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Press Releases

COVID-19 Accelerates the Energy Transition: Adapt or Perish

Despite the dramatic consequences COVID-19 is having on the global economy, Lux Research predicts the energy transition will be accelerated by several years. Trillions of dollars are expected to flow through economic relief packages into the deployment of low- and zero-carbon infrastructure as well as research and development into technologies that enable it.

Can Personalized Nutrition Overcome Its Massive Obstacles to Play an Integral Role in Health?

The global healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce rising costs and the prevalence of chronic diseases, with personalized nutrition in focus. In its latest report, “Finding Business Success in Personalized Nutrition”, Lux Research outlines its “four P” framework for constructing a winning strategy: price, product, people, and partnerships.

$300 Billion Transportation & Logistics Industry Is Still in Infancy of Digital Transformation

The transportation and logistics industry has observed steady growth for more than 10 years and now represents an over $300 billion industry. The industry has three major challenges – agility, sustainability, and visibility – and companies operating in the industry are hoping to address those challenges through digital transformation.

Storms, Floods, Droughts, and Heat Will Disrupt Chemical Industry Production as Climate Change Impact Grows

Climate-related hazards are poised to massively disrupt the chemicals industry and have already caused hundreds of millions in damage globally.

Over $5 Billion in Investments Focused on the Home Energy Management System, According to Lux Research

More than $5 billion has been invested in the HEM space since the beginning of the new century, with $3.2 billion in venture investments in the past five years alone. These investments show a strong innovation interest, as attention is coming from incumbents in the space.

Preservation Tech is the Key to Driving Higher Margins and Avoiding $1 Trillion in Losses Across the Agrifood Value Chain, Says Lux Research

Food loss and waste (FLW) currently causes an estimated $1 trillion in economic losses globally each year. This constitutes a major humanitarian crisis in addition to an economic one, leading the United Nations to set a goal of reducing global FLW by 50% by 2030.

Lux Research Establishes New Framework for Selecting Robotics Vendors

Businesses are increasingly using robotics across a wide variety of industries, but many companies still fail to understand what’s currently possible with today’s technology or which vendors can provide the solutions they need. In our new report, “Building Robotics Solutions,” we create a framework for selecting robotics vendors based on the key capabilities and level of customization required.

Value of Quantum Computing Remains Uncertain for at Least 10 Years, Says Lux Research

There are significant obstacles in developing quantum computing that are currently limiting, and these obstacles will continue to challenge developers in the coming years. Over the next 10 years, it is uncertain if quantum computing will consistently outperform today's supercomputers for useful business-related problems, if at all.

Lux Research Ranks the Critical Technologies for Surviving COVID-19

COVID-19 poses major challenges for players in every industry, and companies are under tremendous pressure to reopen as quickly as possible, while adhering to regulatory guidelines and keeping employees safe. Our new report addresses the key technologies businesses need to adopt to fight against COVID-19 in the workplace.

Lux Research Predicts Digital Transformation Will Affect $500 Billion of the Global Chemicals and Materials Industry

Our new report outlines use cases already in practice in facets of the chemicals and materials industry and a vision for how digital technologies will reshape the chemicals and materials landscape in the coming decades.