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Precision Agriculture is Cost Effective for Farms of 5,000 Acres

Advanced technologies and systems deliver maximum gains when fully integrated and deployed on large farms.

The Envia Lawsuits: A Promising Battery Start-Up’s Trials and Tribulations

Envia Systems, a high profile lithium-ion battery start-up, has become embroiled in a bitter and revealing set of lawsuits, one filed by a start-up called NanoeXa, and another filed by former Envia management.

China’s LED Lighting Market to More Than Double to $7.4 Billion in 2017

China’s light-emitted diode (LED) lighting market will more than double to $7.4 billion in 2017 from $3.1 billion, as ongoing urbanization, local energy savings targets, and price cuts make the technology more appealing.

Solar to Become Competitive with Natural Gas by 2025

Solar electricity will reach cost parity in 10 major regions, accelerating adoption without subsidies, and will even benefit from abundant natural gas

Photovoltaic Materials Market Will Grow 9% Annually Through 2018

Even though commoditization afflicts much of the solar industry, innovations can yield double-digit profit margins in high-performance encapsulants, backsheets and metallization

Favorable Feedstock Costs Can Drop Cellulosic Sugar Prices as Low as $0.26/kg

Improved enzyme technology will also be critical to making bio-based fuels and chemicals from cellulose competitive with those from corn and sugarcane.

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics Publications Growing 25% Annually since 1996

The U.S. is the leading nation in publications, but Asia has emerged the top region and Seoul the top local cluster

ESCOs Are Key to $5 Billion Opportunity in Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Deep retrofits have the potential to unlock $1 trillion in energy savings, but innovative material companies need to link up with ESCOs to participate

Mining CapEx to Dip to $76 Billion in 2013 after 600% Growth in the Last Decade

Investment declines 24% after a 12-year boom turned mining equipment into a $1 trillion market, but will rebound to due to technical and regulatory challenges.

Led by Li-ion, Battery Technologies Turn to Backup/UPS Markets for Stability

Stationary storage developers, hit by tumult in the grid storage market, will achieve supply-demand balance in the decade as they carve out an $896 million niche in 2020.

Thermal Management for LEDs and Power Electronics Grows to $4.8 Billion in 2020

Conductive polymers will increase their share, reaching $1.9 billion in 2020, as device makers seek more cost-effective ways to dissipate heat

Scouting for Growth Opportunities: Lux Research Top Innovators from Q3 2013

Innovative companies use technology scouting to identify prospective partners and bring external technologies into the company – but scouting outside innovators can also point to compelling new growth areas and novel market opportunities.

Market for Supercapacitors to Grow 128% to $836 Million in 2018

Led by transportation, the niche power solution will grow at an 18% CAGR, as novel electrode materials drop cost and boost performance

Current Solar Technologies Aren’t Enough to Reach SunShot’s $1/W Installed Goal

Advanced silicon technologies will still be leading in cost per watt, maintaining market share, though none will hit the U.S. Department of Energy targets.

Microfluidics and Electrodes for New Medical Devices Reach $9.5 Billion in 2022

With health care fast focusing on prevention to address high treatment costs, materials have emerged as key enablers for advanced diagnostics.

Technology Limitations Hold Back Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Bulky form factor, poor battery life, and questionable utility hobble today’s smart watches – innovations in batteries and displays are needed to make them truly functional

China Will Retain Dominance of Solar Industry Despite Looming Shakeout

A chaotic consolidation, fraught with uncertainties, will still provide new opportunities in the Chinese market for new investors and global firms.

Embracing Open-source Biotech: DNA Freeware May Out-Innovate Patented Genes

Corporations will need to integrate open source with traditional patents for biotech innovations in medicine, renewable materials, and nutrition.

New Technologies Multiply Oil Reserves Six-fold to 10.2 Trillion Barrels

Enhanced oil recovery methods being developed by start-ups and established players alike can also more than double output at most oilfields

Tubular! Tech billionaire Musk proposes Hyperloop, a radical new transport system for California

Earlier this week, technology billionaire Elon Musk revealed his ideas for "hyperloop," a speculative new mode of high-speed transportation. 

