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Lux Research Identifies Budding Opportunities in the $12 Billion Cannabis Industry

PR NEWSWIRE - "The cannabis industry will continue to grow. North America's favorable environment includes Canada's recent cannabis legalization, the state-by-state U.S. regulations, and Mexico's approval of medicinal cannabis," said Joshua Haslun, Ph.D. and analyst at Lux Research.

Autonomous Vehicles and Data as the Fuel of the Future

ECONOMIC TIMES AUTO - Lux Research says that by 2030, electronics and software will account for 50% of car costs, up from about 30% today while the software opportunity in autonomous cars will grow from less than one billion to $25 billion.

Lithium Supply & Markets 2019: Notes from the Floor

INVESTING NEWS NETWORK- Solid-state batteries took center stage in the afternoon, with presentations by Chloe Holzinger, senior research associate at Lux Research. 


Nanostructured Drug Market Set to Encounter Paramount Growth Till 2026

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science that involves atomic or molecular level manipulation of matter. A nanometer equals 1 billionth of a meter.

Sustainable solutions take center stage as Nouryon announces 2019 Imagine Chemistry winners

More than 160 submissions from 30 countries were received, and the winners were chosen from 14 finalists at a three-day event at the company’s RD&I center in Deventer, the Netherlands.  

Lux Research Establishes AI's Role in Unleashing Intelligent Sensing

To guide innovation in this market, Lux Research explores how and where enhanced AI analytics are rapidly improving the capabilities of software-defined sensors.

Nouryon announces 2019 Imagine Chemistry winners

Surfactants derived from plants, eco-friendly membranes, and miniature sensors were among the eight winning ideas in the 2019 Imagine Chemistry collaborative innovation challenge.

Nouryon Announces 2019 Imagine Chemistry Winners

Nouryon Announces 2019 Imagine Chemistry Winners. Surfactants derived from plants, eco-friendly membranes, & mini sensors were among the winning ideas.

Graphene the 'miracle material' is stronger than diamond but what can it do?

Products are starting to exist and I believe we are approaching a “tipping point” of new products and applications in everyday life.


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Chevron makes landmark investment in chargers

The U.S. oil industry crossed a threshold yesterday as Chevron Corp. declared that five of its gas stations in California will offer plugs for a quick recharge of electric cars