Press Releases

Lux Research Identifies Budding Opportunities in the $12 Billion Cannabis Industry

Lux Research identifies and analyzes the opportunities & barriers across the cannabis value chain in a new report, "Cannabusiness Innovation: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, and Barriers."

Lux Research Establishes AI's Role in Unleashing Intelligent Sensing

 To guide innovation and investment in this fast-evolving market we took a deep dive into how and where enhanced AI analytics are rapidly improving the capabilities of software-defined sensors.

Lux Research Evaluates Technologies to Valorize More Than 3.5 Billion Tons of Waste Annually

The report details the challenges and opportunities in converting waste to fuels, chemicals, materials, feed, fertilizer, food, cellulose pulp, and carbon black.

Lux Research Names Industrial Sector as the Next Frontier for Hydrogen

The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has raised the level of interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen. 

Lux Research Takes Technology Planning to the Next Level by Ranking the 299 Top Innovations

The Lux 299 expands the model behind our successful annual ranking of the most transformative technologies, providing daily value to those charged with long-term growth strategy and innovation planning.

Lux Research Expects Electrification Will Truly Disrupt the Aerospace Industry

Lux's deep dive examines air taxis, flying cars, small regional aircraft, and commercial airliners, highlighting key players and commercialization timelines as well as technology advances and barriers.