Top Transformational Technologies

Re-Shaping the World for 2021 and Beyond


  • Michael Holman, Ph.D., VP, Research (Moderator)
  • Chris Robinson, Senior Analyst
  • Yuan-Sheng Yu, Senior Analyst
  • Dani Bradnan, Research Associate


2020 has brought more sudden and unexpected change than any of us bargained for, with a pandemic and resulting economic impact shaking up priorities – but there are also key underlying trends from sustainability to digitalization that remain as strong and important as ever. Organizations need to re-examine their outlook on the technology innovations creating disruptions in their fields, separating the over-hyped novelties from the real actionable opportunities.

In this webinar, the Lux Research team will share our findings from our analysts' domain expertise and our data science tools, highlighting the top transformational technologies to watch in 2021 and beyond.

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