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Lux is a research and advisory firm, focused on sustainable innovation that is commercially viable. Across all industries, an ever-increasing focus on sustainability is a major driver of change in business as we all strive to meet corporate sustainability goals, government regulations, and consumer expectations.

Lux is uniquely positioned to provide our clients answers to their questions about sustainability and business: what emerging technologies are poised to make a leap forward? What startups are worth investing in? What changes do we need to make to our product roadmap to successfully go to market?

Lux’s diverse team of analysts work cross-functionally across industries as well as technologies, thinking collaboratively and using proprietary research methodologies to unlock unique insights that only Lux delivers.

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Lux Product 4.0 Launch Announcement with Marisa Kopec

Lux’s Chief Research Officer, Marisa Kopec, introduces Lux’s new product architecture, and the research services that we offer. We have realigned our offerings to the most important issues and top initiatives of innovation and business leaders across numerous industries. Lux’s focus is twofold – sustainability and commercial viability.


Lux Insights

Becoming a Lux Insights Member gives you instant access to thousands of insights and in-depth analyses on emerging technologies, key players, start-ups, landscapes, patent and funding information, and more.

Lux offers multiple services licenses to fit your business’ specific needs:

  1. Insight License - Access to the Lux Platform including thousands of company profiles, news commentaries, technology landscapes, insight reports, and exclusive client webinars.
  2. Advisory License - Access to the Lux Platform as well as unlimited 50-minute virtual conversations with a Lux expert, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, strategic kick offs, and quarterly business reviews.
  3. Concierge License – Get everything Lux has to offer: access to the Lux Platform, unlimited 50-minute virtual conversations with a Lux expert, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, as well as a Lux Expert Concierge and quarterly executive roundtables.



Lux Expertise

With Lux Expertise, we are your thought partner in making critical investment decisions. We will join you on a targeted and collaborative pursuit of your company's most pressing innovation needs to propel your science-driven, technology-reliant growth ambitions.

Lux Expertise services include:

  • Market Assessments
  • Technology Assessment
  • Partner Search and Selection
  • Consulting Projects
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Analyst Onsite
  • Executive Digest
  • Speaking Engagement

  • the-lux-research-2022-foresight-report-executive-summary

    The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report Executive Summary

    The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report illuminates the most impactful technologies and digital trends in sustainability that will change the landscape of business in 2022 and beyond, inspiring the next wave of innovations and igniting the sustainable strategies that will propel your business.

  • the-top-trends-in-sustainable-innovation

    The Top Trends in Sustainable Innovation: Reviewing Key Developments of 2021 and Predictions for the Future

    While action on sustainability is real, it remains critical for innovation leaders to cut through the hype and find the breakthroughs that can deliver on sustainability at scale and with meaningful impact. In this webinar, we leverage Lux’s Sustainable Innovation Model to look back at the key developments of 2021 and highlight what to look for in 2022 and beyond.

  • Foresight 2022 Conversations: Energy

    Kevin Pang, VP, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux, spoke with Arij van Berkel, Ph.D., VP and Group Director of the Energy team and Holly Havel, Senior Research Associate on the Energy team, to delve a little deeper into some of the most interesting takeaways from The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report in the Energy space.

  • Foresight 2022 Conversations: Digital and Sustainability

    Kevin Pang, VP, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux, discusses some of the most interesting takeaways from The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report in the Digital space, with an eye towards sustainability. Kevin is joined by Shriram Ramanathan, Ph.D., Research Director of Lux's Digital team, and Kristin Marshall, an Analyst on the Materials team who leads Lux's coverage of bio-based materials and chemicals.

  • Foresight 2022 Conversations: Materials and Manufacturing

    Kevin Pang, VP, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux, spoke with Michael Holman, Ph.D., VP and Group Director of the Manufacturing and Materials team and Tiffany Hua, Senior Research Associate on the Manufacturing and Materials team, to further discuss some of the most interesting takeaways from The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report in the Materials and Manufacturing space.



