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Press Releases

Materials Informatics is a Disruptive Technology for Chemicals and Materials R&D, Says Lux Research

Startups including Citrine Informatics, Lumiant, and Nutonian are re-shaping this growing landscape.

Solar Photovoltaic Installations Will Double to 800 GW by 2021 as Annual Installations Reach 107 GW, Says Lux Research

North America and India pick up speed and balance the market as demand in China slows.

Transportation and Stationary Energy Storage Will Overtake Consumer Electronics as the Largest Markets for Energy Storage by 2018, Says Lux Research

By 2025 the energy storage market will top $100 billion applications in transportation alone reaching $69 billion.

President Trump’s Energy Agenda Won’t Stop Renewables’ and Energy Storage’s Momentum, Says Lux Research

Offshore wind is an unexpected winner, piggybacking on Trump’s offshore development for oil and gas; renewables and energy storage to remain strong.

Bregal Sagemount Announces Acquisition of Lux Research

Bregal Sagemount, a leading private equity firm focused on growth-oriented investments, announced that it has acquired Lux Research.

Digital Tech Poised to Disrupt Building Industry and Help Create Construction Multinationals

Emerging technologies including augmented reality, 3D printing and building information model systems promises to cut precious time and costs, and even raise quality.

With $4.7 Billion in Sales, Thin Film Leaders First Solar and Solar Frontier Keep Pressure on Silicon

While thin film will not challenge silicon for solar market dominance any time soon, new innovations keep the leaders competitive, with First Solar moving faster than main rival Solar Frontier.

NB-IoT Standard Poised to Take 90% Share of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks for IoT

By 2022, NB-IoT will likely capture over 90% of the LPWAN connections globally, trouncing rival standards Sigfox and LoRaWAN on the strength of its wider coverage and reliability. LoRaWAN is likely to complement NB-IoT in niche cases, and 5G is unlikely to disrupt the LPWAN space until at least 2028.

Canada’s Proposed Carbon Pricing Scheme Presents $120 Billion Opportunity

Home-grown Canadian start-ups offer an all-of-the-above solution to reducing emissions, with those targeting transportation and waste best-positioned.

Hyundai, Toyota Lead in Hydrogen Innovation – But Is Anyone Following?

Automakers top the charts in hydrogen infrastructure innovation with a 40% share of hydrogen infrastructure patents, as they look to the promise of cars with no carbon emissions. However, the hydrogen economy is evolving in an isolated, Japan-specific way, and lacks support from other parts of the value chain, questioning the viability of the concept.

Jobs in Call Centers and Bank Back Offices Face the Axe as Enterprises Embrace ‘AI First’

With artificial intelligence automating finance, admin, and marketing, enterprises ponder software, strategy, technologies, and impact.

Li-ion Retains Cost Edge for Stationary Energy Storage

As the modern power grid demands more energy storage, Li-ion benefits from the scale of electric vehicle production, while flow batteries are competitive only for long durations.

Eliminating Wastewater: Zero-liquid Discharge Market to $2.7 Billion in 2030

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD), an approach to wastewater treatment that prevents any liquid waste from flowing out of a power plant or factors, will grow at a 12% annual rate into a $2.7 billion market in 2030.

Data Points Hidden in 23,000 Oil & Gas Research Papers Reveal Top Industry Trends

Oil and Gas technology executives have lost entire teams amongst budget cuts in the past two years. They are now responsible for assessing partnerships at a high level, while also uncovering technology solutions for niche basin issues.

Global Biofuels to Rise to 67 Billion Gallons in 2022 as Next-Generation Technologies Take Over

New biofuel technology is finally starting to push aside traditional biofuels like first-generation biodiesel. New facilities based on non-food feedstocks and producing novel fuels account for over half of new capacity deployment for the first time in the biofuel industry’s history.

Will Warehouse Robotics Replace or Enhance Humans?

In the near term, automation opportunities focus on assisting humans with mundane tasks, but in the longer term innovations will allow robots to replace human workers.

New Food Business Models Capture 5% to 25% Premium for Added Convenience

Start-up companies from Blue Apron to UberEATS are developing new business models and demonstrating consumers’ willingness to pay for convenience.

Top-Rated Food Packaging Innovations Focus on Performance and End-of-Life Solutions

Lux Research assessed the most promising innovations for the next generation of packaging that can meet needs for healthier food, longer life, and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Partnerships and IP Show Why Bayer-Monsanto Merger Will Be a Winner

The $66 billion acquisition will create the only player with dominant positions in both agrichemicals and seeds, but the combined entity will be weak in digital agriculture.

Venture Funding for Air Quality Tech Lags Need, at just $71 Million in the Last Three Years

Air monitoring start-ups account for 85% of funding for indoor air quality management with backing for new air purification tech far behind.