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Press Releases

Falling Oil Prices Will Push Many Cellulosic Fuel Makers into the Red

Most bio-based fuels and chemicals are made from food crops today, but companies are under pressure from governments and economic forces to switch to non-food cellulosic materials instead.

Lower-Cost Flow Batteries to Create $190 Million Energy Storage Market in 2020

Large-scale stationary energy is key to a smarter power grid and for integration of intermittent renewables. Redox flow batteries are touted as an emerging option, but have been too expensive.

OCT Devices Will Power Clinical Optical Imaging Market to $2 Billion in 2020

Led by optical coherence tomography (OCT) the clinical optical imaging market will rise to $2 billion in 2020, more than doubling from 2012.

Investment in Next Generation Oil and Gas Technologies Tops $7 Billion

New technologies to enhance exploration and production of oil and gas have attracted $7 billion in funding since 2003, as waves of innovation have opened up new kinds of plays in shale gas, tight oil, and heavy oil.

Power Electronics Market to Rise 77% to $23 Billion for Discrete Components in 2024

Power electronics – used to convert and manage electricity in devices ranging from mobile phones to pumps and motors – will grow to a market worth $23 billion for discrete components in 2024, up from $13 billion today.

Samsung Leads in Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics Innovation

Samsung, Merck, BASF, Sony and Philips are the world’s leading innovators in printed, flexible and organic electronics (PFOE), according to Lux Research, which rated corporations based on both internal R&D spending and open innovation activities.

Open Materials Development Will Be Key for HP's Success in 3D Printing

Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently released a white paper detailing its planned 3D printer. HP’s "Multi Jet Fusion" system claims a tenfold increase in build speed, improved part quality with controllable properties like color, elasticity and strength, and better "economics" than current offerings. 

Alternative Sweeteners Gain 12% Share of $73.4 Billion Market

Driven by the global rise of obesity, diabetes, and other health concerns, alternative sweeteners have gained a 12% share of the $73.4 billion global market for sweeteners and 22% of its volume by sucrose equivalent (SE).

Driven by Higher Rents and Values, Green Buildings Market Grows to $260 Billion

Construction of green buildings rose to 325 million m2 of new floor space in 2013, representing a $260 billion market, with growth driven by economic benefits rather than environmental motivations.

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Set to Attract Nearly $1 Billion Investment in 2014

The bio-based materials and chemicals industry is poised to attract nearly $1 billion in investment this year, led notably by later-stage funding rounds.

Led by Agriculture, Market for Commercial Drones Will Reach $1.7 Billion in 2025

The market for commercial uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, will grow to $1.7 billion in 2025, driven by a broad range of applications led by agriculture.

Lux Research Launches Lux Invest Intelligence Service, Expands Coverage to Serve the Financial Services Sector

Lux Research announced today the launch of its new Lux Invest Intelligence service, extending its offerings to the Financial Services segment.

"3D Printed in China" – China Bids for Leadership in Emerging 3D Printing Technology

The allure of flexible local production based on 3D printing has led to claims that 3D printing will undermine the advantages that have made China a manufacturing and exporting powerhouse.

Lux Research Begins Collaboration with Researchers at Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities

Buildings account for about 40% of energy consumption and carbon emissions. Green building technologies can reduce this environmental footprint significantly, but a lack of reliable information about available technologies is holding back adoption.

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics Will Account for 18% of Wearable Athletics Sensors in 2024

Printed, flexible and organic electronic (PFOE) sensors can offer flexible form factors, larger area, lower cost, lower power, and better disposability compared to conventional sensors, key attributes for wearable applications.

Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory Will See More Than 50% Overcapacity in its Li-ion Production

Tesla Motors’ plan to build a new 35 GWh lithium-ion cell production facility – dubbed the Gigafactory – for electric vehicles that will bring about only a modest reduction in battery costs, and create significant overcapacity, given likely sales of less than half the targeted 500,000.

Led by China, Solar Market to Grow 75% to 65.6 GWp in 2019

Led by China, the solar industry will grow at a CAGR of 8.3% – from 37.5 GWp in 2013 to 65.6 GWp in 2019 – but emerging trade disputes involving the Asian giant, as much as global policies, cast a shadow over short-term prospects.

Innovation Will Drive Costs of Green Roofs and Walls by 28% in 2017

Building-integrated vegetation (BIV) – the use of green roofs and green walls to improve air quality, manage storm-water and generate energy savings – is experiencing a burst of innovation to lower costs and hasten payback on investment.

Silicon Carbide Power Electronics Can Slash $6,000 from Cost of Tesla Model S

Wide bandgap (WBG) materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) are best positioned to address emerging power electronics performance needs in electric vehicles (EVs), with SiC displacing silicon as early as 2020.

Emerging Metamaterials Offer Remarkable Properties, Will Go Mainstream in 2024

Metamaterials – artificial materials with unusual properties not typically found in natural materials – will soon be turning up in niche commercial applications, and are poised to enter the mainstream in 10 years.

New Technologies, Fuels Enhance Viability of $10 Billion District Heating Market

District heating (DH) can deliver cost gains of up to 74% over conventional distributed heating, with benefits varying with technologies, fuels and climate.

Led by Canada and the Middle East, $500 Million Chemical EOR Market Poised for Expansion

Once considered risky and expensive, the $500 million chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) market has been revitalized by higher oil prices, improved chemical formulations and advances in laboratory analysis, with Canada and the Middle East leading the way for global expansion.

Energy Storage Market Rises to $50 Billion in 2020, amid Dramatic Changes

Energy storage, driven largely by electronics and plug-in vehicles, will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8% to $50 billion in 2020, with dramatic shifts coming from the transportation industry.

