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Gain First-Mover Advantage with Materials Informatics

Over the past few years, innovation interest in materials informatics has grown exponentially, but materials informatics data challenges require companies to formulate a clear strategy to reap the benefits.

Uncovering Insights in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

We are applying this framework to several different industrial settings to help uncover novel insights and guidelines on successful deployment of AI. In this blog, we focus on the upstream oil and gas industry. The following are the use cases that we will analyze using our AI framework.  

The Further Evolution of Open Innovation

Many business publications, as well as many of our clients, state that they have yet to fully harness the idea of open innovation, let alone optimize it...

Asia’s Rise as a Global Autonomous Vehicle Hotbed

To understand the current landscape of Asia’s autonomous vehicle ecosystem, Lux Research identified the key players active in the region and mapped the region’s partnership network.


Unicorn startup Carbon raises another $260 million, marking the largest total funding of a private 3D printing company ever.

Budding Opportunities in the $12 Billion Cannabis Industry

As medical and recreational cannabis becomes big business it's becoming high time to pay attention to innovation trends in this developing space.

Identifying Materials Opportunities in Asia’s Evolving Health and Wellness Landscape

We explore how healthcare and the agrifood system in Asia will be driven by digital technologies to become more personalized, more responsive, and more predictive, and what opportunities that creates for materials and chemicals companies.

Venture capitalists are chasing cleantech unicorns, but will they just create another Solyndra?

With Uber's and Lyft's recent IPOs, the discussion of valuations and the coveted unicorn label is making the rounds in the innovation circle again.

5 Emerging technologies for the aging population

Aging-in-place solutions look to support graceful and comfortable aging in familiar surroundings with near term opportunities. There are at least five different digital technologies today that are already finding use cases to support aging-in-place:

#LuxTake: Emerging Challenges & Solutions in AI

In this blog, we will share our #LuxTake on the challenges and emerging solutions in AI. Emerging tools can solve some challenges in implementing AI; however, technology readiness varies greatly.