The Myth and Reality of Digital Transformation: A Debate

Presenters: Kevin See, Ph.D., VP, Research, and Shriram Ramanathan, Ph.D., Director, Research at Lux Research

Digital Transformation has already seen peaks and valleys in hype. On the one hand, corporations have built functions and launched huge initiatives to capitalize on it; at the same time the discussion often turns to how often these efforts fail. The timing is right to have a frank discussion of the outlook for specific technologies and use cases.

In this webinar, our Digital research leaders will discuss and debate controversial questions in the context of digital transformation, including:

  • Will Industry 4.0 be table stakes or competitive advantage?
  • Do CPG companies really understand their customers?
  • Will the promise of AI be realized?
  • Will the unwillingness to share data derail digital transformation efforts?
  • Do industry boundaries matter anymore in a digital world?

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