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Which Emerging Technology Companies Will Shape 2013?

Tech scouting firm Lux Research calls out 10 companies to watch in 2013 – firms with breakthrough potential in heavy oil extraction, desalination, carbon fiber recycling, drug delivery, and more

What Were the Top Emerging Technology Companies in 2012?

Technology scouting firm Lux Research releases its top 10 companies profiled in 2012, featuring leaders in bio-based materials, 3D-printing, photovoltaics, drug delivery, energy efficiency and more

Solar Modules Production Costs Fall as Low as $0.48/W in 2017

CIGS modules fall the most, nearly matching crystalline silicon, but CdTe remains the low-cost leader, as manufacturers push to profitability.


Day of Pharma Blockbusters Are Over as Industry Reboots for Agile, Open Innovation

Drugmakers accelerating development by using outside partners, tweaking existing actives, creating new delivery devices.

Bio-based Materials Can Replace Petroleum in Over $100 Billion Worth of Polymers

Bioplastics are ready to take on petro-polymers in major applications like industrial parts, coatings, and packaging.


Innovation Can Bring 250 Years’ Worth of New Oil & Gas Reserves

Established oil and gas reserves are likely to be depleted by 2034, but new technologies can tap 10.2 trillion barrels of unconventional reserves.

Bulk Gallium Nitride Costs to Fall 60% by 2020, Leading to More Efficient Devices

Lux Research finds that gallium nitride substrates can displace cheaper silicon by offering 360% to 380% better performance

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles will be $1.2 Billion Market in 2020

Globally the number of charging stations will grow 10-fold.


Solar Panel Makers Need Equipment Upgrades to Survive Shakeout

With overcapacity of 82%, companies need innovative tools to differentiate from cheaper Chinese rivals.

Dynamax, AquaSpy, Capilix Are Top Companies for Water Savings in Food Production

As the food industry focuses on water savings for sustained growth, Lux Research rates 39 companies with technologies that can help

Burgeoning Green Roofs and Green Walls Market to be Worth $7.7 Billion in 2017

Green roof installations will rise 70% to 204 million square meters, but costs and lack of validation will limit their rise.

Key Printed Electronics Materials Swell to $2.6 Billion in 2017

Opaque conductive inks and paste reach $2.4 billion, with medical and RFID applications growing the fastest.

Automated Demand Response will be First Line of Defense for Managing Renewables

Natural gas and storage will both be necessary to make up the difference as wind and solar grow to 30% or more.

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics Cut Costs in $300 Billion Medical Devices Market

These technologies can raise quality of healthcare and create new products for the emerging lifestyle market.

Singapore, U.S., Australia, Germany Are Trendsetters in Green Buildings

Environmental goals and energy security drive policy but cost is key to creating markets.

Grid Storage Battery Cost to Fall to $500/kWh, Short of Expectations

Prices of lithium-ion and molten-salt batteries will still be double the target of $250/kWh in 2022.

High-concentrating Photovoltaics Market To Grow To $1.6 Billion in 2017

HCPV will register a 31% compound annual growth rate to reach an installed capacity of 697 MW.

Konarka Bankruptcy a Result of Technology Performance More than Market Shifts

Despite ample funding, Konarka’s modules could not compete in the market on cost, efficiency, or lifetime, validating Lux Research’s history of “strong caution” ratings.

More Harm than Good: Lux Research Expects Solar Power to Become More Expensive in the U.S. with the Proposed Tariffs on Chinese Solar Cells

While the preliminary tariffs recently announced by the United States Department of Commerce (U.S. DOC) should – at face value – help drive the U.S. solar industry, reality will be quite different.

Water Technology Investments Rebound, Reach $3.1 Billion over Past Five Years

A surge in larger deals, marked by average late-stage deal size rising from $4.5 million to $12 million in 2011, is helping commercialization of key technologies.

Sensors and Controls for Building Energy Management Systems to Top $4 Billion in 2020

The U.S. market for sensors and controls for building energy management systems (BEMs) will rise at a 17% compound annual growth rate to $2.14 billion in 2020, while its European counterpart will reach $1.93 billion in 2020, a 19% CAGR.

Emerging Technologies to Boost Solar Profit Margins in 2014

Lux Research’s Disruptive PV Technology Grid identifies which emerging technologies will succeed and when

Sustainability Emerges as Key Focus in $53 Billion Architectural Coatings Market

Lux Research launches a Lux Sustainability Grid to assess the true value and commercial prospects of established and emerging “green” coating technologies.

