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Report: rise of car-sharing will roil automotive industry

DC VELOCITY - New business models aim to replace conventional car ownership with a combination of ride-hailing and vehicle-sharing accessed through mobile apps, according to a recent transportation industry report.

The World's Top 4 Ride-Hailing Companies Are Worth More Than $166 Billion

PR NEWSWIRE - "Our relationship with the automobile is changing as new business models aim to replace conventional car ownership with a combination of ride-hailing and vehicle-sharing accessed through mobile apps – a trend we call shared mobility."

Big companies and investment firms discover personalized nutrition

NEW HOPE NETWORK: As personalized nutrition gains the interest of big investors, it's increasingly the simple, non-invasive models that are getting noticed. But the higher science is not losing ground.

The 2019 Battery Show & Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo to Showcase Innovation Throughout the Global Marketplace

GLOBAL NEWSWIRE  - Such (EV) growth will be made possible largely upon innovation in the energy storage market, which is forecast to top $100 billion by 2025, according to Lux Research.

Tank Storage Asia 2019 Conference Programme Announced

REFINING & PETROCHEMICALS ME - Harshit Sharma, oil and gas expert at Lux Research, will examine the role of hydrogen in a decarbonised future.

Now is the time to form Materials Informatics Strategies, says Lux Research

TECHNOLOGY NETWORKS - The new Lux report reveals three strategies for chemicals and materials companies to penetrate the space. 

Materials Informatics Strategies Will Cut Development Time in Half

PR Newswire - To navigate innovation in materials informatics, the team at Lux Research developed three strategies for corporate players to engage in the space, outlined in the new report "How to Form a Materials Informatics Strategy."

How Smart Sensors Are Reducing The Need For Human Intervention

NEWS DOG - Driven majorly by new applications and the emerging IoT market, the smart sensor industry saw $4.3 billion in funding for sensor modules over the past decade, according to Lux Research.

‘Nano-fantasy’: Experts weigh in on Marcy Nano

TIMES TELEGRAM - Advanced manufacturing firms tend to seek out innovation clusters in their field, he said. Danfoss Silicon Power’s presence at Quad C, also on the SUNY Polytechnic Institute campus, is the kind of business companies would want to see, Holman said.

What’s next for Marcy Nano? State optimistic despite skepticism

OBSERVER DISPATCH - Semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing firms tend to like to move into an ecosystem of similar businesses that will allow them to recruit and keep talented employees, and find collaborators, said Michael Holman.

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