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The Top 5 Technologies for Innovation Leaders in Electronics and IT

Digital biomarkers, edge computing, and AI-enabled sensors are among the top technologies transforming the electronics landscape, according to Lux Research's new report.

Top Startups Disrupting the Mobility Industry

Although significant disruptions arising from COVID-19 created major challenges for automakers and mobility providers, this didn’t change the fact that the mobility industry is undergoing the most significant change in a century. To help guide innovation in this space, Lux Research's new market map highlights the most innovative mobility startups of 2020.

Lux Research Names the Top Food and Agriculture Startups of 2020

Numerous challenges, from climate to COVID to human migration, aligned in 2020 to stifle growth across food and agriculture, laying bare technology, food, and health system weaknesses.  These vivid impacts are not without opportunity, even as the lines across value chains blur. Picking the right startups and partners to remain ahead in this dynamic period is critical, and Lux’s methodology and expert knowledge achieve that outcome.

CO2 Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

Despite unprecedented action against climate change over the past decade, global emissions witnessed steady growth and only fell in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. All projections have emissions returning to their upward trajectory unless drastic measures are taken across the entire energy system.

Lux Research Names the Top 5 Technologies for Automotive Innovation Leaders

Autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and AI-enabled sensors are among the key technologies reshaping the automotive landscape. Lux Research's annual report, “Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch," ranks the 12 key technologies that will reshape the world and outlines the top 5 technologies for automotive innovation leaders to watch.

The Top 5 Technologies Transforming Food and Agriculture in the Next Decade

It’s harder than ever before to be a food or agriculture company. To help guide innovation in this space, Lux Research released its annual report, “Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch.” In addition to highlighting the key overall technologies, for the first time ever, this year’s report ranks the top five technologies in the food and agriculture space.

Top Startups Disrupting the Chemicals & Materials Industry

Based on interviews with key startups in the materials and chemicals sector, Lux Research has published a market map of the industry's top startups in 2020. The chemicals and materials industry is going to see more dramatic change over the next 20 years than it has in at least the last 50,” says Anthony Schiavo, Senior Analyst at Lux. 

Lux Research Names the Top Energy Startups of 2020

Based on interviews with key startups in the energy space, Lux analysts have published a list of the top 20 startups in 2020. The list has been published in the market map “Top Energy Startups of 2020.”

From 5G to Edge, Remote Connectivity Advancements Will Break Down Transmission Barriers, According to Lux Research

Distance and physical barriers are hampering data transmission to remote locations, but new technologies are evolving to break down these barriers. In its newest report, “Innovating Remote Connectivity,” Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, analyzes evolving technologies and their suitability for key industries that require remote solutions.

Lux Research Names Top 5 Technologies Disrupting the Chemicals and Materials Industry

Trends like sustainability and digitalization are going to dramatically change the chemicals and materials industry over the next 20 years. Investing in technology innovations will be critical for companies to keep up.