New Functional Coatings Provide Under-Appreciated Business Opportunities

Hydrophobic, self-healing, and even air-cleaning coatings will have a big impact in medical, aerospace, and construction

New Technologies, Business Models Emerging to Fix Trillion-dollar Health Care Market

Low-cost distributed sensors and diagnostics are growing in importance in the new paradigm as companies innovate to tackle spiraling health care costs and improve therapeutics.

Coupled Solar and Energy Storage Market to Grow to $2.8 Billion in 2018

Dominated by grid installations, this market segment will be a boon to energy storage producers but have only a modest impact on the solar market.

Big Data Seen Dominating 760 Billion Ft2 Building Performance Market

New entrants with cost-effective technologies are emerging to meet the growing demand for real-time monitoring in order to optimize energy consumption

Driven by Touch-screen Devices, Haptics Market to Grow 16-fold to $13.8 Billion in 2025

Consumer electronics is by far the largest market, 89% of the total, while emerging piezoelectric actuators become the dominant technology.

Cable Supplier CommScope Joins Lighting Giants by Picking Up Redwood Systems

CommScope’s acquisition of Redwood Systems marks a new era in lighting, which will evolve from replacement bulbs to a durable building material.

Point-of-Use Water Treatment is a $14 Billion Market, Booming in the Developing World

Though growth is slowing in mature markets, smart strategies and unique products can tap sky-high growth rates in emerging economies

Technologies Offer Gasoline from Natural Gas or Waste as Low as $75 per Barrel

Many alternative fuels technologies remain uneconomical today, with return on investment of over 17 years, but emerging technologies will drive down costs

No New Malthus: Disruptive Technologies Will Help Feed 9 Billion by 2050

Technologies like crop genomics and precision agriculture will help surmount challenges from climate change, falling yield growth, and growing demand 

Epi-Wafer Market to Grow to $4 Billion in 2020 as LED Lighting Zooms to $80 Billion

GaN-on-Sapphire remain the entrenched incumbent; leading challenger GaN-on-silicon will gain only a 10% market share

Fourth-generation Biologics Set to Drive over $120 Billion Market

Advances in formulation and delivery will help pharmaceutical firms modify proven drugs by targeting molecules now off-patent, besides developing fifth-generation drugs designed to activate stem cells to fight diseases such as cancer

Lux Research Releases Top 10 Innovative Companies Profiled in Q2 2013

Promising new emerging technologies for 3D printing, disease-resistant crops, solar-powered oil production, and Alzheimer’s diagnosis highlight Lux Research’s Q2 2013 list 

SiC, GaN Are Key to Solar Inverters as Market Grows 7% to $1.4 Billion in 2020

Devices with wide bandgap semiconductors will offer the greater competitive advantage in microinverters and small string inverters

Lighting Becomes Lucrative in Developing Economies with Over 4 Million Installations

Start-ups with creative business models are beating multinationals to the punch in powering lights for the global 1 billion living off-grid

Photovoltaic Materials Market to Jump 52% to $27.2 Billion in 2018

Metals will be the biggest segment at $12.8 billion as geographically diverse demand offers rare opportunities for innovation and product differentiation

Building Systems Integration Offers Greater Benefits to Airports, Datacenters, and Retail

While commercial offices are often the main target for BSI, Lux Research analysis finds that other types of facilities will provide better return on investment for central control of building systems

Buying Low: The Solar Industry’s Imminent Return to Health and Profitability

After two years of turmoil the solar industry is set to rebound, and surviving stakeholders have a fresh new outlook that’s ripe for investment

Global Grid Storage Market to Grow to $10.4 Billion in 2017

Government entities and corporates solidify the global grid storage partnership web in the wake of catastrophic technology developer failures.

Solar’s Great Recovery: Photovoltaics Reach $155 Billion Market in 2018

The solar crisis will become a boon, as record low prices boost demand, more than doubling the market to 61.7 GW – with China emerging as the largest market.

