Transforming Open Innovation: Opportunities for Innovation Clusters

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Presenters: Anthony Vicari, Analyst, and Holly Havel, Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Decades into the era of "open innovation," companies have tested a wide range of structures and strategies to maximize returns and results in selecting, forming, and growing effective partnerships — with mixed results. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the world of open innovation to increasingly distributed, digital, and remote, and this trend is only going to accelerate as large companies, startups, and the nature of work itself adapt and reorganize in the aftermath. From now on, companies will face increasing pressure for speed, efficiency, and discernment in identifying and evaluating partners and investment targets. In addition, the innovation challenges companies must solve are themselves becoming increasingly multifaceted and systemic and are often unsolvable through traditional one-to-one partnerships.

This webinar draws on the experience of incubators, accelerators, and other innovation clusters to highlight best practices for selecting startup partners that will drive growth, avoid pitfalls and navigate a shifting and complex opportunity and innovation landscape.

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