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Finding New Opportunities

Lux Research helps utilities innovation leaders uncover the necessary information to adjust business models or create new models to protect their business and grow profitability. With a network of analysts working across many industries, Lux has a combination of breadth and depth of knowledge that allows for unique insights and creative solutions to key current and forthcoming challenges.

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How We Help Clients

  • We have insights into applications and sectors that don't use electricity now but will in the future.
  • Our research is focused on how to better manage electricity flows based on the needs of multiple stakeholders; we advise innovation leaders on how to monetize the management of those flows.
  • We help innovation leaders prepare for their future managing scarcity and surplus as the world electrifies.
  • Our research identifies all key current and forthcoming challenges to managing more volatile electricity demand, which means our research and advice help innovative companies devise the right business models to benefit from price fluctuations.

The Lux Difference

Our global perspective allows us to see how things are moving at different rates across geographies. We determine what we should research by looking beyond trends that are occurring, with an eye to predicting future trends and being one step ahead of what’s going on. We are fearless. We don't play it safe or tell innovation leaders what they want to hear; in fact, sometimes we have to tell them things they don't want to hear.

Client Outcomes

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We advise innovation leaders on customer-retention strategies so they can generate more revenue from customers the company already services.

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We scan the market and bring important items to the attention of innovative companies, letting them keep their internal innovation teams small and tight and allowing them to be agile.

Featured Case Study

Scenario development in the electricity sector
Case Study

Scenario development in the electricity sector

A large multinational was looking to build consensus across their energy division on a strategy to address the future needs of the electricity sector. As a first step, the client asked Lux Research to help map out scenarios and opportunities to address future unmet needs.


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