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The Future of Mobility

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The intersection of technology innovations such as electrification, connectivity, and automation with business model innovations such as shared mobility are fundamentally changing the way we move people and goods. This has created a massive opportunity, flipping a trillion dollar industry on its head. 

Lux helps you understand the high-level trends shaping the future of mobility so you can make the right decisions to build that future.

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Four Themes of Lux's Mobility Research

Lux Research - Mobility - Urban Mobility Theme

Improving Urban Mobility

As urban populations grow and cities place increasing restrictions on vehicles in city centers, new solutions for moving people in cities are required.

To learn more about our upcoming research on smart cities and other urban mobility technologies, schedule a demo with us.

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Lux Research - Mobility - Decarbonizing Transit Theme

Decarbonizing Transit​

Electrification is a promising solution for decarbonizing vehicles. Today’s charging solutions are inadequate, while the energy needs of long-distance transit require completely new solutions.

Leading the charge is the world's largest battery electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla. Despite it's mobility innovations, Tesla remains unprofitable. Will Tesla ever make money?

Will Tesla Ever Make Money?
Lux Research - Mobility - Shared Mobility Theme

Profiting from shared mobility​

Despite rapidly increasing popularity, most shared mobility services aren’t yet profitable and need to find innovative solutions to generate profits.

The shared mobility space is poised to disrupt a multi trillion-dollar industry, and there are many partners and startups to explore. See the 52 shared mobility leaders you can't miss.

See the 52 Top Shared Mobility Companies
Lux Research - Mobility - Autonomous Vehicles Theme

Adapting to Autonomy​

The advent of autonomous vehicles will change the use case of vehicles, with ripple effects felt throughout the automotive supply chain and maintenance industry.

There are also major implications for the taxi service industry. With most autonomous vehicle developers pursuing robotaxi operations, Lux analysts examined the unmet needs for automotive interiors in the insight Inside the Robotaxi.

See Inside the Robotaxi

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