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Understanding Demand for Power

As the world becomes more electrified, innovators in the utilities sector continue to rely on Lux Research's proven track record of assessing new electrified products and their impact on the overall ecosystem to capitalize on the electrification trend and avoid potential pitfalls. Lux's ability to identify and track macro trends as well as regional specifics allows for a full view of the landscape and unparalleled forecasts.

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How We Help Clients

  • We forecast how and when electrified technologies will happen.
  • Our research uncovers the key parameters driving change in the demand for power.
  • We possess insights on differences in macro-level and regional trends and how they compare across the country in terms of regulatory policies.

The Lux Difference

Our research uncovers how electrification is unfolding across industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and consumer goods; our forecasts are unparalleled in terms of understanding the demand for power. We have a proven track record for making the right assessments of how new electrified products and the ecosystems around them move and actualize the promise of electrification.

Client Outcomes

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We create scenarios for future power demand and advise innovation leaders on taking the correct action.

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We expertly identify "no regret" options.

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We provide data and insights that help innovation leaders influence events, changing public perception and government decisions to control the future of the power grid to support their preferred scenario.

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