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U.S. Losing Ground as Global Innovation Powerhouse; China and South Korea Take Top Spots

The report’s analysis finds that the center of innovation power is undeniably shifting toward the East as the transition toward a new world order is underway. The rise of Asia innovation is a global phenomenon and ripe with opportunities for everyone, not just the regional players.

Lux Research Identifies the Key Impacts Digitalization Is Having on the Food Industry

Through a series of data-backed use cases, Lux's new report, "The Digital Transformation of the Food Industry," identifies a framework that agrifood industry players should use to evaluate and implement digital tools for solving specific business issues.

Fueling the 5G Frenzy: New Materials in High Demand to Meet Rapid Rollout of Technology Across the Globe

$2.3 Billion Market Created for High-Frequency Substrate Materials as 5G Infrastructure Rolls out Worldwide. From consumer cell phones and wireless networks to the technology arms race taking place between global superpowers, carriers are implementing 5G networks at breakneck speed. 

Tech’s New Frontier? Oil and Gas

According to a new report from Lux Research, the oil companies of the future may resemble the tech companies of today. Moreover, if these companies fail to adapt to the changing digital landscape faced by all industries, they could be left behind.

Tech to Change the World: Lux Research Releases Annual List of Transformational Technologies

Lux Research's "20 for 20" list highlights the technologies and trends that will transform the way we live, work, and play over the next decade. The annual report combines the power of insights from technology experts with proprietary data science tools to better guide innovation decision making.


Lux Research Identifies Four Key Factors Forcing the Oil & Gas Industry to Reinvent for the Digital Age

Lux’s new report, The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas, analyzes how industry leaders are adapting to meet these challenges, as well as what the evolution and maturation of this digital transformation means for the future of the industry as a whole.  

Digital Opportunities Increase as Healthcare Plans to Spend Additional $750 Billion by 2020

Increasing prevalence of chronic disease, rapidly aging populations, and huge middle-class growth in developing economies are combining to push the growth in global healthcare expenditure from 2.4% in 2015 to an estimated 7.5% by 2020, making next year’s growth alone an additional $750 billion.

Despite $6.1 Billion in Funding, China Not Leading in AI Innovation

The new report analyzes the total number of AI-related VC funding, patents, and research papers in five major AI technology areas: fundamental AI, natural language processing (NLP), voice recognition, computer vision, and AI processors and edge computing.

Lux Research Joins Greentown Labs as Gigawatt Partner

Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech startup incubator in North America, and Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services for technology innovation, announced that Lux has joined Greentown Labs as its newest Gigawatt-level Partner.

Lux Research Forecasts $10.7 Billion Market Opportunity in Metamaterial Devices

Metamaterial devices are poised to grow to $10.7 billion by 2030 in 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, and more.

The World’s Top 4 Ride-Hailing Companies Are Worth More Than $166 Billion

Lux Research's recent research outlines how shared mobility is poised to disrupt the multitrillion-dollar auto industry. Self-driving cars, zero-emission vehicles, & connectivity are all defining the future of mobility.

Materials Informatics Strategies Will Cut Development Time in Half

Lux Research identifies and analyzes the opportunities & barriers across the cannabis value chain in a new report, "Cannabusiness Innovation: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, and Barriers."

Lux Research Identifies Budding Opportunities in the $12 Billion Cannabis Industry

Lux Research identifies and analyzes the opportunities & barriers across the cannabis value chain in a new report, "Cannabusiness Innovation: Opportunities, Bottlenecks, and Barriers."

Lux Research Establishes AI's Role in Unleashing Intelligent Sensing

 To guide innovation and investment in this fast-evolving market we took a deep dive into how and where enhanced AI analytics are rapidly improving the capabilities of software-defined sensors.

Lux Research Evaluates Technologies to Valorize More Than 3.5 Billion Tons of Waste Annually

The report details the challenges and opportunities in converting waste to fuels, chemicals, materials, feed, fertilizer, food, cellulose pulp, and carbon black.

Lux Research Names Industrial Sector as the Next Frontier for Hydrogen

The ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy has raised the level of interest and investment in zero-emission hydrogen. 

Lux Research Takes Technology Planning to the Next Level by Ranking the 299 Top Innovations

The Lux 299 expands the model behind our successful annual ranking of the most transformative technologies, providing daily value to those charged with long-term growth strategy and innovation planning.

Lux Research Expects Electrification Will Truly Disrupt the Aerospace Industry

Lux's deep dive examines air taxis, flying cars, small regional aircraft, and commercial airliners, highlighting key players and commercialization timelines as well as technology advances and barriers.