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Foresight 2022: Lux Research Releases Report on the Most Impactful Technologies in Sustainability

The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report illuminates the most impactful technologies and digital trends in sustainability that will change the landscape of business in 2022 and beyond, inspiring the next wave of innovations and igniting the sustainable strategies that will propel businesses forward.

New Approaches Promise to Set a New Bar for Large-Scale Battery Recycling, According to Lux Research

Existing battery recycling infrastructure capacity can’t handle the volumes of batteries that will come to market as electrification ramps up, but new technologies will create opportunities, according to Lux Research.

Growing Microbiome-Based Business Opportunities in the Consumer Products Space

Unmet needs in the microbiome space provide opportunities to engage for industry players across agrifood and personal care sectors, according to Lux Research.

The Lab of the Future May Be Here Before We Know It

Spurred by COVID-19, the momentum for digital tech in lab research is growing and brings an increasingly broad and powerful digital toolkit that includes AI, robotics, and IoT sensors.

Robotaxis Will Be Disruptive to Conventional Taxis and Ride-Hailing, but Not Car Ownership

Ultimately, robotaxi costs will be low enough to displace conventional taxi and ride-hailing, but the expected costs remain higher than most estimates of car ownership costs, according to Lux.

Lux Research Identifies Six Key Opportunities in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) that Could Capture $78 Billion in Market Share

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is set to reach a market value of $100 billion by 2030. Lux identifies six key opportunities that could account for 78% of that market value.

Digital Biomarkers Are Emerging as Key to Personalized Health and Wellness Solutions, and the Time to Act is Now, According to Lux Research

Digital biomarkers are opening new ways to use established sensors and will become increasingly ubiquitous over the next five years, according to Lux.

Lux Research Announces 2021 Innovator of the Year Award Honorees

The Lux Executive Summit (LES) is a global forum for leaders tackling innovation challenges. This year's annual event will deliver the insights, thinking, and connections you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company and be prepared to deliver and thrive in a sustainable future. Learn more about our first-ever Innovator of the Year Awards!

Lux Research Introduces a Framework to Help Provide a Path to the Decarbonization of Industry

The industrial sector is responsible for 21% of global carbon emissions, more than 9 gigatons of CO2 per year - check out Lux's framework that helps provide a path to the decarbonization of industry.

Lux Research Predicts Lights-Out Manufacturing for Most Tasks Will Be Feasible Starting in the Late 2020s

A framework created by Lux Research analyzes the drivers and barriers for automation of manufacturing tasks and predicts the timeline for reaching complete automation.

Lux Research Identifies Opportunities Beyond Regulatory Compliance in Food Traceability and Transparency

Through evaluation of macro forces and discussions with stakeholders in the industry about unmet needs, Lux Research gives shape to the future of traceability and transparency in food.

Financing, Access, and Literacy: Lux Research Identifies Major Challenges for Patients in Navigating Healthcare Systems Around the World

Despite the emergence of new, patient-centric tools in healthcare, patients still struggle to coordinate and seek holistic healthcare solutions for themselves and their loved ones.

On-Site Power Generation to Kickstart the Decarbonization of the Commercial and Industrial Sector, According to Lux Research

The well-known concept of on-site power generation continues to evolve with the energy transition and will kickstart the decarbonization journey in various industries.

Lux Research Identifies Four Key Global Megatrends Set to Alter the $50 Billion Adhesives Market

The shifting landscape of the adhesives market provides opportunities for growth and innovation but also a threat to existing key players in the market.

The New Reality: Opportunities in Augmented Reality to Explode in Coming Years

Lux Research foresees innovations and advancements that will drive smart glasses adoption in as little as two years and fully immersive AR glasses in as little as five years.

Lux Research Appoints Frank D. Brilliant as Chief Executive Officer

Lux's Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new CEO tor drive Lux’s next phase of accelerated growth.

A Decade After Initially Failing, Battery Swapping in Electric Vehicles Has a New Lease on Life with Promising Economics

Although battery swapping failed nearly a decade ago, it is now being considering for supporting taxi fleets in urban environments.  

Bans and Taxes Likely to Spread While EPRs Lag Behind in Sustainable Material Regulations

Policy and regulations hold a unique place as drivers of corporate sustainability practices, which creates a clear need for corporations to understand and predict future regulatory states.


The turbulent events of 2020 significantly altered consumer behavior and interaction with consumer packaged goods (CPG). These changes are impacting companies and challenging them to shift their innovation strategies for the “new” normal.

