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Oil and Gas

Lux's world-renowned energy experts help organizations determine how to address one of the most significant challenges ever faced — decarbonization. Our scientists and engineers provide a pragmatic understanding of the implications of net-zero actions implemented across the entire ecosystem, not simply their industry, delivering the context leaders need to know to make the right innovation decisions.

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Staying Indispensable

Create strategies to gain access to regulated and monopolized markets by developing and providing services that local utilities are unable to develop themselves as well as understand the future needs of a dramatically changing customer base.

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Repurposing Core Expertise

Leverage existing competencies for the new energy technologies, finding opportunities to exploit core know-how for lower entry points with new technologies, such as transitioning to hydrogen or geothermal.

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Meeting Net-Zero Targets

Understand which technologies and carbon offsetting, carbon capture, or carbon-use strategies will help reduce scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions along with methane to move toward meeting the net-zero targets set by the company.

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Asset Timing and Transitioning

Determine the optimal timing for asset transition to capitalize on emerging marketplaces. Transition and figure out how long to utilize the current product portfolio profitably, and when they would need to switch.

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Base Chemicals of the Circular Economy

Keep abreast of what the new base chemicals are going to be as well as the status of competing innovations. Determine the future business for the chemicals division as chemicals and energy become progressively less integrated.

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Policy And Regulations

Get pragmatic advice on how to guide innovation strategies based on regional policy changes and regulatory uncertainties.

Featured Webinars

Key Takeaways from COP26:

The 26th United Nations Congress of Parties (COP26) concluded in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland after two weeks of discussions and collaboration. In this webinar, we will review key takeaways from COP26 focusing on how the event alters the outlook for climate tech and which countries will spur climate tech innovation.

Plastics in Peril: Building a Realistic Roadmap to Plastic Sustainability

Plastics in Peril: Building a Realistic Roadmap to Plastic Sustainability

The last few years have been marked by growing consumer concerns about plastic waste, new anti-plastic regulations, and major disruptions to waste markets and recycling. For the first time ever, these sustainability issues are a credible threat to the sustained growth of the plastics industry. This webinar explores the technology options for consumer brands and plastic producers as well as the future evolution of sustainable commodity plastics.

How to Get and Keep Your Piece of the Energy Pie

How to Get and Keep Your Piece of the Energy Pie

As the world is fighting climate change, the energy market will undergo profound changes. The energy pie is now growing, and there will be a struggle for pieces of the pie. In this webinar, we analyze key technologies and strategies that manage the integration of electric vehicles, help utilities navigate the energy transition, and discuss the solutions of today as well as tomorrow.

The Lux Foresight Report: Implications and Innovations in a Post-COVID World

The Lux Foresight Report: Implications and Innovations in a Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our landscape, and so much has changed about the world and business since the beginning of 2020. In this webinar, we discuss the Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report and what we think are the best new technologies to look out for in 2022 as we approach a post-COVID world.

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Arij van Berkel, Ph.D., Vice President & Group Director, Lux Research

Arij van Berkel, Ph.D.

Vice President and Group Director
Runeel Daliah, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

Runeel Daliah

Senior Analyst
Yuan-Sheng Yu, Managing Consultant

Yuan-Sheng Yu

Managing Consultant
Mukunda Kaushik

Mukunda Kaushik

Senior Research Associate

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