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Drishti Masand

Drishti Masand

Accelerating Materials Innovation

Drishti Masand is an Analyst at Lux Research and a contributor to the Accelerating Materials Innovations team. In this role, she covers topics in the bio-based and advanced materials spaces. Drishti advises innovation teams and executives on CPG innovation, alternative business models, and sustainable materials, including packaging, personal care, cosmetic products, and apparel. She also contributes to Lux’s carbon capture and utilization coverage, fiber-reinforced composites, and other future material platforms. Drishti is fascinated with sustainable and circular economy strategies for innovative trends and disruptions in this space across different industries.

Prior to joining Lux, Drishti worked with PepsiCo on a project as part of her MEng degree. Drishti is listed as a co-inventor for the design produced through the project. Drishti graduated from Cornell University in May 2019 with a Master of Engineering degree in Materials Engineering. She completed her BEng degree in London, also specializing in Materials Engineering.

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