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Consumer Products

Lux Research's extensive research domains in agriculture, ingredients, and materials sciences provide innovation leaders in the consumer products industries new ideas for products and potential opportunities for new markets they have never before considered. In addition, our substantial technology expertise enables innovation leaders to find new ways to develop products and how to bring them to market digitally.

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Your Priorities

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Ingredients and Alternate Materials

Discover and source new ingredients or alternate materials that will create breakthrough products, penetrate new markets, or reach new consumers.

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Achieving Sustainability

Cut through sustainability hype to identify and prioritize sustainable technologies, optimize supply chains, as well as measure and communicate outcomes.

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"Better-For-You" Transformation

Figure out how to connect your products to consumer health and wellness wants and needs as well as how to eliminate harmful ingredients and enhance products by tapping into new benefits and consumer needs.

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Understand emerging technologies and strategies in order to design products that provide customized experiences to scale and grow.

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Digital Maturity

Leverage digital technologies to optimize operations, demystify the rapidly diversifying e-commerce space, as well as discover new data-enabled revenue streams.

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Policy and Regulations

Get pragmatic advice on how to guide innovation strategies based on regional policy changes and regulatory uncertainties.

Featured Webinars

Taking a Pragmatic Approach to the Circular Economy

On the issues of sustainability and climate change, there’s a huge imperative to get investment in future technologies right: Billions of lives will be impacted by the issue. This webinar showcases how innovation funding leads to technology deployment and identify the most and least promising ways of funding innovation for the sustainability transition.

Top Technology Innovations Driving Growth in the Food and Beverage Industry

Top Technology Innovations Driving Growth in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has experienced dramatic tidal shifts in opportunities and obstacles created by competition, rapidly shifting consumer behavior, and regional differences. In this webinar, we explore the informatics, ingredients, and digital innovation enablers that allow you to capitalize on these opportunities and avoid overstretching within a transforming food system.

Reality Check: What Sustainability Means for Your Business

Reality Check: What Sustainability Means for Your Business

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds, but it can mean different things to different organizations. This webinar looks at what happens when different consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry stakeholders stop being polite about sustainability – and start getting real. We explore the purpose and challenges of sustainability initiatives, and how you should be focusing your innovation efforts.

The Lux Foresight Report: Implications and Innovations in a Post-COVID World

The Lux Foresight Report: Implications and Innovations in a Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our landscape, and so much has changed about the world and business since the beginning of 2020. In this webinar, we discuss the Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report and what we think are the best new technologies to look out for in 2022 as we approach a post-COVID world.

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Joshua-Haslun, Research Director

Joshua Haslun, Ph.D.

Research Director
Arnold Bos, Managing Director, Consulting

Arnold Bos

Managing Director, Consulting

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