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Lux Research Launches Interactive, Data-Driven Technology Innovation Analytics Capability

Lux Research

New Tech Pages Pair Data Science with Expert Insight to Offer Clients Curated Analysis and Latest Data for the World’s Most Disruptive Innovations

BOSTON, MA – November 1, 2018: Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services for technology innovation, today announced Tech Pages: a single, trusted destination for data and insights about the most important technology innovations. These dedicated pages, which are a new addition to Lux’s subscription service for members, raise the standard for research and advisory firms by combining depth of content with expert filtering to deliver insight, not just information. They feature news commentary, segmentation of key players, real-world use cases, updated analytics for patents, papers, and funding as the market changes, and data-driven insights compiled and updated by Lux’s subject matter experts. Topics covered range from solid-state batteries to carbon-fiber composites to IoT cyber-security to the microbiome.

"To get the most out of fast-evolving technologies, it's important to be have easy access to vital information that filters out the clutter and delivers actionable insight," said Cosmin Laslau, Director of Research Products at Lux Research. "With Tech Pages, Lux utilizes tailored data science techniques, developed in-house specifically to solve innovation-related challenges, to provide a trusted, single source for clients to discover, research, and stay up-to-date with the evolving landscape of emerging technologies. In short, we are offering clients a starting point for the innovation process designed to inform decisions and inspire ideas."

Discover, Learn, Stay Up-to-Date

Lux Tech Pages offer clients an array of data, paired with expert insights, for the technologies it has determined will have the greatest impact in the coming years. Key features include:

  • Information on news, patents, academic papers, and investments, aggregated from multiple data sources and then cleaned, formatted, curated, analyzed, and visualized.
  • Key player analysis that identifies and evaluates the organizations – including large companies, start-ups, and research centers – that are most active in the technology.
  • Real world use cases and expected trajectory for the technology, as well as challenges to overcome.
  • Data updates as the market changes, and regular updates to the “Lux Take” - Lux analyst expert analysis of developments for each technology.
  • Interactive visualizations that can be downloaded at the push of a button.
  • Links to the wider ecosystem of Lux content for further details and insight, including proprietary analyses such as market landscapes in Lux’s Innovation Grids, company profiles, and research reports.
  • Mobile-friendly user experience with optional alerts and updates available for those who want to know instantly when there are meaningful changes in a selected technology area.

To get a preview of a Lux Research Tech Page or to start exploring an area of tech innovation, click here.