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Compromise Condition

When faced with competing priorities, human nature is to seek the middle ground – it is part of our psychological DNA. We have come to know this as The Compromise Condition. But when it comes to sustainability, is there room for compromise?

How Can We Navigate the Compromise Condition?

Business leaders and policymakers across the world are familiar with the compromise mindset. But when it comes to something as vital as a sustainable future for the plant and humankind, these choices take on another level of importance. Answering the key questions, cutting through the noise, and identifying the right innovations requires expertise and insight at the intersection of sustainability and business. This unique blend of expertise is why Lux is the Deciding Factor.

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Learn more about the Compromise Condition, why it is important to business leaders, and how Lux Research can help sift through the noise to find the right solutions for your business.

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Business, Sustainability, and Compromise

Across all industries, business leaders are being forced to walk a very fine line: balancing short-term economic goals with long-term sustainability objectives. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is all but impossible to simply choose to pursue one goal over the other, and yet it is increasingly difficult to navigate the compromises that business leaders and policymakers need to consider in solving the global challenge of growing business while accelerating sustainable innovation.

How can decisions be made effectively? What is the full scope of business components and sustainability elements that must be examined? Who can businesses partner with or invest in to reach their goals? When will specific sustainability technologies mature to the point of being a viable solution?

The answers to these questions equip business leaders to make the hard choices when it comes to sustainability and guide decision making processes to a successful conclusion. When negotiating these compromises and resolving conflicting goals of business and sustainability, you need the highest level of analysis and the most sophisticated research available: Lux Research, the Deciding Factor.

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