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5G Networks Rated Top Of Lux Research 20 for 20 List

RT INSIGHTS - Advisory firm Lux Research ranked 5G networking as the tech innovation to have the greatest impact in the next 10 years. The 20 for 20 report identifies 20 technologies likely to “reshape the world,” based on data from Lux Intelligence Engine and industry analysts.

New Report Looks Into Innovation In The Cannabis Business: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, And Barriers

BENZINGA - Venture funding in the industry has grown exponentially from $10 million in 2014 to more than $250 million in 2018. As merger and acquisition activity will continue as Canada’s industry matures. Lux expects continued investment and development in the industry.

Beyond lithium: alternative materials for the battery boom

POWER TECHNOLOGY - According to a report published by Lux Research, “zinc-air is a well-suited chemistry for microgrids, providing a cheap energy storage solution. Flow batteries struggle to scale down to the size of a typical microgrid, and lithium-ion batteries do not compete on cost.”

6 ways to use CO2 to cut emissions and generate trillions of dollars

VOX - It is well understood at this point that carbon dioxide is a deadly pollutant that is heating the atmosphere. What’s less well understood is that CO2 is also a useful feedstock, an input into a variety of industrial processes.


INDEPENDENT - "While we can't speculate on the legalities, we must keep in mind that data privacy and security are mission-critical in gaining wider trust and acceptance from all health stakeholders," Nardev Ramanathan, an analyst at data science firm Lux Research, told The Independent.

Shares in Kandi Slip on Low Sales After Subsidies Cut

CAPITAL WATCH - Shares in Kandi closed lower on Tuesday on weak sales results. A senior analyst at Lux Research says that sales will most likely remain low this year.

Reports: Ascension, Google Ramp Up Work on ‘Secret’ Health Data Project Without Patient Consent

HEALTHCARE INNOVATION - Nardev Ramanathan, an analyst at research firm Lux Research, believes that given the optics of this story, Google would be wise to keep in mind that data privacy and security are mission-critical in gaining wider trust and acceptance from all health stakeholders.

Google gains access to health data through Ascension partnership

HEALTH DATA MANAGEMENT - “Google might have your health data, and you may not even know it,” says Nardev Ramanathan, an analyst at Lux Research. “Dubbed Project Nightingale, the deal with Ascension enables Google to gather millions of patient health records. 

Transformational technologies that can change the world

PLASTICS TODAY - Lux’s “20 for 2020” report identifies and ranks 20 technologies that will reshape the world...Lux really goes deep, poring through patents, papers, funding and more. In short, it lists the emerging technologies that the firm is most bullish on near term and over the next decade.

Is carbon fibre Alberta’s next profit gusher?

TORONTO STAR - "Cecilia Gee, an analyst with Lux Research who tracks the carbon-fibre market, explains that carbon fibre is at present a niche product, and many factors beyond the price and availability of the raw material, in the automotive market and beyond, will determine future demand."

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