The Top Trends in Sustainable Innovation: Reviewing Key Developments of 2021 and Predictions for the Future

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Presenters: Chris Robinson, Research Director, Cole McCollum, Analyst, Harini Venkataraman, Ph.D., and Kristin Marshall, Analyst at Lux Research

For years, sustainability was considered nothing more than a corporate buzzword, but today, businesses are changing significantly to run more sustainably. Companies across sectors are setting their long-term sights on net-zero emissions, while near term, many are making investments and pioneering new processes to decarbonize their businesses. Although action on sustainability is real, it remains critical for innovation leaders to cut through the hype and find the breakthroughs that can deliver on sustainability at scale and with meaningful impact.

In this webinar, we leverage Lux’s Sustainable Innovation Model to look back at the key developments of 2021 and highlight what to look for in 2022 and beyond.

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