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Press Releases

Lux Research Identifies Opportunities Beyond Regulatory Compliance in Food Traceability and Transparency

Through evaluation of macro forces and discussions with stakeholders in the industry about unmet needs, Lux Research gives shape to the future of traceability and transparency in food.

Financing, Access, and Literacy: Lux Research Identifies Major Challenges for Patients in Navigating Healthcare Systems Around the World

Despite the emergence of new, patient-centric tools in healthcare, patients still struggle to coordinate and seek holistic healthcare solutions for themselves and their loved ones.

On-Site Power Generation to Kickstart the Decarbonization of the Commercial and Industrial Sector, According to Lux Research

The well-known concept of on-site power generation continues to evolve with the energy transition and will kickstart the decarbonization journey in various industries.

Lux Research Identifies Four Key Global Megatrends Set to Alter the $50 Billion Adhesives Market

The shifting landscape of the adhesives market provides opportunities for growth and innovation but also a threat to existing key players in the market.

The New Reality: Opportunities in Augmented Reality to Explode in Coming Years

Lux Research foresees innovations and advancements that will drive smart glasses adoption in as little as two years and fully immersive AR glasses in as little as five years.

Lux Research Appoints Frank D. Brilliant as Chief Executive Officer

Lux's Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new CEO tor drive Lux’s next phase of accelerated growth.

A Decade After Initially Failing, Battery Swapping in Electric Vehicles Has a New Lease on Life with Promising Economics

Although battery swapping failed nearly a decade ago, it is now being considering for supporting taxi fleets in urban environments.  

Bans and Taxes Likely to Spread While EPRs Lag Behind in Sustainable Material Regulations

Policy and regulations hold a unique place as drivers of corporate sustainability practices, which creates a clear need for corporations to understand and predict future regulatory states.


The turbulent events of 2020 significantly altered consumer behavior and interaction with consumer packaged goods (CPG). These changes are impacting companies and challenging them to shift their innovation strategies for the “new” normal.

After a Decade’s Worth of Growth in 2020 Due to COVID-19, E-Commerce Faces Packaging Issues

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) packaging has long played a critical role in the experience and utility of consumer products – but now, packaging and materials companies must meet a broader set of requirements as consumers demand sustainability and adopt new e-commerce business models.

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