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Lux Research Takes Technology Planning to the Next Level by Ranking the 299 Top Innovations

Lux Research

Introduces Powerful New Resource to Objectively and Continuously Challenge and Validate Strategic Roadmap From Discovery to Delivery

BOSTON, MA – February 7, 2019  Lux Research, a leading provider of global tech-enabled research and advisory services for innovation, today unveiled the Lux 299 Top Innovations list, an objective, AI-powered ranking of the world's most impactful technologies. Designed as a resource for executives who build strategic roadmaps and manage research and development portfolios, the Lux 299 is a core new feature that objectively and continuously challenges and validates strategic roadmaps, enabling better decisions, faster. The list uses proprietary data science algorithms on diverse datasets to rank the technologies and updates daily to reflect the most updated data on investments, patent filings, and R&D discoveries. From discovery to delivery, this powerful tool enables executives to effectively deploy resources to drive growth for their organization.

"The Lux 299 expands the model behind our successful annual ranking of the most transformative technologies, providing daily value to those charged with long-term growth strategy and innovation planning,” said Andrew Stockwell, Senior Vice President of Research, Product, and Operations at Lux. "Also, powered by our data science platform – the Lux Intelligence Engine – the Lux 299 delivers ongoing insight to help forward-looking companies make objective decisions by empirically prioritizing technologies for serious consideration."  

Objective Insights, Custom Information, Data Updated Daily

A new model for tracking and ranking transformative technologies, the Lux 299 Top Innovations rapidly captures shifts in evolving markets. The list automatically updates, based on the latest patents, academic papers, funding, and Lux proprietary data, to offer fresh insight. Additionally, it offers a number of features that let members customize how they query the data to quickly and easily find what's relevant to them.

To maximize the power of the Lux 299 list, members can:

  • Filter, search, and sort the list by a number of categories, including metrics such as technology maturity and overall innovation interest.
  • Visualize selected technologies on a custom radar data graphic and export the figure for use in presentations and reports.
  • Follow technologies to receive alerts when there are meaningful changes.
  • Track how technologies move up or down the list.
  • Access related Lux published research, including Tech Pages, for added data and insights about the listed technologies.


The Lux 299 Top Innovations is a list of the most impactful technologies, ranging from the well-known (and often overhyped) to weak signals, for executives to track and determine the best course of action. The methodology behind this list comes from Lux Research's proprietary data science algorithms, which analyze innovation data like patents, academic papers, various funding types, news, and more, to continually monitor and rank the state of innovation. The algorithms are written by technology experts and data scientists and have been empirically tested with real-world data.

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