Nearly-Zero Energy Building Materials Market to Grow to $16.5 Billion in 2017

Europe is prime territory, while high-R value glazing and daylighting skylights will capture 86% of the fast-growing materials market

Natural Gas Vehicles in Top Auto Markets to Reach 7.5 Million in 2020

More favorable fuel price splits could increase the market potential, but automobiles will struggle to tap cheap shale gas

Singapore Universities Top Ranking of Water Research Institutes

With water efficiency a global priority, Lux Research ranked the leading water research organizations and identified best practices for partnering with academic researchers

Oil Industry Spend on Health, Safety and Environment Jumps 60% to $56 Billion in 2030

Upstream companies spend the most – nearly $0.70 per barrel of oil equivalent – as regulatory drivers boost HSE demand


”Trojan Horse” Partnerships Key to Success in Printed Electronics

Material suppliers and manufacturers need to ally with technology developers in order to gain access to brand owners in emerging electronics

Led by Auto, Medical and Aerospace, 3D Printing to Grow into $8.4 Billion Market in 2025

Landmark study of 3D printing’s commercial potential from Lux Research finds that these three industries will take an 84% share as the market grows at 18% annually.


SAE International Selects Lux Research for Partnership

Industry and company analysis, combined with best-in-class data tool, offers companies complete means to evaluate emerging technologies in alternative fuels

Lux Research Releases Top 10 Innovative Companies Profiled in Q1 2013

Promising new emerging technologies for improving water quality, finding oil & gas leaks, and making in vitro meat and leather highlight Lux Research’s Q1 2013 list 

Concentrating Solar Power Market to Shrink 18%, but Can Beat mc-Si on Cost in 2020

CSP has been hit hard by the crash of photovoltaic module prices, but can bounce back and cut levelized cost of electricity by up to 33%

Next-generation Batteries Eye Slice of $10 Billion Li-ion Market

Several new technologies promise 10 times more energy, but will not be competitive with the incumbent Li-ion until 2024

China’s RFID Card Market to Nearly Double to $807 Million in 2017

The futuristic “Internet of Things” will more than double to 2.1 billion units, leading to a dramatic growth of domestic companies

Biofuels Face Sharp Slowdown to 3.2% Annual Growth as Next-generation Fuels Emerge

The industry has seen a 20% annual growth rate since 2005, but now is transitioning to higher-yielding fuels such as renewable diesel and butanol.

$183 Million in Funding Set to Transform China’s Diagnostic Market

The Chinese government is spending money and writing policy to help local companies catch up with Western counterparts in sensors and diagnostics.

Cree, Nichia, Rohm Semiconductor among Top Firms in LEDs and Power Electronics

As power electronics grow to $15 billion and LEDs to $100 billion, Lux Research identifies the leading technology companies addressing these markets.

China, India Emerge as Most Promising High-Growth Markets for Solar

Japan, U.K., France, and South Korea also offer attractive landscape and large addressable markets, according to Lux Research’s analysis of policy and market drivers

Climate Change and Aging Population Shape Construction, From $9B for Seawalls to $127B for Senior Care

Megatrends will drive new construction business to more than double by 2023, creating huge opportunities across the globe.

Biopesticides Grow to $4.5 Billion in 2023 as ‘Greener’ Agricultural Tech Catches On

Environmental concerns and regulation will boost biopesticides, but no-till farming and biochar will not enjoy the same commercial success.

LED Lighting Market to Grow over 12-fold to $25 Billion in 2023

Recessed modular will emerge as the largest luminaire market as LEDs displace incumbent technologies such as fluorescents.

New and Profitable Opportunities Remain in the $600 Billion Water Industry

A Lux survey found profits average 12.9% industry-wide and identified new technologies and start-ups promising to create additional opportunities.

Printed Electronics Venture Funding Tops $7.5 Billion; Islands of Opportunities Remain

VC funding has come off the 2007 peak of $990 million, but lopsided investment has left key technologies and exciting Asian start-ups short of funds.

Hobbled by High Cost, Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will Be a Modest $3 Billion Market in 2030

Capital cost, not hydrogen supply, will limit adoption to a mere 5.9 GW, dashing dreams of a revolutionary energy future

A New Method for Predicting Commercialization of Advanced Materials

Lux Research’s new forecasting tool finds quantum dots, sheet magnesium, graphene, carbon fiber gaining commercial traction over the next 12 years.