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Solar asks for ‘essential industry’ treatment as COVID-19 sweeps globe

PV TECH - No industry is immune from the impacts of COVID-19 and oil has not escaped unscathed either, according to a release from Lux Research, which reported that oil demand is down 20% as a result of the virus.

Covid-19 triggers 20% drop in oil demand

OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY - Early figures are suggesting that the outbreak of Covid-19 could have a significant impact on global oil demand, with Arij van Berkel, a director at US-based research firm Lux Research claiming that “early indications by traders suggest a 20% drop in demand.”

US relaxes telemedicine rules as COVID-19 outbreak gathers pace

PHARMAPHORUM - The US government has shaken up access to telemedicine services to make it easier for people to get advice remotely, without having to visit medical facilities overstretched by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lux Research Predicts Automated Deliveries Will Generate up to $48.4 Billion in Revenue by 2030

PR NEWSWIRE - The rise in e-commerce is fueling rapid growth in parcel delivery volumes, a market expected to grow to $665 billionby 2030.

What 5G means for remote workers

TECHNOLOGY FOR YOU - The resulting impact on remote work done in the field could be substantial. “You have the ability to conduct multi-media assisted collaborations you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish before,” says Michael Sullivan, an analyst at Lux Research.

Lux Research Names Bio-Based Intermediate Chemicals with Best Adoption Potential Over Next Decade

COATINGS WORLD - Lux found that, given the higher costs of production for most drop-in intermediates, those being targeted in the short term will benefit from having niche markets where labeling products as “bio-based” is an asset.

Experts & Economists Weigh in on Covid-19

EPS NEWS - For months, economists – and, frankly, a lot of market research firms-- have practiced a “wait and see” attitude toward the global economic impact of the coronavirus, or Covid-19. As the virus spreads worldwide, the stock market tanks and rebounds and China begins to stabilize, the experts are speaking out:

Superstorms and blackouts are fueling an emerging $50 billion market for rooftop solar companies like Tesla and Sunrun

BUSINESS INSIDER - The residential battery market is growing at a rate of 76% per year and is projected to break $50 billion in revenue by 2035, according to the research firm Lux Research.

How Google's Self-Driving Car Will Change Everything

INVESTOPEDIA - In 2030, self-driving cars are expected to create $87 billion worth of opportunities for automakers and technology developers, said a report by Boston-based Lux Research. Software developers stand to win big.



Energy storage projects reach ‘investment-grade’ with esVolta’s $140 million debt facility

PV MAGAZINE - It’s energy storage projects as investment-grade finance tools for institutional investors that will grow the energy storage market to $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035, as predicted by Lux Research.

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