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Home Energy Management: Opening the Door to Deliver on the Smart Home Promise

Arij van Berkel, Ph.D.
July 14, 2020

Presenter: Arij van Berkel, Ph.D, Director, Research at Lux Research

For years we have been told that the connected home of the future will deliver greater levels of security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. However, the lack of intelligence that the current 'smart home' actually delivers is disappointing.

In the meantime, the energy transition has brought distributed generation and storage assets to the built environment and is contributing to the evolution of the home ecosystem. This is now split into two branches: one concerned with smart home capabilities, and another focusing on larger, more energy intensive systems in the home like rooftop solar, battery systems, and electric vehicle chargers.

In this webinar, we will discuss how the smart home has been failing to deliver on its wild promises and how the new energy systems in the home may give it a second chance by granting opportunities for other players to try and deliver on such promises.

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