After a Decade’s Worth of Growth in 2020 Due to COVID-19, E-Commerce Faces Packaging Issues

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) packaging has long played a critical role in the experience and utility of consumer products – but now, packaging and materials companies must meet a broader set of requirements as consumers demand sustainability and adopt new e-commerce business models.

Lux Research’s Carbon Canvas Provides a Starting Point for Decarbonization Strategy Roadmaps

Putting a price on carbon is the primary instrument for governments and industries to incentivize greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction with the thought that a pricing scheme would ultimately favor processes with lower GHG emissions over those with higher GHG emissions.

Regulatory Approval Remains a Major Challenge for Cell-Based Meat Despite $800 Million in Funding

A staggering sum of more than $800 million has been invested in the cell-based meat space since its arrival to agrifood in 2016, allowing many startups to transition into pilot-scale setup or even commercialization of their products. However, despite this progress, the industry still faces a major challenge in regulatory approval.

Lux Research Predicts a $25 Billion Market for Wearable Biosensors by 2030

Biosensors offer tremendous promise as convenient, easy-to-use, and low-cost solutions to monitor underlying physiological conditions compared to other incumbent diagnostic techniques. This will lead to an increase in applications for biosensors, such as vital signs monitoring, metabolism monitoring, biomarker detection, and disease diagnosis.

Pivotal Point Reached in Battery Electric Vehicles As “Hockey Stick” Demand Inflection Point Occurred in 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a sluggish start to vehicle sales in 2020, electric vehicles emerged as a bright spot, according to new data from Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

Optical Metamaterials Will Soon Be Ready for $50 Billion Optics Market, According to Lux Research

The technology to design and manufacture optical metamaterials is rapidly maturing, making commercial adoption likely soon, according to Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services. The potential $50 billion market ranges from corrective lenses and consumer devices to industrial, medical, aerospace, automotive, and military equipment.

Under Pressure, Consumers Push the Apparel Industry to More Viable Sustainable Practices

As climate change concerns are moving to the forefront of consumer minds, the apparel industry has been under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. In the apparel industry, it is critical to develop robust textile recovery infrastructure and scale up textile recycling technologies that can handle mixed post-consumer textile waste.

As Water Prices Rise at an Average Of 5% to 11% Around the World, New Solutions in Brine Management Emerge

Global water scarcity is pushing industry to aggressively compete with agriculture and public supply for access to fresh water. With water prices increasing at an average rate of 5% to 11% around the world, industries need to focus on not only recycling and reusing water but also finding value in their waste.

The Energy Sector Needs IT Support, but Big Tech Companies Are Not Looking to Become Energy Natives

The information technology sector is both a large consumer of renewable electricity and an enabler of the energy transition through digitization. Lux's new report, “The Energy Transition of the IT Sector: Market Forecast and Opportunities,” looks at the activities of the IT sector in the energy transition and assesses the opportunities and threats it may pose to the energy sector.

EU to Emerge as a Leader in Pyrolysis as the Rest of the World Catches up on Mechanical Recycling

Lux Research predicts how regional differences in policy and infrastructure will impact the state of the sustainable plastics industry in 2030.

Byproduct-based Leathers, Bio-based Leathers, and Recycled Leathers Expected to Reach $1 Billion by 2025

Dwindling demand for cow-based products and growing interest in sustainability are driving innovation in leather alternatives, and now is the time to invest, according to new data from Lux Research. The $400 billion leather goods market is already accepting of alternatives like pleather, on its own a market in the mid-tens of billions of dollars, and with no one-size-fits-all solution, there is ample opportunity to partner or invest.

Digital Opportunities in Healthcare Can Save the Global Economy Trillions of Dollars

Lux Research defines wellness as a form of preventative care and identifies the opportunities that lie in leveraging digital tools to support emerging paradigm shifts.

Sustainable Plastics Will Make up More Than 15% of Production by 2030

A new report from Lux Research predicts the state of plastics sustainability over the next decade. In 2030, 15% of plastics will be sustainable, fueled primarily by a tripling of global plastics recycling along with strong regulatory action that bans the most problematic types of plastic products.

Cheaper Batteries and More Efficient Powertrains Crucial for Making Profitable Electric Vehicles

“Electrification of the automotive industry is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘how fast,’” explains Chris Robinson, Research Director at Lux and lead author of the report. “The push for electrification is due primarily to two factors – technology improvements and regulations. Because of this, automakers have cumulatively committed to investing hundreds of billions of dollars to design, build, and sell BEVs.”

