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How to Get and Keep your Piece of the Energy Pie

As the world is fighting climate change, the energy market will undergo profound changes. Even though energy consumption is still growing about 5% each year today, global primary energy consumption will return to the levels they were at in 2015 by 2040 according to the IEA sustainable development scenario.

Technology Trends Decarbonizing the Chemicals Industry

Decarbonization is an increasingly important issue for the chemicals industry, driven by both the specter of regulations and growing number of corporate targets. There’s no way for the chemicals industry to transition to a low-emissions future without innovative technologies like CO2 capture and conversion, plastics recycling, and biochemicals.  

Top Technology Innovations Driving Growth in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has experienced dramatic tidal shifts in opportunities and obstacles created by competition from smaller, more agile players combined with rapidly shifting consumer behavior and regional differences. Consumers continue to demand quality and choice at competitive price points, but as consumers become more connected to food, they also demand health outcomes and sustainability.

The Hospital of the Future

The healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting from a centralized, provider-centric model to a decentralized, patient-centric model. This is driven largely by the advent of digital tools that are enabling data acquisition, portability, and convenience for patients, providers and payers at an unprecedented scale.