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Regulatory approvals, scale next hurdles for cell-based meat category

FOOD BUSINESS NEWS -  In a recent report, Lux Research estimates more than $800 million has been invested in the cell-based meat category since 2016 and that there are about 80 startups competing to develop technologies and applications to propel the market forward. 

Why Worksport's COR™ is Unlike Anything in the Booming Battery Storage Market

YAHOO! FINANCE - According to a report from Lux Research, the global energy storage market is projected to grow to $546 billion by the year 2035. The report identifies 5 major technologies that are well-positioned to drive growth in energy storage markets: battery recycling, electric aviation, flow batteries, thin-film batteries, and solid-state battery improvements.

BlueNalu makes commitment to GFSI third-party certification

SEAFOODSOURCE - According to new insights from tech-enabled researcher and innovation advisory survive provider, Lux Research, more than USD 800 million (EUR 677.7 million) has been invested in the cell-cultured seafood space since its arrival in 2016, and the industry has grown from a handful of startups to about 80 startups in 2021. Despite this, there are many regulatory barriers in play. 


3D PRINTING INDUSTRY - Researchers and industry players alike are increasingly leveraging 3D printing to produce a wide array of light, motion, and bacteria-sensitive devices for a whole host of applications within healthcare, robotics, and consumer goods. Artificial Intelligence (AI) sensors have been named as one of the top emerging technologies to watch in 2021 by Lux Research.

Cell-based meat faces a major challenge in regulatory approval

FOOD BUSINESS NEWS - In just five years, the cell-based meat industry has evolved from a handful of startups to around 80 startups, including companies developing end products and those working on specific technology challenges. Despite this progress, the industry still faces a major challenge in regulatory approval, according to a new report from Lux Research. 

Lux outlines 5 health conditions that significantly benefit consumers

FUTURECIO - Lux’s new report, “Emerging Biosensor Technologies: Landscape and Market Forecast,” outlines recent innovations in biosensor technologies, discusses challenges that stakeholders will need to overcome, and provides an outlook for the technology and business of biosensors.

Automakers must cross profit desert to reach electric future

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD - According to a recent report from Lux Research, automakers will collectively need to invest hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade to design and build EVs, with the largest automakers each investing tens of billions of dollars individually. 


The Future of Supply Chains

COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM - In a recent report, Lux advises industry watchers to be on the lookout for interesting robot combinations: ground robots could be disgorged from driverless vans, or perhaps carry their own parcel delivery drones.


FOUNDRY PLANET -  Lux Research created a model that compares EV range to vehicle mass and battery size.3 In this relationship, EV range is extended by either reducing the vehicle mass, or by increasing the battery efficiency in order to reduce its size.

Photonics is Big Business

NOVUS LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES TODAY - According to a recent report by Lux Research, once the design and manufacture has matured, commercial adoption is on the near horizon with a potential for a $50 billion market.

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