On-Demand Webinar: Innovating Innovation: Re-Evaluating Roles, Process, and Results

Arij van Berkel, Ph.D.
July 23, 2019

Presenter: Arij van Berkel, Ph.D., Director, Research at Lux Research

Product life-cycles continue to shorten because of the ongoing acceleration of innovation. Today, innovation is no longer a luxury. It is essential to maintain and grow your company. Not innovating or taking a wrong turn in innovation has brought down companies as powerful as Nokia and Kodak. With this acceleration, innovation as a core activity has also matured, resulting in sophisticated processes to manage projects and portfolios. Despite these ubiquitous processes, companies still struggle to get a handle on the effectiveness and efficiency of their innovation efforts. So, while the stakes and responsibilities of the innovation manager are increasing every day, the management processes and tools are not keeping pace. Innovation itself needs to innovate faster.

This talk will explore how data and insights will transform innovation management, turning it from mostly an art into more of a trade or even science. This will impact how you build and evaluate your portfolio, how you assess the business case for projects within the portfolio and how you visualize and explain the risks associated with innovation to the broader company.

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