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Policy and Regulations

Innovators both in and outside of government rely on Lux Research not only to help shape strategies in response to policy changes and regulatory uncertainties, but to do so in a language that innovators can relate to. Every company faces regulation and policy changes, and Lux helps them gain early insights on new regulations, understand both present and potential future impact, and prepare a realistic strategy in response.

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How We Help Clients

  • We track the global effort to avert and limit climate change and tell our clients how and when this affects their business.
  • We identify the policy and regulatory landscape for sustainable technologies, such as recycling and alternate materials.
  • We analyze incentives and supporting measures by governments to accelerate the energy transition​.
  • We track best available technology (BAT) status and show opportunities to disrupt the status quo by introducing a new BAT standard.

The Lux Difference

An analysis of future policy trends can be intimidating to innovation leaders, especially when considering different global regulations and the impact on their industry. We break down the regulatory jargon into actionable insights, elucidating opportunities for innovation. Our expert network illuminates the "trends behind the trends" to better prepare companies for what lies ahead.

Client Outcomes

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We help companies select vendors and identify partners for compliance with data privacy regulations and requirements​.

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Our policy insights help advise innovative companies on what technologies they should move forward with and where they should invest.

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We help innovation leaders understand how difficult the policy landscape is to navigate but how impactful and meaningful the policy is to their organization.

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