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Lux Research Launches Lux Invest Intelligence Service, Expands Coverage to Serve the Financial Services Sector

Lux Research

Leading technology, growth, and strategy firm focuses its sights on
identifying investment opportunities enabled by emerging technologies
in physical and life sciences

Boston, MA –October 7, 2014 Lux Research announced today the launch of its new Lux Invest Intelligence service, extending its offerings to the Financial Services segment.

Lux Research has been studying emerging technologies for ten years and now covers 16 industry domains. “Among the 1,700 companies we cover annually, 246 are publicly listed in 8 different stock exchanges, across a variety of emerging technology sectors including Energy, Water, Agriculture, Electronics, Healthcare, and Advanced Materials,” said Dennis Philbin, the CEO of Lux Research. “These public companies add up to a combined market capitalization of $200 billion.”

In all of the sectors, Lux Research will now also identify investment theses, timelines, and tipping points to inform investment decisions. The key secular trends enabling the adoption of advanced technology in these areas are:

  • Need for sustainability and supply security in the Energy sector. Climate change, cybersecurity and the challenge of distributed generation have increased the pressure on electric utilities to enhance grid resilience. Winners in this environment will likely range from providers of automated distribution, such as Schneider Electric, to innovative utilities disrupting their own business models, such as NRG Energy.

  • Aging demographics exerting pressure on healthcare costs and government budgets. Aging populations and unsustainable health care costs have long pointed to the urgency of improved approaches to health care. Technological advances – in areas from genomics to nanowire sensors – and novel delivery approaches, such as point of care diagnostics and wearable sensors, have made it seem within reach. Winners will include companies like NinePoint Medical, who has developed an optical coherence tomography (OCT) device for gastrointestinal tract cancer imaging.

  • Advances in connectivity and data analytics are enabling industrial automation. Among the winning applications will be autonomous robots for monitoring and inspection, such as those from Bluefin Robotics, used in the search for the missing MH 370 flight.

Clients subscribing to the Lux Invest Intelligence Service receive ongoing research on market and technology trends, custom investment theses, and tear sheets on individual companies on demand. They will also receive results of analyses from the Lux Innovation Grid, a robust framework that identifies and ranks new and emerging companies, and benefits from on-demand access to Lux Research analysts.

Listen to our recent, complimentary webinar, “Health is Wealth: Investment Opportunities in Health and Wellness,” to learn more.