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Byproduct-based Leathers, Bio-based Leathers, and Recycled Leathers Expected to Reach $1 Billion by 2025

Dwindling demand for cow-based products and growing interest in sustainability are driving innovation in leather alternatives, and now is the time to invest, according to new data from Lux Research. The $400 billion leather goods market is already accepting of alternatives like pleather, on its own a market in the mid-tens of billions of dollars, and with no one-size-fits-all solution, there is ample opportunity to partner or invest.

Digital Opportunities in Healthcare Can Save the Global Economy Trillions of Dollars

Lux Research defines wellness as a form of preventative care and identifies the opportunities that lie in leveraging digital tools to support emerging paradigm shifts.

Sustainable Plastics Will Make up More Than 15% of Production by 2030

A new report from Lux Research predicts the state of plastics sustainability over the next decade. In 2030, 15% of plastics will be sustainable, fueled primarily by a tripling of global plastics recycling along with strong regulatory action that bans the most problematic types of plastic products.

Cheaper Batteries and More Efficient Powertrains Crucial for Making Profitable Electric Vehicles

“Electrification of the automotive industry is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘how fast,’” explains Chris Robinson, Research Director at Lux and lead author of the report. “The push for electrification is due primarily to two factors – technology improvements and regulations. Because of this, automakers have cumulatively committed to investing hundreds of billions of dollars to design, build, and sell BEVs.”

Lux Research Forecasts the 3D Printing Market Will Reach $51 Billion in 2030

The total 3D printing market will reach $51 billion in 2030, driven mainly by growth in production parts, according to new data from Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

Lux Research Predicts Autonomous Vehicle Market to Be a $50 Billion Opportunity by 2040

Few mobility technologies hold as much disruptive potential as autonomous vehicles. Despite having applications in logistics, robotaxis, and personally owned vehicles, AVs have remained on the cusp of transforming the automotive space. Our new report captures the full picture of AVs and what this means for the future of this $50 billion innovation opportunity. 

Food Security, Safety, & Transparency are Asia’s Most Pressing Agrifood Issues, According to Lux Research

The next 30 years will be a defining era for Asia’s agrifood innovation ecosystem. Population growth, rapid urbanization, and an expanding middle class are all exerting pressure on Asia’s food system to keep pace, translating to three key needs: food security, safety, and transparency.

Lux Research Names the Top Digital Transformation Startups of 2020

Lux Research’s digital transformation experts are continuously monitoring industry megatrends and events to identify innovative startups in the space. Lux’s new market map, “The Top Digital Transformation Startups of 2020,” identifies 20 startups that were awarded a “Lux Positive” or “Lux Strong Positive” rating based on evaluations of their technology, business strategy, market positioning, and leadership.

The Top 5 Technologies for Innovation Leaders in Electronics and IT

Digital biomarkers, edge computing, and AI-enabled sensors are among the top technologies transforming the electronics landscape, according to Lux Research's new report.

Top Startups Disrupting the Mobility Industry

Although significant disruptions arising from COVID-19 created major challenges for automakers and mobility providers, this didn’t change the fact that the mobility industry is undergoing the most significant change in a century. To help guide innovation in this space, Lux Research's new market map highlights the most innovative mobility startups of 2020.

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