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Lux Research predicts electrification of chemical manufacturing platforms

RENEWABLE ENERGY MAGAZINE - Lux Research’s new report, “Electrifying Chemicals: The Cost of Producing Chemicals from Electricity,” predicts that emerging power-to-chemicals technologies will disrupt the dominance of oil and gas in the chemical sector and provide a new route of production, especially for the niche product sector.

New report explores the future of alternative aquafeed ingredients

SEAFOOD SOURCE - Increased production of algae-based ingredients is currently focused on biofuels, nutraceuticals, and human food, but algal oil production developments by companies, including Veramaris and AlgaPrime DHA, highlight opportunities within the aquaculture feed industry beyond replacing fishmeal.

The ecosystem of connected cars is becoming more complex

DIGITAL JOURNAL - The market for connected cars is also growing, as Lux Research point out in the report “Key Players and Business Models in the Connected Car.” Not only does the report predict that the connected car market willhit $12.7 billion by 2030; the report also reveals an ecosystem of growing complexity.

Synthetic Biology Has High Potential as Alternative Production Method for Chemicals

COATINGS WORLD - Synbio has enabled the creation of organisms that use fermentation to produce a wide variety of chemicals from renewable feedstock, which Lux predicts in its new report, “Strategies for Synbio Success,” will evolve this decade from creating niche, environmentally friendly products to creating new molecules not available with current technology.

Could Covid-19 drive a structural shift in the oil markets?

FORBES - As Arij van Berkel, director at Lux Research points out the traditional oil company approach to a price drop is to maintain investment in exploration and cut downstream investment in refineries and clean energy. With the oil price this low, and many expecting the price to remain low throughout the year, that’s not a strategy that makes much sense.

Beyond the AI Hype: Four Factors Businesses should consider before Investing in AI

TECHNOLOGY FOR YOU - Despite significant hype, most companies still struggle with how to successfully integrate artificial intelligence into their businesses, according to Lux Research’s new report on the state of AI and how companies can improve decision-making around AI.

Lux Finds Personalization is Driving Innovation Across Consumer Markets

TECHNOLOGY FOR YOU - Recent key developments are shaping industry trends across consumer markets for 2020 and beyond. In a new report, Lux Research’s leading agri-food and health analysts collaborated to compile a list of the top developments across applications of digital technologies, resource availability, plant-based foods, and environmental conservation

Energy storage systems set to undergo rapid development

HANOVER MESSE - The US research company Lux Research expects annual sales in the energy storage market to grow to over USD 500 billion by 2035, with mobility applications accounting for the lion’s share of the increase.

Natural Language Processing: An Untapped AI Tool for Innovation?

TECHNOLOGY NETWORKS -  According to Lux Research’s new whitepaper, “Improving the Front End of Innovation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” NLP can improve processes including technology landscaping, competitive analysis, and weak signal detection. 

Natural Language Processing is an Untapped AI Tool for Innovation

PR NEWSWIRE - Innovation leaders are seeking ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) effectively to extract value and leverage data for maximum impact. Lux considers natural language processing (NLP) and topic modeling the AI tools of choice.