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A Decade After Initially Failing, Battery Swapping in Electric Vehicles Has a New Lease on Life with Promising Economics

Although battery swapping failed nearly a decade ago, it is now being considering for supporting taxi fleets in urban environments.  

Bans and Taxes Likely to Spread While EPRs Lag Behind in Sustainable Material Regulations

Policy and regulations hold a unique place as drivers of corporate sustainability practices, which creates a clear need for corporations to understand and predict future regulatory states.


The turbulent events of 2020 significantly altered consumer behavior and interaction with consumer packaged goods (CPG). These changes are impacting companies and challenging them to shift their innovation strategies for the “new” normal.

After a Decade’s Worth of Growth in 2020 Due to COVID-19, E-Commerce Faces Packaging Issues

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) packaging has long played a critical role in the experience and utility of consumer products – but now, packaging and materials companies must meet a broader set of requirements as consumers demand sustainability and adopt new e-commerce business models.

Lux Research’s Carbon Canvas Provides a Starting Point for Decarbonization Strategy Roadmaps

Putting a price on carbon is the primary instrument for governments and industries to incentivize greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction with the thought that a pricing scheme would ultimately favor processes with lower GHG emissions over those with higher GHG emissions.

Regulatory Approval Remains a Major Challenge for Cell-Based Meat Despite $800 Million in Funding

A staggering sum of more than $800 million has been invested in the cell-based meat space since its arrival to agrifood in 2016, allowing many startups to transition into pilot-scale setup or even commercialization of their products. However, despite this progress, the industry still faces a major challenge in regulatory approval.

Lux Research Predicts a $25 Billion Market for Wearable Biosensors by 2030

Biosensors offer tremendous promise as convenient, easy-to-use, and low-cost solutions to monitor underlying physiological conditions compared to other incumbent diagnostic techniques. This will lead to an increase in applications for biosensors, such as vital signs monitoring, metabolism monitoring, biomarker detection, and disease diagnosis.

Pivotal Point Reached in Battery Electric Vehicles As “Hockey Stick” Demand Inflection Point Occurred in 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a sluggish start to vehicle sales in 2020, electric vehicles emerged as a bright spot, according to new data from Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

Optical Metamaterials Will Soon Be Ready for $50 Billion Optics Market, According to Lux Research

The technology to design and manufacture optical metamaterials is rapidly maturing, making commercial adoption likely soon, according to Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services. The potential $50 billion market ranges from corrective lenses and consumer devices to industrial, medical, aerospace, automotive, and military equipment.

Under Pressure, Consumers Push the Apparel Industry to More Viable Sustainable Practices

As climate change concerns are moving to the forefront of consumer minds, the apparel industry has been under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. In the apparel industry, it is critical to develop robust textile recovery infrastructure and scale up textile recycling technologies that can handle mixed post-consumer textile waste.

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