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Press Releases

Lux Research Highlights Top 10 Innovative Companies From 2015

Brain-computer interfaces, advanced water treatment, cybersecurity, and more, present new business opportunities based on Lux's ongoing emerging technology scouting.

Price Challenges Are Blocking Adoption of Sensors in Agriculture

Sensors for agriculture can raise yields and improve environmental impact, but new business models and pricing options are needed to reap full benefits.

Market for Top Emerging Display Technologies to Nearly Triple to $21 Billion in 2020

OLEDs will form the largest market segment, accounting for $15 billion, while quantum dot LCDs will grow fastest.

Next-Generation Batteries Beyond Li-ion Will Be Worth $10 Billion in 2030

Li-ion will retain its dominance for the next decade, but the time is ripe for investment in rising contenders like lithium-sulfur and solid-state.

Lux Research Unveils RISK Platform to Analyze Growing Resource Risks

The Resource Intelligence for System Knowledge (RISK) platform provides companies with a powerful tool to understand and manage their dependence on critical natural resources. 

Beef Production Remains Most Resource Intensive but Alternatives are No Picnic

It takes the equivalent of three gallons of gasoline to produce one kilogram of beef, and resource risks along with growing population now put a premium on protein security.

Sensing and Control Start-ups Poised to Disrupt the HVAC Sector

As developers of core HVAC struggle, new companies offer novel sensors and controls to improve efficiencies in heating and cooling, which use 38% of energy in commercial buildings.

Kellogg, PepsiCo Top Food and Beverage in Water Efficiency

Resource productivity is a critical metric for long-term performance and profitability, but most companies are working off too little information. 

Self-healing Coatings and Parts Are Next Frontier for Smart Materials

Thanks to recent advances in modeling and design, development of smart materials will become faster and cheaper in the next five to 10 years.

Building Energy Management Systems Boom Due to Falling Cost and $1.4B in VC Funding

Tools to gather and analyze energy data in buildings are increasingly using SaaS models and pricing as low as $0.01/ft2 to promote adoption.

Operators Turn to Robotic Drilling, Other Innovations to Battle Low Oil Price

A new generation of start-ups is offering ways to cut drilling costs and non-productive time as oil operators adapt to low oil prices.

Lux Research and SRI International Announce Strategic Innovation Partnership

Industry and technology analysis together with deep research capabilities offer clients enhanced market insights.

Apple's Printed Battery Acquisition Likely to Disappoint

Other printed electronics acquisition by BASF and Merck also miss the mark, while Xerox's deal represents a best-in-breed transaction.

Biofuels Capacity to Grow to 61 BGY in 2018

Ethanol and biodiesel continue their domination but remain relatively flat, while novel fuels and novel feedstocks grow at double-digit rates.

Autonomous Features in Electric Vehicles Can Save $1,800 in Battery Costs

The innovations will also create an additional $2.5 billion market for batteries in 2030 as these features require extra batteries for safety and redundancy.

As Oil Prices Plunge, Big Oil Turns to Big Data

The Internet of Things has come to oil and gas exploration and production, as Big Oil looks to cut risks and boost revenues in the face of falling prices.

Bosch’s Acquisition of Seeo Marks the Start of a Buying Spree of Next-Generation Battery Technology

Bosch, one of the world’s top automotive suppliers, has announced it will acquire Seeo, the solid-state battery developer of next-generation energy storage. This acquisition includes all of Seeo’s IP and research staff, and marks a major turning point for the battery industry.

MIT’s MultiFab Presents a Stark Challenge to Incumbent 3D Printer Manufacturers’ Hardware, Software, and Business Models

New 3D printing system lays bare technological and business model weaknesses that incumbents have been able to avoid confronting for decades.

Synthetic Biology Propels the $25 Billion Flavors and Fragrances Industry

The nascent technology is key to the industry’s shift from high costs toward a more affordable and sustainable path to meet consumers’ demand.

Panasonic Leads in EV Batteries With 39% Market Share, But Others Aim for Its Crown

LG Chem could claim lead in the emerging $30 billion market, if it can accelerate sales of plug-in hybrids with German OEMs and win over Nissan.

Frac Water Treatment Market Still Worth $1.9 Billion

Even though a dramatic decline in global oil prices has led to a fall in fracking activity, water reuse in areas like the Marcellus Shale is still in demand.

Distributed Generation Drives the Next Wave of Solar Innovation

High-efficiency silicon technologies will target rapidly growing residential and commercial installations, pushing leading module costs down to $0.48/Wp in 2020.

Advanced Insulation Materials More than Double to $1.9 Billion in 2019

The market for aerogels, vacuum insulation panels and phase-change materials lies in non-building applications like refrigeration and logistics.

Coatings Get Smart – Sensing and Dynamic Coatings Hold Great Potential

Next-generation coatings that can respond to their environment will be highly impactful, once technical challenges are overcome.

New Wave of Start-ups Tackling Challenges in Advanced Structural Ceramics

Young companies developing ceramic matrix composites, for uses from lightweighting to armor, challenge the traditional dominance of large corporations.