  • Our deliverables from Lux far exceeded expectations.  We especially appreciate the organization and logic of Lux’s reasoning and are very impressed with the partner search and selection process. This engagement was a valuable added component to our Membership subscription.
    Director, Corporate Strategy Large Manufacturing Company
  • I don't plan on giving up this relationship for years. Thank you for being our trusted source.
    VP, Innovation Large Global Company
  • Lux has very good analysts that we turn to often to help in our initial assessment in competitive landscaping and market trends. Their response time is very quick and their database is very user-friendly.
    Alisa Band Senior Investment Manager | Henkel Tech Ventures
  • The information and discussion with [Lux was] really helpful for us to understand the current situation and perspective of circular economy. This opportunity gave us more various and deeper insights in deciding our strategic direction... this follow-up is really valuable input for our decision-making process.
    JSR Corporation Manager, Office of the President
  • Thank you for a good meeting last week. Personally, I was impressed with the depth of information that your organization holds in several areas and it confirmed to me that there is both interest and opportunity to continue the collaboration that we started several years back.
    Head of Research Large Manufacturing Company
  • Great discussion, very informative. We were able to spray the Lux team with a load of questions and get answers from many different perspectives.
    Sr. Manager, Global Research Global Consumer Products Company
  • Working with Lux has been excellent. They provide insightful information on a proactive and summarized basis, which is exactly what I need. The breadth and depth of emerging technology and market coverage provided as well as the discussions and exchanges with Lux analysts on topics of particular interest have been particularly valuable. The Lux engagement team has always been very helpful, too! 
    Steve Griffiths Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Office of Vice President for Research | Khalifa University
  • Our company was reviewing a new IoT offering from a vendor. We hired one of the Big 4 consultants to do a major review of the vendor offering, it was going to cost us $275k. The Lux report hype-busted the offering and it was enough that we canceled a $275k consulting project. Lux saved us $275k - that single report was worth the entire annual contract and then some.
    This has been helpful for me as I strategize how best to work with and monetize the assets in the space.

    Program Director, Business Strategy and Development Fortune 500 Company
  • Feedback about Lux is very positive. I see Lux Research as an invaluable resource to help do my job more effectively and provide relevant advice to my business and corporate leadership.
    Paris Tsobanakis Manager of Disruptive Innovations and Emerging Technologies | Cargill, Incorporated
  • Thanks a lot for this material. As you said, lots of elements to ponder. We are going to do a proof of concept with the company you suggested. The cost of using them could be 60% lower than the competitor. The information below gives us a good external view supporting this PoC. Thanks again!
    Head of Innovation Global Consumer Goods Company
  • This has been helpful for me as I strategize how best to work with and monetize the assets in the space.
    Director, Business Strategy Multinational Food Manufacturing Company
  • Great insight and fast results. Thanks for all of the effort. The info on electric rickshaws in India was very well received.
    Jesse Dambacher, Ph.D., MBA Director: R&D Innovations – VIOC | Valvoline, Inc.
  • Spot on information.
    Glenn Bijvoets Innovation Leader | Eneco
  • Lux provided an independent and informed view plus a level of detail we did not previously have.
    Senior Analyst Large Oil & Gas Company
  • It was good to meet you and I enjoyed your talk. I had a lot of good feedback on it from the R&D folks - it really made them think and struck a chord regarding innovation.
    Director, Innovation Large Utility Company
  • As usual, Lux provided timely, thoughtful information in response to a challenging question about the interplay of technology, economics and rational choices in the question to solve big issues in energy [hybrids and EVs]. This is the reason I continue to value Lux as the premiere provider of intelligence in the industry.
    VP, Technology Global Fortune 500 Diversified Industrial Corporation
  • This is interesting enough that we'll take the corporate jet out to Boston [to meet with you].
    VP, Intellectual Property Global Fortune 500 Electronics and IT Corporation

The Latest Insights From Lux

Expert insights, industry events, news, and more.

Companies tiptoe back to biobased acrylic acid

C&EN - In a recent report, Kristin Marshall, analyst at Lux says, biobased acrylics will remain a small market because they will be more expensive. She can imagine a niche diaper brand using more expensive biobased chemicals, but many parents will want the cheapest option. For now, that still involves petrochemicals.

COP26: The CPG sector must build supply chain and climate financing strategies

Coming out of COP26 it appears that for now, the CPG sector will need to tackle their issues alone, as most funding and action appears earmarked to energy and industrials. In this blog, Lux summarizes the key points emerging from COP26 for the CPG industry. 

COP26: Catalyzing the end of oil and gas

The energy industry has long been the bull's-eye of any discussions around climate change, and energy was once again front and center in Glasgow at COP26. In this blog, Lux summarizes the key points coming out of COP26 for the energy industry. 

New Approaches Promise to Set a New Bar for Large-Scale Battery Recycling, According to Lux Research

MORNINGSTAR - Historically, most battery recycling efforts offered low recovery rates for cathode active materials while consuming unsustainable amounts of energy and chemicals to do so, but new approaches have opened the door for large-scale battery recycling, according to new data from Lux Research.