramanathan tells Digital Journal: 3Revelations have emerged that the National Health Service (NHS)'s contract with Amazon to give patients health advice via the Alexa home assistant gives Amazon access to virtually all healthcare and related copyrightable data for free."

US losing ground as innovation powerhouse to China and Korea

DISRUPTIVE.ASIA - Asia has driven a boom in recent years in terms of R&D spending, venture capital funding, academic publications, and patents. In order to navigate this dynamic region, Lux Research – a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services – has issued a new report, “State of Innovation in Asia: Key Industries and Players Shaping Asia’s Innovative Ecosystem.”

Food Goes Digital To Meet Growing Challenges And Demand

FORBES - Digitalization is catching on rapidly as the agrifood ecosystem evolves, says Lux Research in a new report that outlines the challenges the industry has faced in recent years and the digital tools that offer potential solutions to those challenges across food processing and production, supply chain management, and personalized nutrition.

Why the Global Auto Industry Is Worried About a Korean Feud

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - This year’s battery investments by auto makers have been “all about securing the supply chain” for electric vehicles, says Christopher Robinson, senior analyst at Lux Research.

U.S. Losing Ground as Global Innovation Powerhouse; China and South Korea Take Top Spots

PR NEWSWIRE - Lux Research's new report details Asia's recent rise in the global innovation landscape. Asia has driven a boom in recent years in terms of R&D spending, venture capital funding, academic publications, and patents.

GM and LG team up for a new generation of batteries

DIGITAL JOURNAL - With the news that GM and LG have partnered to build a 30 GWh battery manufacturing plant in the U.S., Lux Research Senior Analyst Christopher Robinson provides analysis for Digital Journal readers.

Northvolt is building a future for greener batteries

C&EN - “All the development around NMC 811 has been to keep the high energy density but maintain the stability and cycle life,” says Tim Grejtak, an energy storage analyst at Lux Research.