Innovations Will Sustain Silicon’s $20 Billion Share of the Power Electronics Market

While materials like SiC and GaN are making gains, silicon will maintain an 87% market share in 2024 through advances in circuits, controls, and packaging.

Electric Vehicles Market Set for Big Boost as Li-ion Battery Costs Hit $172/kWh in 2025

Best-in-class players such as Panasonic-Tesla will achieve 35% reductions over the next decade, while others could lag at over $229/kWh.

Biofuel Developers like Neste Oil, Diamond Green Can Thrive despite Cheap Oil

Oil prices' precipitous drop could undermine alternative fuel developers, but Lux Research evaluated 25 companies to see which can overcome the challenge from cheap oil.

Point-of-care Medical Sensor Adoption Driven by Cancer, Infectious Diseases

Innovation will be important, but regulators and insurers will play vital roles in driving use of diagnostics and monitoring outside hospitals.

Tesla's New Home Energy Storage Solution Still Needs Help to Be a Breakthrough

For Tesla’s cheap Gigafactory-produced battery cells to truly disrupt stationary energy storage, it needs more partnerships and acquisitions in power electronics, software, and with utilities.

The $102 Billion Opportunity for Automation in Cars

Sensors, software and apps will benefit from greater automation of cars, even as full "self-driving" capabilities remain mostly over the horizon through 2030.

Probiotic Infant Formula to Claim 76% Share of $22.9 Billion Market in 2024

Infant formula containing beneficial microbes will attain a market size of $17.3 billion, growing at a CAGR of 28% from $1.45 billion in 2014.

Alternative Fuels in China Can Replace Up to 483 Billion Gallons of Gasoline in 2020

Coal-to-ethanol conversion offers the most potential, as China focuses on limiting imports today and cultivating greener fuels for tomorrow.

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives Lack Critical Data and Analytics

Sustainability goals are growing more important, but also harder to meet, meaning that better analytical tools become a competitive advantage.

Bio-based Polymers Have Potential in Biomedicine, Agricultural Markets

In a polymer market worth over $100 billion, bio-based alternatives can offer advantages like biodegradability in the right target markets.

Outside Partnerships Drive Profit and Revenue for Building Materials Firms

External engagements better correlate with increased revenues and earnings, relative to R&D spending, according to Lux Research's analysis of 50 large building materials companies.


Aquaculture Boom Creates $13.3 Billion Water Treatment Market in 2030

Already $7.2 billion, the market for water treatment in aquaculture will expand rapidly as aquaculture rises to meet 62% of global fish demand in 2030.

Li-ion Dominates the Booming Grid Storage Market with 90% of 2014 Proposals

Molten salt batteries still account for a majority of existing grid storage installations, but Li-ion is rapidly taking over as the market matures.

Lux Research Acquires Resource Data and Analytics provider Energy Points

The acquisition adds benchmarking and geospatial analytics to Lux Research, which will support clients in improving resource efficiency and identifying new emerging technologies and business opportunities.

Alternative Proteins to Claim a Third of the Market by 2054

Shifts in supply and demand of protein for human consumption will drive the rise of alternative proteins to 307 million MT by 2054, initiating significant changes in the food and agriculture landscape.

Carbon Fiber to Go Mainstream in Automobile by 2025

Light-weight carbon-fiber reinforced plastics will become technically and economically viable to carmakers, dwarfing current applications, but not for 10 more years.

Strategy Is Key Differentiator as More Efficient GaN, SiC Power Electronics Enter Market

While carmakers could succeed by playing the role of an “integrator,” GaN or SiC developers could be a “technology disruptor” offering core technology expertise.

Cutting Down the Industrial Internet’s ‘Tower of Babel’

Multiple winners will emerge as open standards replace proprietary middleware, with commercial buildings and manufacturing as the top users.

Venture Funding for Building Energy Systems Rose to Nearly $1 Billion in 2014

Over the last three years, venture capitalists invested a record $2.64 billion in this segment, a 15-year high.

Higher Recovery Rates in Tight Oil Can Unlock 8 Billion Barrels in the U.S.

A sharp plunge in oil prices has shifted the focus from drilling new tight oil wells to optimizing dismal recovery rates of less than 10%.

The Capacity of Emerging Bio-based Material and Chemicals Technology to Rise to 7.4 Million Metric Tons in 2018

Capacity will more than triple from 2008's value, as the United States and Brazil drive capacity growth to nearly 3 million tons in the Americas alone.

Market for More Efficient GaN Power Conversion Devices to Hit $1.1 Billion in 2024

GaN-on-silicon will lead with 90% of the market; GaN on silicon carbide will gain traction in transportation but GaN-on-GaN will be hobbled by high prices.

New Technologies Using Passive Aeration and Process Control Dramatically Improve Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Up to 2% of all electrical power goes to managing wastewater, but a new generation of start-ups is offering improved options.

Distributed Manufacturing, DIY, and Microfactories: Industrial Revolution in the Making

Distributed manufacturing has popped out products from smart watches to cars, but scale economics and demand for novelty show which industries it will disrupt.