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Lux In The News


FOUNDRY PLANET -  Lux Research created a model that compares EV range to vehicle mass and battery size.3 In this relationship, EV range is extended by either reducing the vehicle mass, or by increasing the battery efficiency in order to reduce its size.

Photonics is Big Business

NOVUS LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES TODAY - According to a recent report by Lux Research, once the design and manufacture has matured, commercial adoption is on the near horizon with a potential for a $50 billion market.

12 young circular economy innovators

GREENBIZ - Lux Research analyst, Drishti Masand has been named as one of the Circularity 21 Emerging Leaders, a group of 12 students and early-career professionals looking to drive the transition to a circular economy. Drishti says, "The circular economy cannot just be this one global big thing — it needs to be smaller loops, and the local and regional levels that come together to build a global circular economy system almost has to be the system."

Electric Vehicles are Booming in 2021

SOURCETODAY - According to Lux Research’s Automotive Battery Tracker report, combined battery electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sales increased 37% in 2020 compared to 2019, led by 140% growth in Europe as the BEV market took off in several countries. 

Biosensor devices market to reach US$25B by 2030

FUTUREIOT - In a recent report, Lux Research has identified five leading health conditions – cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stress, hydration and sleep disturbance –  that significantly impact daily life for consumers.

Searchable Additive Manufacturing Database to Link Components, Projects

PHOTONICS MEDIA - An April 2021 report from Lux Research said the additive manufacturing industry is expected to grow to $51 billion by 2030.

Lux Research Predicts a $25 Billion Market for Wearable Biosensors by 2030

PR NEWSWIRE - Lux's new report outlines recent innovations in biosensor technologies, discusses challenges that stakeholders will need to overcome, and provides an outlook for the technology and business of biosensors.

SwRI Will Create Searchable Additive Manufacturing Database

SCIENMAG - Additive manufacturing is a novel process that uses 3D printing or rapid prototyping to build an item by layering plastic, metal, and other materials for a custom, computer-generated design. The additive manufacturing industry is expected to grow to $51 billion by 2030, according to an April 2021 report by Lux Research.

The Station: Waymo nabs more capital, Cruise taps a $5B credit line and hints about Argo’s future

TECHCRUNCH - Lux Research released a study showing that in 2020 electric vehicles sales, meaning battery and plug-ins, increased 37% compared to 2019. 

EV Emerged As A Bright Spot, According Lux Research

URJA DAILY - Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a sluggish start to vehicle sales in 2020, electric vehicles emerged as a bright spot, according to new data from Lux Research.

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