Lux Research Forecasts the 3D Printing Market Will Reach $51 Billion in 2030

The total 3D printing market will reach $51 billion in 2030, driven mainly by growth in production parts, according to new data from Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

Lux Research Predicts Autonomous Vehicle Market to Be a $50 Billion Opportunity by 2040

Few mobility technologies hold as much disruptive potential as autonomous vehicles. Despite having applications in logistics, robotaxis, and personally owned vehicles, AVs have remained on the cusp of transforming the automotive space. Our new report captures the full picture of AVs and what this means for the future of this $50 billion innovation opportunity. 

Food Security, Safety, & Transparency are Asia’s Most Pressing Agrifood Issues, According to Lux Research

The next 30 years will be a defining era for Asia’s agrifood innovation ecosystem. Population growth, rapid urbanization, and an expanding middle class are all exerting pressure on Asia’s food system to keep pace, translating to three key needs: food security, safety, and transparency.

Lux Research Names the Top Digital Transformation Startups of 2020

Lux Research’s digital transformation experts are continuously monitoring industry megatrends and events to identify innovative startups in the space. Lux’s new market map, “The Top Digital Transformation Startups of 2020,” identifies 20 startups that were awarded a “Lux Positive” or “Lux Strong Positive” rating based on evaluations of their technology, business strategy, market positioning, and leadership.

The Top 5 Technologies for Innovation Leaders in Electronics and IT

Digital biomarkers, edge computing, and AI-enabled sensors are among the top technologies transforming the electronics landscape, according to Lux Research's new report.

Top Startups Disrupting the Mobility Industry

Although significant disruptions arising from COVID-19 created major challenges for automakers and mobility providers, this didn’t change the fact that the mobility industry is undergoing the most significant change in a century. To help guide innovation in this space, Lux Research's new market map highlights the most innovative mobility startups of 2020.

Lux Research Names the Top Food and Agriculture Startups of 2020

Numerous challenges, from climate to COVID to human migration, aligned in 2020 to stifle growth across food and agriculture, laying bare technology, food, and health system weaknesses.  These vivid impacts are not without opportunity, even as the lines across value chains blur. Picking the right startups and partners to remain ahead in this dynamic period is critical, and Lux’s methodology and expert knowledge achieve that outcome.

CO2 Utilization Will Be a $550 Billion Market by 2040

Despite unprecedented action against climate change over the past decade, global emissions witnessed steady growth and only fell in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. All projections have emissions returning to their upward trajectory unless drastic measures are taken across the entire energy system.

Lux Research Names the Top 5 Technologies for Automotive Innovation Leaders

Autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and AI-enabled sensors are among the key technologies reshaping the automotive landscape. Lux Research's annual report, “Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch," ranks the 12 key technologies that will reshape the world and outlines the top 5 technologies for automotive innovation leaders to watch.

The Top 5 Technologies Transforming Food and Agriculture in the Next Decade

It’s harder than ever before to be a food or agriculture company. To help guide innovation in this space, Lux Research released its annual report, “Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch.” In addition to highlighting the key overall technologies, for the first time ever, this year’s report ranks the top five technologies in the food and agriculture space.

Top Startups Disrupting the Chemicals & Materials Industry

Based on interviews with key startups in the materials and chemicals sector, Lux Research has published a market map of the industry's top startups in 2020. The chemicals and materials industry is going to see more dramatic change over the next 20 years than it has in at least the last 50,” says Anthony Schiavo, Senior Analyst at Lux. 

Lux Research Names the Top Energy Startups of 2020

Based on interviews with key startups in the energy space, Lux analysts have published a list of the top 20 startups in 2020. The list has been published in the market map “Top Energy Startups of 2020.”

From 5G to Edge, Remote Connectivity Advancements Will Break Down Transmission Barriers, According to Lux Research

Distance and physical barriers are hampering data transmission to remote locations, but new technologies are evolving to break down these barriers. In its newest report, “Innovating Remote Connectivity,” Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, analyzes evolving technologies and their suitability for key industries that require remote solutions.

Lux Research Names Top 5 Technologies Disrupting the Chemicals and Materials Industry

Trends like sustainability and digitalization are going to dramatically change the chemicals and materials industry over the next 20 years. Investing in technology innovations will be critical for companies to keep up.

Lux Research Names Top 5 Technologies Disrupting the Energy Industry

The new report, “Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch,” identifies and ranks 12 key technologies that will reshape the world. In addition to highlighting the 12 key overall technologies, for the first time ever, this year’s report ranks the top five technologies across five key industries: chemicals and materials, automotive, food and agriculture, electronics and IT, and energy.

Mobility a Major Focus for Smart City Innovation Growth

With urban populations expected to increase more than 50% by 2050, smart city planners are turning to novel technologies and business models to support future urban mobility.