First Higher-Value Chemical Derived from Lignin to Hit Market in 2021

Lignin, a component of lignocellulosic biomass and a common byproduct stream from cellulosic conversion processes, has a potential market worth of $242 billion across 13 select products alone.

Mobile Health Devices Market to Grow 8-fold to $41.8 Billion in 2023

Driven by adoption of vital signs monitoring and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices, the mobile health (mHealth) market will grow eight-fold from $5.1 billion in 2013 to $41.8 billion in 2023.

Niche Solar Markets Grow to 1.2 GW in 2024

Applications like building-integrated photovoltaics provide a small, but profitable opportunity for thin-film suppliers.

Recovering Oil and Precious Metals from Wastewater Creates New Revenue Streams

With rising commodity prices, recovery of resources from wastewater streams is becoming increasingly feasible, especially oil, precious metals and industrial fats, oils and greases (FOG).

New Carbon Emission Rules for U.S. Power Plants Set to Spur Innovation

While politicians haggle over the rules' influence on climate treaty negotiations, the boost to technology development and deployment will determine their true impact.

China, India Lead in Asia's Emerging Alternative Fuels Landscape

Government support drives dominance, but aggressive targets, such as China’s 10% ethanol in 2020 and India’s 20% biofuels in 2017, likely won't be met.

Microbiome Revolution to Usher in ‘Designer’ Food, and Transform Well-Being

Over 100 trillion microbes live in and on the human body, predominantly in the digestive tract, comprising our "microbiome." Scientists are now starting to appreciate how fundamentally this microbiome affects our physical and mental health, creating new opportunities in food and medicine.

Self-Driving Cars an $87 Billion Opportunity in 2030, Though None Reach Full Autonomy

92% of autonomous vehicles will have only simple driver-assist features like adaptive cruise control; software developers will benefit most.

Shale Gas Drives $120 Billion Worth of LNG Projects in North America

Bringing U.S. gas onto the $170 billion global liquefied natural gas market will raise prices at home, and Australia is emerging as a serious export challenger.

Architectural Functional Coatings Have High Potential in China’s Rapidly Urbanizing Market

China’s architectural coatings market nearly doubled to 4.64 million tons between 2008 and 2013, and will sustain its growth as the rising Asian giant maintains its rapid pace of urbanization.

Panasonic Has 39% Share of Plug-in Vehicle Batteries, Thanks to Its Deal with Tesla

Batteries for hybrids and plug-in vehicles are growing fast, more than tripling over the past three years to reach 1.4 GWh per quarter.

Greener Fly Ash Cement Market to Double to $47 Billion in 2018

Natural gas and solar can also help minimize CO2 emissions, but new innovations will be needed to meet long-term emissions goals.

3D Printing Market to Quadruple to $12 Billion in 2025

Powered by a growing range of industrial applications, 3D printing will become a mainstream production tool in many industries.

China Is Now World Leader in Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Research

Driven by favorable government policies, funding and world-leading academic research, China has become the global leader in graphene and carbon nanotube (CNT) publication and patenting activity.

Transparent Conductive Films and Sensors Are Hot Segments in Printed Electronics

Start-ups in these fields show above-average momentum, while companies working on emissive displays such as OLED are fading.

China Eyes Advanced Ethanol Technologies to Quench Fuel Demand

The Asian giant is developing cellulosic ethanol, but will rely in the near-term mostly on coal to increase ethanol production.

Transdermal Patch Delivery Technologies Will Create New Blockbuster Drugs

Advanced technologies have sparked 81 clinical trials, as drug delivery via transdermal patches will lead to $6 billion in new annual sales within the decade.

Home Energy Management Is Key to the $635 Billion U.S. and EU Utility Markets

Besides delivering energy savings, start-ups like Google's acquisition Nest can arm utilities with tools to engage with consumers and remain competitive.

Point-of-Care Technologies Will Transform Customer Markets in the Next Decade

The pace of consumerization will vary according to disease applications, and require a clear demonstration of cost savings potential.

From 3D Printing to Smartphones, New High-Performance Thermoplastics Emerge

With new materials and processing technologies opening up new applications, versatile high performance thermoplastics will gain broader adoption.

Capacity for Bio-Based Materials and Chemicals Nearly Doubles to 13.2M Tons in 2017

Customer-owned microgrids will be the dominant ownership model in the near-term, while MaaS offers a completely new business model with flexible growth opportunities.

Lux Research Unveils Roadmap for Consumer Electronics Through 2028

The next wave of tech innovation will bring wearable computers to mainstream, but in the long term highly integrated invisible computing will take over.

Microgrid-as-a-Service Offers a Collaborative Model to the Conventional Macrogrid

Customer-owned microgrids will be the dominant ownership model in the near-term, while MaaS offers a completely new business model with flexible growth opportunities.

Balance-of-Systems Drives Solar System Capex Down as much as 30% by 2020

Racking and mounting cost reductions and electrical innovations will cut balance-of-system costs, with biggest drops in the residential segment.

Google's Acquisition of Nest Shows How B2C and Advanced Automation Make for Success in Home Energy Management

Google announced a cash purchase of home automation start-up Nest Labs for $3.2 billion; Google Ventures has been a major investor in the company, whose last funding round totaled $80 million.

Australia, China Lead in Race to take Fraccing Global, with 1.7 Trillion BOE at Stake

Hydraulic fracturing has given the U.S. a new wealth of oil and gas that's transformed its energy economy – now other nations are poised to get in on the act.