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Industry Leaders from Around the World to Speak at Tank Storage Asia 2019

PROCESS & CONTROL TODAY - Harshit Sharma, Oil and Gas Expert at Lux Research, and Chok Vui Shung, General Manager at Stolthaven Singapore, will address the matter of sustainability at Tank Storage Asia. 

Biofuel Producers and Users to Convene in Singapore for Global Biofuels Summit

PR NEWSWIRE - Leading biofuel producers & end users from road transport, shipping, aviation & others meet in Singapore for CMT's Global Biofuels Summit on 22-23 October, 2019 to discuss the demand for biofuels, capacity expansion, government mandates, & more.

Metamaterials to Disrupt Multiple Technology Industries by 2030

EE DESIGN IT - Metamaterials, or composite synthetic materials possessing properties not seen in natural materials, are poised to take over the world. At least, that’s what a recent analysis from Lux Research seems to indicate.

Lux Research Forecasts USD 10.7 Billion Market Opportunity in Metamaterial Devices

NEW KERALA - Metamaterials enable electromagnetic and acoustic performance characteristics that no conventional design can match, and are finally becoming practical to manufacture and use, said Anthony Vicari, analyst at Lux Research and lead author of the report.

Plant-based protein innovations within the formula category

NEW FOOD MAGAZINE - According to Lux Research, plant-based protein could represent one-third of overall protein by 2054. Furthermore, The Good Food Institute shows that US sales of plant-based foods have grown 11 percent in the past year.

Personalised nutrition, how does it work?

WHAT'S NEW IN FOOD TECHNOLOGY & MANUFACTURING - Wearable technologies have inspired more proactive approaches to health and wellbeing — allowing people to track and manage their physical activity, weight, sleep, blood pressure and diet. However, personalised nutrition has yet to be fully addressed.

Weekly Refresh: Algorand Raises VC Fund and Figur8 Leaves Stealth Mode

BUILT IN BOSTON - Cleantech startup incubator Greentown Labs partnered with technology research provider Lux Research. Lux will provide Greentown’s resident startups with data, analytics and guidance as the community works toward clean energy and climate solutions.

Lux Research Joins Greentown Labs as Gigawatt Partner

PR NEWSWIRE -Tech-enabled research organization, Lux Research, partners with cleantech startup incubator, Greentown Labs, to provide market insights and actionable data for informed decision-making


Report: Metamaterials Poised for Commercial Growth

OPTICS & PHOTONICS NEWS - The Lux report—which looked at metamaterials in both for electromagnetic (radio/microwave & optical) and acoustic waves—argues that metamaterial-based devices are poised to start making significant commercial inroads.

Metamaterial devices market 'to exceed $10BN by 2030'

OPTICS.ORG - According to Anthony Vicari and colleagues, whose Metamaterials Market Forecast is available now, demand from 5G wireless networks will stimulate rapid growth over the next five years or so, before the applications base widens along with the proliferation of autonomous technologies.

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