“Social Networks” in Bio-Based Chemicals Reveal Maturity and Opportunity

A single cluster consisting of 665 organizations with 762 relationships has grown to dominate the industry, but still leaves openings for others to enter


With Soaring Energy Use, Lighter Structural Materials Hold Key to Transportation Efficiencies

Transportation will choose emerging structural materials to save fuel, as energy use rises 53% from 2008 levels to 765 quadrillion BTUs in 2035.

Formulation and Delivery Partnerships Draw Pharma and Life Science Firms into New Markets

Large multinationals see Brazil, Latin America, and Korea as areas of high growth, estimating 5% to 10% growth over the next five years.


Lux Research Releases Top 10 Innovative Companies Profiled in Q1 2012

Transphorm and Cbrite lead the way with their next-generation technologies, while Clearford Industries, Zyvex Technologies, and Encap Drug Delivery are executing on their savvy business strategies.

Frack Water Market to Grow Nine-fold to $9 Billion in 2020, Boosting New Technologies

Shale gas is poised to expand outside the U.S., offering 28% annual growth in water treatment, but risks overexposure for start-ups chasing the market.

Oil Incumbents Building Empires to Dominate Biofuels and Other Alternative Fuels

Large corporations such as Chevron and BP dominate partnership networks, which connect nearly 80% of the 753 firms active in alternative fuels.

The US, Japan, and China Lead the $113.5 Billion Grid Storage Market in 2017

Market driven demand in several favorable regions set to explode.

Solar Without Subsidies: Installations Grow to 38.3 GW in 2017 as the Market Goes Global

Solar installations will stall this year, but make rapid strides in emerging markets and find sustained growth without government subsidies.

Renewed Innovation to Lift Power Electronics to $15 Billion in 2020

The quest for increased energy efficiency has re-energized power electronics with new materials - like silicon carbide and gallium nitride - gaining market share.

Li-ion Battery Costs Fall to $397/kWh in 2020; Not Enough for Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Scale-up alone is unlikely to drive costs low enough for mass adoption, so Lux Research describes the best innovations for reducing battery cost

Lux Research Reveals 2011 Top 10 Module Manufacturers

Japanese and Korean module suppliers rise in the ranks

Amsterdam, Stockholm, SmartGridCity and PlanIT Valley Emerge as Model Cities of the Future

Technology and government incentives will create efficient future cities as the world braces for explosive growth of urban population to 6.3 billion by 2050.

Lux Research Launches China BioPharma Service, Expands Broader Life Sciences Coverage

Leading technology scouting and market analysis firm focuses its sights on the world’s fastest-growing biopharmaceutical marketplace, and raises coverage of strategic formulation and delivery technologies.

Advanced Municipal Wastewater Treatment Market Offers $27.8 Billion Global Opportunity in 2012

A wide array of technologies and companies seek to tap this market but only the ones that provide cost-effective solutions will win.

China Emerging as an Innovation Hub for Formulation and Delivery

The rise of Chinese start-ups and the frenzied forays of Western companies into the world’s fastest-growing biopharmaceutical market point to a paradigm change in the industry.

Micro-hybrids to Grow to 39 Million Vehicles in 2017, Creating a $6.9 Billion Battery Market

Driven by stricter emission standards and fuel savings, micro- and mild-hybrids are emerging as a near-term alternative to pure hybrids and electric vehicles.


SolarCity, SunRun, Recurrent Energy, SunEdison Lead the Way as Solar Innovation Shifts to Installers

Lux Research rates the field to pick the winners, as big investments drive companies into new solar markets such as India and U.S. states outside of California.

CIGS Solar Market to Nearly Double to $2.35 Billion and 2.3 Gigawatts in 2015

A standout performance in 2011 has raised expectations but only a few manufacturers like Solar Frontier, Avancis and Solibro are likely to succeed.

Lux Research Reveals Top 10 Cell Manufacturers

European companies not in the top 10 in 3Q’11, despite high demand in Europe

Top Players Novamont, Arcadia, Elevance, Amyris Leading Dramatic Changes in Chemical Industry

As innovative startups in bio-based materials and chemicals reach the scale needed to make a commercial impact, Lux Research rates the field to pick the winners

Modumetal, MesoCoat and Nanogate Are Rising Stars in Protective Coatings

Coatings to combat corrosion, friction, and fouling can offer big efficiency benefits, but need to offer strong balance between performance and cost.

E Ink, Cypak, Cambrios Selected As Top Companies in Printed, Organic, and Flexible Electronics

Lux Research ratings show best candidates for partnerships in the field